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Life and Times According to Griff P. Vao

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How did Griff and Mission end up on Taris? Here's one explanation.

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Luck has always been this sort of mercurial thing. A fickle little slut you talk softly to while she steals your wallet. It’s alright; the only thing in my wallet is six credits and maybe an expired condom if I remember correctly.

That’s just how it’s been, how it is. Not the part about the expired condom, that’s just another recent development attributed to luck. Lack of luck, rather. Or lack of getting lucky. Whatever, it’ll happen when it happens, I’m used to that sort of thing.

I’m used to a lot of things as it turns out. Having money, not having money and let’s face it, money is directly related to your spot on the food chain so to speak. Dad and I came into enough of it in my teens, enough for him to acquire Koyi.

Now Koyi, she was something else. That’s one way to put it. Something else. A longtime dancer, so her feet looked like hell, but man, every curve you thought you saw was actually a well-trained muscle and a body was just curious as to what her body was capable of. It didn’t hurt that she had that really pale pink Lethan skin that flushed all the way to the tips of her lekku if she exerted herself, either.

Now, I know Dad and there’s no way that was love. Not like it was with him and my mom. You could just look at those two and tell it was love right up until he sold her to that Hutt so that we could get off planet. No, Koyi was just a nice trophy. Dad was fracking old by that point and it was almost insulting that my new mother was two, maybe three years older than me. Or would have been insulting had she paid me less attention than the old man.

It wasn’t like we planned anything out from the beginning. That would have been wrong and I really hate feeling dirty. And hey, Dad must’ve liked her enough in his own right. Or enough to knock her up at any rate.

The kid was a bit of a surprise. Not the fact of an eighteen or nineteen year old babe having a babe, that’s pretty common or even that some old jart who was more than sixty could hump the crap out of a young piece like that. I just didn’t think the old man had it in him. And the thought of old, saggy, wrinkly balls was just... I’m cringing here.

But yeah, Koyi had a kid. Girl, so thank frack she looked like her mom. I love my dad and all, but let’s face it, the guy did not get by on his face alone. Granted, I think his nose was twisted like that from having it broken one too many times, but there’s no excuse for the brow ridges he had.

Given her parentage, we had all been expecting the kid to be purple. But genetics are a weird thing, I guess, because she came out blue, just like her dad, just like her big brother. She’d get a nice flush that started out purple and moved its way to pink if she got to screaming and crying for a while, though.

I forget what they called the kid. Well, what her legal name was, anyway. Probably something that looked expensive when written down. They started calling her Mission after a time, some kind of secret joke between Koyi and my father. I have no idea what it was about and really had no intention of finding out because I’m pretty sure if I ever figured out the specifics it would make me sick to my stomach. The name Mission seemed to suit the kid, my little sister, almost prophetic. You know she was part of that whole Star Forge mission with fracking Revan and Jedi and a Republic Admiral? A story for another time, maybe.

I’m not even sure why they thought to have her in the first place, to be perfectly honest. Maybe the old man wanted to prove that he still had it in him, maybe Koyi thought that would cement whatever she thought their relationship was. Maybe somebody accidentally switched out her birth control for mints and then a few months later whoops the strip turned pink, how the hell should I know? I just know the initial offer from a nearby Hutt when Mission was born was 2300 creds. Koyi had a fit. Kid had to have at least been worth 2600.

No dice. I think when a dame gives birth she’s flooded with ridiculous amounts of hormones that makes her insane and want to put this crapping, screeching, helpless thing with huge eyes before even her own self-interest and survival. Real freaky to witness. As a joke I told her that some animals eat their young, that was a huge mistake. Koyi copped an attitude, insulted my heritage and everything. All that from a former dancer? I mean, don’t get me wrong, she was a good dancer, but really.

She got over it. What else was she supposed to do? Spend all her waking hours with an infant that only wanted to suck on her boobs or spend all her waking hours with a dirty old man that only wanted to suck on her boobs?

Well, sure, she had a nice rack. And there are far worse pastimes in this universe than sucking on a boob or two. But it’s not like I went in there with the intention of getting a mouthful. She was my mother! Well, step-mother, technically. Literally. No blood relation. We can’t forget that or things will get weird.

