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Advice From The Goddess Of The Hunt

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Atlanta goes to see her mentor.

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Disclaimer: To whomever owns Class of the Titans and its characters, I'm just borrowing them, will give them back, not making any money with their use in this piece, so don't sue me.

Author Notes: I'd like to thank Becca for looking this piece over. And my muse for getting me writing in another fandom. Enjoy.


Artemis' Room

I knock on the door---always manners with me.


"Artemis---can I come in?"

I hear an affirmative and walk in. Then I stare at the ground until I feel her beside me.

"What's wrong, Atlanta?"

"Archie swam to save me---and I asked him if he would do it again," I state, looking up at her.

"And he said?"

"Something like not on your life."

"And that wasn't the answer you wanted?"

"I guess---but I thought---I don't know what I thought."

She sighs, putting her hands on my shoulders. "Atlanta---please don't let this pass."

"Let what pass?"

"Well, I hate to be the one to tell you---and I might not be the Goddess of Love---but I think he really likes you, sweetie."

"Archie---yeah, of course. We're best friends. And you have to like a friend, right?"

"We're friends that way---I think Archie wants more."

"What? Are you saying he might love me?"

"And they say Odie is the smart one," she quips.

"Are you kidding me? Why do you say that?"

"Well, let's see," she states, moving away from me and sitting down. I join her, awaiting her wisdom.

"First off---he's always there for you."

"Right---he watches my back--like the others do."

"Okay, second - he blushes when he tries to be more 'feeling' worthy of you."

"Please, the guy blushes at a tampon commercial."

She growls at me and I look chagrinned.

"Okay---how about this---he kissed you when you were hurt by the monster in the box."

"But that was on the cheek."

She gets up and walks around. Then she stops and looks at me. She comes closer and sits beside me again.

"You love him."


"You are just as scared as he is---you just hide it better."

"What? Why do you say that I feel that way about him?"

"Well, I've heard that Pan offered you a chance to stay with him---you would only be a teleport away, right?"


"So, why not stay?"

"Because---because of the school."

"You could have been home-schooled---teleporting papers are just as easy."

"Okay---I would miss you guys."


I sigh and finally cave in. "Okay, I saw the way Archie looked and I knew I couldn't leave him."

"So, you love him."

"Yeah, I guess so but then I gave him the chance to say he loves me and he blew it."

She puts her arm around my shoulder. "Sweetie---he's a guy. Guys have problems with feelings. You want to know how long it took me to get Orion to say he felt something."

I see sadness in her eyes and I lean in to give her a quick squeeze. "I'm so sorry about you and Orion."

She sighs and I back away. "Just promise me one thing?"


"Don't ever kill Archie."

Before I can answer, there's a knock on the door. "Hello?"

I sit up straight. "It's Archie."

"Well, so it is. Let me--"

"No! Not yet. Answer me one question."

"Okay---ask away."

"Are you sure he's got feelings for me."

"I've heard from the guys that he does---and then they teased him about you being out of his league."

"Ooooooo, if we didn't need them to fight Cronus, they would be 6 feet under, I tell you."

"And I'd be helping you do the deed. So, can I say come in?"

I nod.

"Come in, Archie."

The door opens and he walks in. "Thank the gods. I thought you had changed your mind about Pan. I've been looking everywhere for you, Lani."

I look at Artemis who gets up. "Let me leave you two to talk."

She leaves the room to me, still sitting, and Archie---nervous.

I let out a sigh and gesture he sit down. He just shuffles his feet and I sigh again.


"I'm not a dog."


"Okay, okay, I'll sit," he states. "But it's my idea, not yours," he adds.

I look to the heavens, praying for the strength to deal with this---and hoping it's worth it. It's just like pulling teeth with him---really it is.

He sits and stares ahead.

"Why were you looking for me?" I ask.

He looks at me. "Because we're celebrating and it wouldn't be the same without you."

"You said you thought I might have changed my mind about staying here."

He looks ahead again. "Yeah."

"So, you would miss me if I was gone?"


"And that's why you were looking for me?"




"You really are a bozo."

He looks at me, his eyes wide with surprise. "What?"

I get up and am in front of him. "You are a grade A, idiot."

Then I turn and walk towards the door. I almost make it but he's up, grabs my arm, and turns me around.

"You really want the truth?"

"Would be nice."

"Okay---I swam the river to save you, the guys, and the gods because you are the only things in my life that are worth anything."

"Even Pan?"

He lets go of my arm. "Even your boyfriend."

"Archie, Archie, Archie," I sing song like that time I almost died.

His eyes narrow. "You remember that?"

"Thanks to Theresa's help---yep."

"You remember the---"

"---kiss on the cheek---I remember being told about it but not the kiss itself."

He sighs. "Doesn't matter---the guys are right."

He pales, thinking he's let too much out.

"Oh, you mean the fact that they think I am out of your league. Now, how would they know that?"

"Well, they must be right because you have a boyfriend like Pan. Why do you need me?"

"Archie---he's not my boyfriend. He never was my boyfriend. I don't have a boyfriend---at least not at the moment."

He smiles at me. "So, you don't remember the kiss?"

"Unfortunately, no."

He moves closer to me and is about a hairs breath away when he whispers, "Want an encore?"

I turn slightly and point to my cheek. "Pucker away."

He places a finger under my chin leading me back to his face and he leans in, kissing me gently on the lips. He backs away, blushing around the ears and I laugh.

"That bad?"

"No---that good. Archie, since you won't say it---I'll have too---I believe---I think---I know, I want you to be my boyfriend---cause I love you."

He pulls me in for a hug and I hear, "You sure?"

I nod.

He backs away. "Well, I haven't gotten any better offers so--yeah, I'll do it."

I roll my eyes and punch him on the arm. "Don't do me any favors."

"No, but you could do me one---be my girlfriend."

I see the sincerity in his eyes and I nod yes. He takes my arm and we walk towards the door that opens suddenly to Jay and Theresa.

"There you two are---what’s going on? Where have you been?"

I've been getting some advice from the goddess of the hunt," I state.

"And I've been talking to my girlfriend," Archie states.

"Wait---girlfriend---did you say girlfriend?" Theresa yelps with glee.

"What? Girlfriend---what---Atlanta?"

We both nod to Jay's question and get hugged by Theresa, who then pulls me away from Archie and leads me out the door.

I hear behind me as we leave:

"And you said I wasn't good enough for her."

"Archie, when I'm wrong, I'm wrong."

You got that right, pal, I think. And then I say a prayer, thanking the Goddess of the Hunt for the best advice ever given to me---don't let this chance pass me by---and I didn't.

The End.
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