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Episode One: The Beginning

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You know Flipped, right? Switched up characters? Different Parts? Well, add two new love interests, some new feelings, a family reunion, and a couple unveiled secrets and pasts, and you got somethi...

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A/N: -sing song voice- I'm baa-aaaacccckkkk!!!! n.n -giggle- Did you guys miss me? And here you have the first chapter of Flipped: A different Inuyasha story, Part Two, which took FOREVER to get inspiration for! >.< Ugh! But it's finally here! ....Although it's slightly shorter than my usual chaps... but at least it's here, right? n.n .....right? ...-crickets chirp- What the- How did these crickets get in here?! -sigh- Ah well.


n.n Okay. Now that I've got you're attention.... I'm going to make one thing very clear to all of you. I know that in anime people have odd hair colors or eye colors for absolutely no reason at all. Take the Sailor Moon characters, some of the Fruits Basket gang, Ichigo Kurasaki from Bleach, and others. They all have one thing in common. They have odd coloring for no reason.

But I'm going to say this once and only once.... That is anime. That does not apply to this story. My story is being REALISTIC. If someone has a weird hair color and they're not a demon or I have not mentioned that they have contacts or their hair is dyed or bleached, then they are going to have a reason for having that coloring. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru as you have noticed have white blond hair and golden brown eyes. There's a reason for that. I didn't just do that to make them look more like their original selves. I HAVE A REASON. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? This story may be based on an anime but that doesn't mean that anime rules apply to this. >.< OKAY?

Got it? Good. n.n That is all.


Japanese Volcabulary:

hanyou: half demon

hai: yes

taijiya: slayer

ne: Doesn't really mean anything. Just a little thing you can add to the end of a sentance, sort of like adding 'eh' to the end of a sentance.


Kiken-na-inu mori: Dangerous Dog Forest


n.n Thank you for being so wonderful and editting my chaps for me, Atelaar! I really do appreciate it!


Episode One: The Beginning

The night was quiet. Possibly peaceful, but maybe not. But it was quiet. Unusually quiet really. As if the whole world had gotten together and decided to be silent. To be quiet. It was strange really, and maybe even a little disconcerting having the continued calm that filled the night air. It was rather dark too, but not dark like the night when no moon filled the sky, besides only half of the moon was dark this night. Half Shadow. Half Light. It was funny. On these nights, the moon was one half dark and one half light. Like the forces of good and evil mixed in one, constantly fighting for who will grow the next night. Dark or light. And depending on the night, either the dark or the light side of the moon grew, eventually becoming in one week's time, a moon of light or a moon of darkness. Ironic that this would occur on tonight of all nights, seeing as what had occured only hours before...

The silence continued on. Tonight the moon was one half light... and one half darkness... Two such contradictory things forced against eachother.... just as had occured today, and hopefully would occur soon. Evil and good had seen eachother today but evil had slipped away into the darkness, sneaky as always. Someday, evil and good would meet, just as it had been for centuries now. No. Longer than centuries. Far longer. Since the start of the world and even farther still. But for now, quiet was settling. Calm and peaceful...

"I still say we should have kept looking."

The female monk let out a long, drawn out sigh of irritation, as a twitch started at her eyebrow. Perhaps calm and peaceful were too much to ask for...

"I swear, Kagome," Sango stated through clenched teeth. "If you say that one more time...."

"Hmph," was the hanyou turned human's reply as she folded her arms in her green kimono sleeves, glaring with night blue eyes.

It was night as had already been told and after quite a while of mindless wandering and arguing, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara had set up camp for the night. Most of the arguing had come from Kagome herself who wanted to continue traveling so they could find Inuyasha, but when reminded of the state she would be in tonight, the half demon shut her mouth and agreed to stop for the night, albeit with much reluctance.

So, now here they sat in a clearing in Kiken-na-inu mori, named as such because of a certain hanyou's former residence in it, around the fire that had been built to shed light in the darkness and keep them warm; an agitated female monk on one side of the flames and a glaring dark haired human on the other.

"I'm just saying..." Kagome started.

This time it was the violet clothed slayer who sighed. "Kagome, we've been over and over this. We have no way of knowing where Narakuna might have taken Inuyasha. And besides that " He then motioned to the bandaged foot laid out in front of him. "We couldn't go much farther anyway with my foot like this."

