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Love for someone who needs it and love for someone who wants it

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Sakura was in Suna mainly because she`s spent half her life in suna and konaho.She was going to the big tower going to meet the new kazeage Sabuko No Gaara,though he isn`t a monster anymore. She was being requested by him so that had to mean she was imprtant right? When she mad eit in the cool tower she went up to the front desk and said "Helllo I`m sakutra the kazeage requsted for me personally."The woman behind the desk had a face and cold and white as if she`s seen a ghost after sakura had told her why she was here.The woman stood up and said "o-of c-course follow me please and had escorted Sakura past a couple of rooms.When they finally came up to a door that had looked like all the others the woman had nocked on the door and and poked her head in saying "Kazeage she is here." she smiled a fake smile at Sakura and left.When Sakura entered she noticed how ark ids was but once she blinked a few times her eyes had sltly adjusted to the darkness.she noticed that Gaara was standing right infront of her and so she did the whole respectful bow then Gaara returned by doing so.gaara then said sit and she did what she was told.He looked at her and said since your time is almost up the Godime sent you a scroll for both of us I haven`t red it yet becuas emainly she will want to "talk" to you first but tell me when you get to the mission part by reading it aloud.When he threw it to her and she opended it he was right half of the letter talked about missing her and how Naruto was being annoying. She got to the mission part but she didn`t read it just yet aloud to gaara.When she was done she remember that she had to read it to Gaara so she began and when she started Gaara looked up.
Dear,Insomniac boy,and Sakura
Me and the elders just got finnished having our meeting and I lost so I have to tell you two after you red this I will be missing for along time. Anyway you two will be married together along with this just because we were reading one of the ways to get two people from different worlds to connect is to have a kid.I know you to wouldn`t do so until you get to know eachother so you both will go to a couple of orphanges in suna and konaho and to make it fair you have yto get two kids from both villiges.
love you sakura,get some sleep night owl love one of you bye.

after sakura was done reading she couldn`t picture herself being with Gaara nevertheless have kids. just then to get her out of her thoughts,she heard him say boys.What I said I want boys not one girl and one boy just two boys not two replied with saying that she at least wanted one girl.
what will they have who knows tell me if you think they should have two boys two girls or one boy and one girl.
hope you like this
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