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  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) xandrian 2007-10-26 03:23:56 PM

    I loved this story.

    The scene with Fred and George turning down the last request was incredible.


    Author's response


    I liked the twins developing, much to their horror, morality. It was fun to write, but so far out of more than 300 reviews her and on, you are the only one to mention it...
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) redwoodhouse 2007-10-27 01:11:54 PM

    A bit odd for a story but the use of your idea of a magic drain works just fine. You had me worried for a while that Harry died but the answer was a nice surprise.

    I would agree that almost any story is better than the disaster of the real(very stupid and a total waste of the paper it was printed on) seventh book.

    At least your had the characters grow up and mature instead of using "luck".

    Over all a good job

    Author's response

    I'd never found a story with a depowered Harry, so I figured, why not?

    DH was a disappointment.

    Growing up and maturing WAS sort of lucky wasn't it?

    Thanks for the review.
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) koppe 2007-10-27 01:57:49 PM

    Great story. Original plot and exciting. Would absolutly not mind a sequel, but I guess the obvious thing then would be for Harry's deception to be found out...

    Author's response

    Even if it was, what could he do? He's completely powerless and no longer immune to magic.

    On the other hand, If you've got any ideas to carry on, feel free...
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) GryffindorDragon 2007-10-29 04:08:49 PM

    Interesting story. I would have expected that Harry's power would have returned when Voldemort died. After all, the null effect ended. Wouldn't it be like imperio? If you kill the wizard casting it, the spell ends. Harry not getting his magic back made for a disappointing ending. I could see him taking an alternate identity, but not being a non-wizard completely. That's just too unHarry -- after all, even in your story he always manages to win out in the end.
    Anyway, it was a creative piece, worth reading. You had some good humorous parts, too. I enjoyed the prank on George at the beginning. Harry's "demise" was handled well, too. But Luna's clairvoyance was not very accurate. She should have recognized that Harry was never really gone (but then the plot line would've suffered).

    Author's response

    Harry wasn't cursed by a spell, but by a curse gem, which cause a 'magic sink' (for lack of a better term) to the matching gem in Tom. When Tom died, his gem still existed, in what was left of his corpse, and the magic continued to drain to it. What did die with Tom was the boost he received from the virgin ritual, which caused the null magic field to bloom outside of Harry's body, which is why Bellatrix's final crucio hurt him. As long as any part of Tom continues to exists as matter (which is to say pretty much forever) the magic sink exists. Harry 'won' by surviving, which was a pretty good trick if you think about it.

    I disagree about the accuracy of Luna's clairvoyance. She could see her own future. Yes she knew Marcus, but didn't know he was Harry, why would she? They didn't look anything like, and no one told her who he was. Note she never said Harry died, just that she never saw him again... and she didn't.

    - Thanks for the review.
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) midnightposter 2007-10-29 06:24:52 PM

    a wonderful story. I almost didn't read the last chapter but glad I did. Didn't think you're going to bring Harry back. Like the way it all came together at the last.

    Author's response

    Thanks... I was told a lot of people quit reading the chapter that 'killed' Harry... Missed some really angst there...
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) brad 2007-11-04 10:58:58 PM

    Thoroughly enjoyable story, although I'm a bit miffed about the very last part. You had me convinced - contrary to my expectations - that Harry had truly snuffed it, as the chapters rolled on and he didn't reappear. But that final revelation ... hmmmph. I don't like the idea of Harry being back, but again with no magic, this time for good. And I don't really accept that he'd let the rest of his friends believe him dead.

    That to one side, very enjoyable story. The 'Pyjamas in Terror' (was that it?) joke was great. The 'wedding' was lovely. Luna's seer ability, being limited/channeled to just her own lifeline, was excellent. The joke about Lavender's hairstyle was cute. And I loved what was bequeathed to the twins in Harry's will.

    Thank you for the story!

    Author's response

    My ultimate goal for the story was to grant Harry his fondest wish, to be just plain Harry, or in this case, Marcus. In truth he almost died, his friends had mourned him, his will executed. His actual survival is aside the point. Including Harry 6 humans know he's alive (Fleur, Bill, The Grangers and Hermione) That is far too many to actually keep a secret. It is better for Harry, and Better for his friends that Harry Potter is no more. It's not like he's out of their lives, as shown Marcus is socially known to the Weasleys et al, they just don't know that Marcus is Harry.

    'Pyjamas the Terror' was the most amusing output I got from an anagram generator when I input Harry James Potter. It tickled a lot of people, other authors have even used it.

    A lot of authors use Luna as a seer, I just decided to keep the gift limited to herself. It seemed to fit.

    The Lavender thing came from needing to have the Quibbler article report something really dumb as important...

    I was especially proud of the bequest to the twins. It seemed in character to both Harry and Gred&Forge, the bonus of their horrified realization of their burgeoning morality was just icing on the cake... Oddly you are the only reviewer I can recall commenting on it.

    Thanks for the review.
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) Hunny_kun 2007-11-06 04:55:09 PM

    Wow!, loved the ending, got to say I never saw it coming, it was so...heart-swelling. It's a wonderful story!, I even read it in one go, laugh a lot!...Congrats!

    Author's response

    Thank you, it was fun to write. You wouldn't believe the hate mail I got when Harry 'died'.
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) Infin1x 2007-12-02 03:36:11 AM

    Excellent story quite possibly your best. The bit at the end with the twins was nicely done. I was very glad to see Marcus turning out to be Harry because despite what I want to think it just felt wrong for Hermione to be with anyone else. Luna is always a place where authors differ and can take some room to play and your take on her abilities was very interesting.
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) Particle_Accelerator 2008-02-18 01:38:33 AM

    I really thought you did it, and killed Harry off. Excellent work! But, the kids, wouldn't they resemble Harry enough for Ron and Luna to figure it out?

    Author's response

    - No, for several reasons, not the least of being Ron carried 'Harrys' body back to the castle... And the kids favor Hermione.

    - Think about that, if you personally carried your friend's body, and several years later a kid that somewhat resembled him showed up, would you suspect he was still alive?
  • Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

    (#) guamja 2008-04-27 08:33:45 AM

    Thank you for bringing Harry back to life...I thought I was going to have to hunt you down...

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