The black haired girl merely closed her eyes and turned her head away. "Hmph. Well, it's not my fault you tripped on a tree root and busted your foot. You should have watched where you were going."

"Well, even if Miroku hadn't hurt his foot," Kirara interjected, "we still wouldn't be able to go because you're human tonight."

Kagome turned her dark blue gaze to the young cat demon at whom she now glared. "Oh sure, brat. Tell the whole world my secret, why don't you? Better yet, why don't you go tell Narakuna? I'm sure she'd LOVE to know my period of weakness."

Kirara frowned and crossed her arms, pouting sullenly. "Well, you don't have to be sarcastic."

The dark haired human rolled her eyes. "Oh, I have no reason to be sarcastic at all."

"Hmph," the young cat demon replied, before allowing a smirk to curve her lips. "I suppose I'd be snippy too if I was going through my time of the month."

Sango snorted with laughter while Miroku's eyes widened, face flushing at the turn of topic.

Kagome blushed, spluttering. "Wha- You-you little brat! How dare you- I'm not- You- Shut up! I am not!"

Kirara blinked her eyes a few times and asked, innocently," You mean, it isn't the half moon and you're not human?"

"Well- You- I-" the hanyou turned human stuttered. "Shut up! Of course, I'm human! But I'm not- It's not- You-" Kagome simply cut off there, unable to do anything more but sit there red-faced.

The young cat demon snickered at the dark haired human's embarrassment. "Geez, mutt. It's so easy to get you flustered if you know exactly what to say. Besides, I know that you don't have yours for another-"

"Can we change the subject, PLEASE?" Miroku cut in, face pink and placing large emphasis on 'please.'

Sango chuckled, brown eyes dancing in amusement at the taijiya's flustered discomfort. "Hai, Miroku." The female monk then proceeded to turn the topic to more important matters, much to the slayer's relief.

"Okay, so far we have no knowledge whatsoever of where Narakuna could be hiding with Inuyasha," Sango stated, her face serious. "And truthfully, I see no way of us being able to track either of them."

"So... what?" Kagome said, glaring accusingly at the female monk. "You're just going to give up like that? You're not even going to try to find them?"

"I didn't say that," Sango replied, returning the glare. "I wasn't finished, Kagome." She cleared her throat. "Now as I was saying.... this does not necessarily mean we give up or not look for them. This just means we need more information before we go searching for either Inuyasha or Narakuna. We can't just go searching blindly all over Japan, hoping we just happen upon them."

"Perhaps we won't have to do either," Miroku said.

Kirara furrowed her brows in confusion. "What do you mean, Miroku?"

"What I mean is, maybe we don't need to go looking for them at all," the slayer stated.

"What?" Sango said, staring at the slayer in surprise.

"What?!" The dark haired human shouted leaping to her feet. "What do you mean 'we don't need to go looking for them?!' I thought we weren't going to give up!"

"We're not, Kagome," Miroku said. "What I mean to say is, if you recall what Narakuna said, she told me that in kidnapping Inuyasha she wished to... do things to him that she hadn't the chance to do with Sesshoumaru. But," Miroku raised a finger as Kagome AND Kirara opened their mouth to speak. "She also believed that it would be far more painful for Kagome to view this herself. So, that being the case, rather than us go to her..."

"She'll come to us," Sango said, understanding lighting her features.

"Oh, I get it!" Kirara cried excitedly. "Narakuna will have to come to us for her plan to work!"

"That is correct," Miroku smiled. "So, if that is the case, all we need to do is wait for her to seek us out, or more specifically, Kagome."

Any conversation after that, Kagome tuned out as she frowned, burying herself in her thoughts. 'So, Narakuna's going to come to us, ne? Huh.' The dark haired human paused, anger filling her. 'If she's done anything to you, Inuyasha....' She lifted glaring night blue eyes to the sky above. 'Then she's going to regret the day she was ever spawned from the hell she came from....'

And still, the silence continued.


It was dark. Not much more could be said.

Golden brown orbs squinted, trying desperately to peer through the darkness that permeated his vision. He couldn't see anything at all. Hadn't they ever heard of a lamp or even a candle? ....whoever 'they' were...