I’m just a nice guy, alright? Friendly. Friendly people do exist. Granted, it might be a smart idea to check for your wallet or stop drinking what they poured for you if they get too friendly, but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendliness every now and again.

So I’d see her during the afternoon. The baby was usually napping then, so there’d be an hour or so to hang. Tell her about some stupid shit that happened the night before in the clubs, maybe. Sometimes it was just easier to sit back and let her talk. About the baby, how she’d never realized that kids were born with such stubby little lekku, how she wished she knew what the kid was thinking when it cried, how she hoped the kid was weaned before it started teething. You’d be surprised how attentive people think you are when you pick a spot on the wall to stare at and nod your head.

I’d always give her a hug before I shoved off, just to be polite. She seemed lonely and it was the least I could do. Now the flowers, I can’t quite remember exactly what I was thinking when I started having those delivered, but I’m sure it was with nothing but purely platonic intentions. How it went from something as innocent as that to fracking on the floor, well, I couldn’t tell you. The rug burns were awkward to explain away, but worth it.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. It probably wasn’t entirely worth it. I mean, yeah, Koyi was, well if you’ve ever seen a holo of her you’d know what I was talking about. But the sneaking around was a pain in the ass. Yeah, sure Dad probably wouldn’t have cared, but it was still his wife. It gets kind of inky when your son’s exchanging fluids with his mom. Step-mom.

It’s probably not the kind of thing you’d want to put on a resume.

Oh man, how long did that go on for? Things probably started to get, we’ll call it “inappropriate,” between me an Koyi when the baby was maybe eight months standard. Something like that. I think we had six months or so of lewd conduct before the old man caught on. That was not a fun day at all.

You ever have your face thrown into a mirror? Yeah, I’d not like to duplicate that particular sensation anytime soon. Dad kept screaming something about, “Look at yourself!” and I really wanted to tell him that it was kind of hard to see the whole picture when your nose was smashed against reflective transparisteel. But I knew enough to keep quiet by that time. You always tell yourself that elderly people deteriorate and their swings get weaker with time. But they also have more experience and know by that time what the most effective areas to hit are. Everything left a nice smear of nostrils and blood across the mirror before he was finished. And then it was time to talk.

So I told him the truth. I had absolutely no idea how any of it happened. I mean, sure, the mechanics involved, yes, I did know a thing or two, but I don’t think he was interested in that part. All I’d ever wanted was to be a good kid and good kids did what they were told. If Koyi, Mom, Step-Mom, told me to do something, I’d bend over backwards for her, just because I wanted nothing but happiness for her and Dad.

Unfortunately when she asked me to do things, it usually involved me dropping my pants. What can I say, everyone’s got a talent.

Dad said he’d take care of it and he did. When I crawled in through a window a couple days later, Dad was there cradling Mission in his arms. Koyi was nowhere. There’d been an extended period of haggling, but in the end he could only get 3500 from the Hutts for Koyi. She had been worth more, but there was the C-section scar to consider and you’ve got to admit with a kid chomping on your cleavage for so long, some things go downhill.

It had been a mistake to sneak in through the window. All it got me was backhanded. Dad made it very clear who would be the next one sold if I fracked around again. Then I had to apologize for making the baby cry.

I did try to see Koyi once after all that. Another mistake. All I wanted to do was tell her that things were going to be fine, after all, I’d be looking after my kid sister so nothing bad would happen to her. For all my troubles, I got a stiletto heel to the jewels and was thrown out of the place with a promise of what horrible atrocities would be visited upon my person if I was to ever return.

So no more Koyi. It was back to the clubs for me, where I’d let my hands wander for stray wallets and pockets while I pretended to play cards. If I really needed a piece, there were always brothels or flop houses. What was Dad’s was his and what was mine was whatever I could get. It was a good lesson to learn. Don’t touch Dad’s toys or we’ll all get sold to Hutts and really, I can’t approve of the sale of sentient beings. Especially when the sentient being in question is me.

Of course, then the old man keeled over and everything went to hell.
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