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Brie laid her head on Ryans shoulder. Ryan wrapped his arm around his waist.
"Ry you have to tell her" Brendon said
"Tell me what" Brie said tensing up.
"We have to get married" Ryan said
"We do" Brie said smiling
"Yeah" Ryan said
"Okay" Brie said
Ryan took Brie into his arms and kissed her. She loved Ryan more than life but she wasn't ready to marry to anyone.
"I can't" Brie said suddenly
"You can't what" Ryan said
"Marry you" Brie said
Ryan looked at her confused.
"Ry its not that I don't love you because I do I am just not ready to marry anyone" Brie said
"Me neither" Ryan said
Ryan took Brie into his arm and kissed her.
"So how are we going to keep you from having to go back" Brendon said
"I am not going back if mom and dad try I will call the cops" Brie said
They pulled up to Ryans house everyone got out. Brie grabbed Ryans hand and lead him up stair. She instantly pushed on to the bed and crawled on top of him.
"Bren they've been up there a long time" Spencer said
"I think those 4 days where the longest they have ever been apart" Brendon said
"Do you think Brie and Ryan will ever get married" Jon said
"When the time is right but I think they will break up and date other people and find there way back together" Spencer said
"Really" Brendon said
"Alot is going to change" Spencer said
Brie and Ryan can down stairs. Both with huge smiles on their face.
"Like we don't know what you too have been doing" Jon said
"So" Brie said sitting down on the couch next to her brother.
"I love you guys" Brie said
"We love you too" Spencer said
The 5 of them turned on movies Brie curled up next to Brendon and Ryan it was the first time in 4 days she felt safe. She suddenly regreted her decision not to marry Ryan. But she knew in her heart it would only hold him back. He looked over at her and smiled.
They where half way through the movie when there was a knock on the door, Ryan got up and answered it there stood Brie and Brendons parents.
"Your not taking her" Ryan said
Brendon jump up and walked over to the door. Brie ran into Spencers arms.
"Leave" he said
"We will once Brie is with us" his dad said
"No now leave she is old enough to make her own decisions" Brendon said
"18 doesn't count as an adult" Her mom said
"I am not going" Brie said
"You'll regrett this" her dad said
"The only I regrett is putting up with your bullshit for so long" Brie said
Thier parents turned and walked away they all let out big breathe
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