Inuyasha released a low growl of frustration as he once more tried to tug at whatever was binding his wrists to the wall behind him. It felt smooth and cool, almost like metal, and he could hear a chain rattle whenever he tugged, so he supposed it must be some kind of handcuffs that had been attached to the wall. His arms had been bound in such a way that they were stretched out just a little above his head, allowing him to stand, but not much else. It didn't help that he had woken up to find himself slumped over in such a way that his shoulders had grown sore from being torn between the weight of his body and the wrists attached to the chains above. He could almost swear that he had dislocated at least one of his shoulders....

He had no more time to think of this as a door creaked open, finally shedding light into the darkened room he was in.

Inuyasha squinted at the sudden light as his pupils painfully contracted. But as soon as his eyes had adjusted, he opened his eyes fully once more and took in the room that he was in.

He blinked in surprise. It wasn't quite what he expected. He had thought that he would be in some kind of dungeon or whatever but instead his eyes were met with a rather fancy room, not extremely fancy but fancy nonetheless.

"Ah. So you've finally awoken."

Inuyasha jerked his head towards the voice and was met with the slightly smirking face of Narakuna, who was wearing a dark violet kimono embroidered with small mahogany spiders that matched the color of her eyes.

The white haired boy narrowed his eyes. "Narakuna. I should have known..."

The demoness chuckled, her smirk growing just a little wider. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, reincarnation of Sesshoumaru."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth at the title. "This 'reincarnation of Sesshoumaru' has a name, you know."

Narakuna's smirk grew wider still as her mahogany orbs flashed malevolently. "Of course, but why bother to speak it when my reasons for having you here do not call for it? After all, you're no more than a copy of Sesshoumaru, but a copy, nonetheless."

Inuyasha ground his teeth in anger, glaring hatefully at the dark haired demoness. How dare she call him no more than a copy! He was Inuyasha Taisho, not Sesshoumaru! Hell, they didn't even LOOK that much alike, apart from coloring! He was NOT a copy! .....Or was he? ....

The boy of the future blinked at the thought. Where did that come from? He shook his head furiously. It didn't matter. He glared at Narakuna once more. He wasn't a copy and no one, especially not Narakuna, was going to tell him otherwise!

Narakuna narrowed her eyes slightly in glee. She had caught the pause, the flash of doubt that had flashed through his eyes. This was good. Now that she had planted that little idea, perhaps she could grow on it later.... But now was neither the time or place. Other more important matters needed taking care of at the moment.

"So, what? Are you just gonna stand there all day smiling to yourself or are you gonna tell me why you kidnapped me?" Inuyasha said, still glaring.

Narakuna chuckled at Inuyasha. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take a few little pecks at that little idea.... "You have more spirit than Sesshoumaru. He would not grow so angry and he would also not shout as you are doing. He would have stayed calm and cooly analyzed the situation. He probably wouldn't have ended up like this at all." Narakuna sighed slightly as she turned her head away, faking disappointment. "I was expecting so much more from the reincarnation of Sesshoumaru...."

Inuyasha found himself growing increasingly angry at Narakuna's words. "What the hell's with all the Sesshoumaru comparisons and didn't I just tell you that I have a NAME?"

Narakuna turned back to look at the white haired boy, an eyebrow cocked. "And didn't I just tell you that I wish not to bother speaking it when my reasons do not call for it? Why bother with the name?" She smirked again. "You're Sesshoumaru's reincarnation, after all, nothing more."

Inuyasha bristled at that. Nothing more? How dare she! He was more than Sesshoumaru's reincarnation! How dare she say he was anything but! He clenched his jaw, half fearing what would come out of his mouth if he allowed himself to speak.

"Heh," Narakuna said. "Speechless, are you? Or have you nothing more to say?" She shook her head as if disappointed once more. "Really. I was expecting much more than this from Seshoumaru's-"

"SHUT UP! I'M NOT SESSHOUMARU!" Inuyasha screamed, before he could stop himself. He clenched his jaw once more afterwards, breathing heavily through his teeth, as he glared venomously at the demoness before him.

Narakuna was unable to stop the small smirk that crossed her lips. This was good. Very good. Now with this mixed up in his head, she had leverage for later use. She mentally chuckled in her mind. Now that was sure to be very entertaining... She smiled at her sadistic thoughts.

"What're you grinning at?" The boy of the future snapped, catching the smile.

Narakuna chuckled. "Nothing that is of your concern, Human. But I suppose it is about time I did what I came here to do." The demoness snapped her fingers and the light padding of feet were heard when Kanna stepped into the room, face emotionless and blank.

