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"Brie hurry up" Brendon yelled at his sister
"Why do I have to go" Brie whinned
"Because your boyfriend wants you there" Brendon said
Brie took her long hair and throw it a ponytail. As she walked out the door into the heat of the day she glared at Brendon.
"You know I am going to melt" She said
"Shut up and get into the car" Brendon said she hopped into his car and turned on the A/C. She slumped back into her seat as they made the short drive to Spencers house. The two got out of the car and Brendon could see the irration on his sister face.
"What did he do this time" Brendon asked as they appoarched the door.
"Nothing its just fucking hot" Brie said
"You really hate Vegas don't you" Brendon said
"Yeah and the first guy to look at me and tell me he is going to take me away I am going" Brie said
"Yeah right" Brendon said
"Just watch" She said as they entered the house.
"She cranky" Brendon said
Brie hit him.
"The heat" Spencer said
"I hate the heat I am moving to Alaska" Brie said
Suddenly she felt two arms going around her.
"Hello hot" She said pushing him off her.
"Sorry" Ryan said taken back she looked at him.
"Sorry Ry I hate this heat" Brie said
"You do know its only like 93 out what are going to when summer comes around" Jon said
"Hide" Brie said
"Hopefully we won't be here" Ryan said taking her in his arms.
"Yeah" Brendon said
"Don't you guys have pratice or something" Brie said
"We are waiting for someone" Spencer said
"Whatever" Brie said making herself comfortable in front of the fan.
Ryan came over and put his arm around his girlfriend, she didn't move away from this time.
"Brie" Ryan said looking at her
"Yeah" She said
"Whats wrong" Ryan said
"Nothing I just hate the heat" Brie said
Ryan leaned down and kissed his girlfriend softly on the lips she instantly deepened the kiss.
"Brother right here" Brendon said as he watched one of his bestfriend makeout with his sister, Brie took her hand out of Ryans hair and flicked Brendon off.
Spencer and Jon just laughed. Ryan soon parted with her mouth.
"Are you better now" Ryan said
"I guess" Brie said
"What time did he say" Spencer said
"430" Ryan said
Brie looked at the boys she knew they weren't telling her something.
"What aren't you telling me" Brie said
"Just wait" Brendon said
"Ryan" Brie said
"Not going to work" Ryan said as Brie kissed him on the neck and nibbling on his ear.
"It will get you something else" Ryan whispered in her ear.
"Its too hot" She said climbing off Ryan
The door bell rang Brie got up to answer the door. She opened the door and stood there for a second before jumping on the person of the other side of the door. Brendon and Ryan jumped up
"Why is oh my god" Brie said as he backed up
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