Inuyasha blinked, staring confused at the little girl. Why did Narakuna call a small child and -- he glanced down at the round mirror in her grasp -- what was with the mirror?

Narakuna smirked at Inuyasha. "I take it you have not yet met the taijiya's little sister?"

Inuyasha's eyes widened. Taijiya's little sister...? He glanced at the little girl. Could this be the little sister Miroku had spoken of all those weeks back...? He furrowed his brows. But that couldn't be right. She'd died, hadn't she...?

The dark haired demoness chuckled once more. "Yes. She is the taijiya's little sister. And yes, she was dead and is now alive. But I will not go into the details of how this is so. I'd rather not explain and instead do what I came to do."

Inuyasha's face turned to one of surprise as he turned his head to take in the little girl's features. Come to think of it, she did look similar to Miroku and she did have the same black hair and violet eyes...

"Kanna. You know what to do."

The boy of the future's face turned confused as he started to lift his head, but movement from Kanna caught his eye and turned his gaze back to her. His eyes were met with his own reflection. He furrowed his brows and opened his mouth to speak...

His eyes widened as he felt a pulse fill the air around his body, a sudden feeling of deja vu permeating his senses... when he suddenly felt a tug somewhere in his chest area.

His eyes widened further in shock. Was that what he just thought it was...? He was answered as he felt another tug at this chest, a little harder than the first, and a little painful. Now he knew why the feeling was so familiar... this was just like when Hisoka tried to steal his soul!

He gritted his teeth as another tug came, harder than the last and still more painful. He wasn't going to have his soul taken again. He'd make sure of it.

Narakuna frowned. That was odd. With most of the victims that had had their soul stolen, the soul had usually slipped out of their body by now. Hm... Now wasn't that strange...

She mentally shrugged. Ah well. She supposed she could put it down to the fact that he was Sesshoumaru's reincarnation. She wouldn't expect Sesshoumaru would be so easily overcome by a simple soul sucking mirror so she supposed his reincarnation was no different.

She smirked as she turned triumphant mahogany orbs at the obviously straining white haired human. Her eyes narrowed as she took in his pain with a kind of sadistic glee.

The demoness finally smirked once more as she turned away and headed towards the door. "You might as well give up, Human. No one has ever overcome the soul sucking mirror. You will be no better despite being Sesshoumaru's reincarnation..." She paused, as if thinking. "But then again..." She smirked over her shoulder. "...Where would be the fun in that?"

Inuyasha mustered up the best glare he could in the state he was to which Narakuna merely chuckled at before finally exiting the room.

The boy of the future gritted his teeth as a harder tug came, far more painful than the first had been and struggled to keep his soul IN his body where it belonged.

'I can't let my soul be stolen,' Inuyasha thought, furiously. 'Not again!'

He clenched his jaw as another tug came, before restarting his struggle once more.

Continuing to go unnoticed, a pair of scarlet orbs watched under furrowed brows. 'So this...... is the reincarnation of Sesshoumaru.......?'



=.= -Agitated look- Since there are some of you who probably didn't read this where I posted it above, I'm going to put this down here too.


I'm going to make one thing very clear to all of you. I know that in anime people have odd hair colors or eye colors for absolutely no reason at all. Take the Sailor Moon characters, some of the Fruits Basket gang, Ichigo Kurasaki, Daisuke from DNAngel, and others. They all have one thing in common. They have odd coloring for no reason.

But I'm going to say this once and only once.... That is anime. That does not apply to this story. My story is being REALISTIC. If someone has a weird hair color and they're not a demon and I have not mentioned that they have contacts or their hair is dyed or bleached, then they are going to have a reason for having that coloring. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru as you have noticed have white blond hair and golden brown eyes. There's a reason for that. I didn't just do that to make them look more like their original selves. I HAVE A REASON. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? This story may be based on an anime but that doesn't mean that anime rules apply to this. >.< OKAY?

Got it? Good. n.n That is all.

Now, I mentioned all of this because someone had been confused when I mentioned in my author's notes for the last chap of Flipped: Part One, that one of the things in Part Two was gonna be that, and I quote," We learn a secret about Inuyasha (Ever wonder about his coloring?)" They didn't understand what I meant. So, I just wanted to clear this up for future reference. n.n Thank you for your time and the next chapter should be up soon!
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