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Chapter Three

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It's Date time (almost)

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I came out of the dressing room growling. I was wearing a wedding dress. And how Ironic was it that I would probably never even get married? Well, I was feling bad like that….until I saw Melissa, Jack, and Henry. Then I burst out laughing. If you’ve ever seen the music video for the song we were doing, you’d know that there are a bunch of people with their faces painted in the audience. They were a few of those people.
Melissa looked at me, her blonde hair tied back and lots of makeup on her face. “Oh, laugh at us will you. You should see yourself; you look like someone kidnapped you and forced you to get married.”
It was probably true. The dress was a little too big up top, and it was sleeveless. So they had to make a few small adjustments. My hair they had straightened and then wound up in some intricate knot thing that I really hoped I could get out later. I also had gloves on that went to my elbows. The dress itself at least wasn’t fluffy. It hung pretty straight, and it didn’t look that bad I didn’t think. I was in a vision in white.
“Hey my bride,” came another voice. I turned to see the actual guy who played in the music video. Oh yeah, he was on my top ten hot guys list easily. Hell, he made the top three! Him, Pete Wentz, and Brendon Urie.
For a moment I stood there speechless as the green eyed wonder groom stared at me through his hair, which hung in his eyes. H.O.T.
“Umm…er…”I blinked, “What was I saying?”
Melissa burst out laughing and nearly fell to the floor while still cackling at me. “I think you were just about to start making an even bigger fool of yourself, Rory!”
“Rory? Is that your name?” the groom asked. He gave me a tentative smile. “I’m Dylan.”
“Rory. Yeah, sure. Just call me that,” I invited, nodding vigorously. So vigorously, in fact that my hair almost came loose. Almost. “So, uh, Dylan,” I stumbled over the words. It wasn’t that his drop dead sexiness was killing me, it was that wearing a dress made me feel really self conscious. “What happened to the girl who played the bride in the first video?”
Dylan’s eyes cut away from me, and to Brad who was talking to Brendon. Now that was Drop Dead sexy. “Marissa was arrested a few months ago,” he said simply. I decided not to press the issue any farther. Anyway, I hadn’t even known her, so it was none of my business.
“All right people let’s get this started!” called Brad, breaking away from Drop Dead Sexy. He shepherded us to our places, as I already knew what to do.
And so it started, to make a long story short, I’ll tell you the important parts. First was when Brendon was leaning over my shoulder and I was supposed to look pissed-hard to do when you have such a hot guy leaning on you. Anyway, apparently, Brendon needed some help on his footwork. It ended up that he tripped on a step and sprawled into me-sending both of us to the floor. Naturally I ended up on bottom, staring up at the very hot guy who was presently crushing my right kidney.
So we had to do it again, and this time Brendon had to stay closer to me so he wouldn’t fall off the step. Oh, he was close, that was for sure. This time he was a little too close (not that I’m complaining) and I could feel his breath on my ear as I looked…err…outrageous.
Then there was the part where I had to run out of the “church” and start making out with another guy. It was Henry. So needless to say it was pretty uneventful. Kind of disgusting though, with all the face paint he had on.
Last but not least was when I was completely out of it, and so was Brendon. To repay his earlier favor, I tripped over the stupid dress and into him. Kudos to him, though. At least he didn’t fall. No, instead he caught my arms as the rest of me crashed into him. It looked like a scene straight from a romance/comedy movie. Pathetic.

Finally I got to change out of the dress and back into my regular clothes. My face was slightly red from where I had scrubbed off the makeup from the make out with Henry-shudder-and my hair was wet from where I had run it under the faucet to get all the spray and moose out. Now it just hung straight down my back-I hadn’t even attempted to put it back in its ponytail.
I was walking out the door when I heard someone yelling. Stopping, I looked over my shoulder to see Brendon Urie himself jogging towards me.
“Hey sorry, I don’t think I caught your name,” he panted as he stopped a few feet away.
“My name’s Allura, but just call me Rory, please,” I said quickly.
“Rory, I like it,” he smiled at me. “Anyway,” he continued. “Me and the other guys are going to this Club we like to hang out at sometimes. Wanna come?” he looked hopeful.
Giving him a rueful smile, I replied, “Sorry, I’m pretty well under age.” It was true, I was only seventeen. Any pull I had on anything was from my Parents and my brother.
“Well I’m only twenty, but I didn’t mean we were going to get drunk. I just meant we could go hang out. But…I mean…if you don’t want to….” He trailed off, glancing at me with big sad eyes.
“Sure, I’ll go,” I said quickly. “But I’ll need to go home first and take care of some things.”
“Of course, can I come pick you up?” asked Brendon hopefully. He had cheered up considerably when I had said sure.
“No problem, what time?” I asked, positively beaming now. Was this really happening to me? Somehow I also managed to give him my adress and told him the top floor.
“Mmm…” Brendon looked at his watch. It was about one in the afternoon. “How about five?”
“I’ll see you then,” I agreed, nodding. “But for now, I guess I’ll say good bye.”
For a moment I waited for him to say something, but he suddenly looked a bit awkward. Finally he looked at me and stepped forward so that we were less than a foot apart. Quickly Brendon he leaned forward and pressed his lips to my cheek. When he leaned back, his eyes were shining. “See you later then,” he agreed, before he turned and hurried back into the theater.
Me, I just stood there for a moment, looking like an idiot I’m sure. Well anyway, once I got my composure back, I got in my Mustang and drove off, having to close my own mouth several times from where my jaw kept dropping in shock.
Back at my apartment, Malikai was obviously thrilled to see me. As soon as I got out of the elevator to my penthouse, he bounded over and tackled me to the ground. While laughing, I managed to shove him off. Tippy was sitting on my black couch, staring at me like I was an idiot. Then he just simply went back to sleeping.
Looking at the clock I saw it was nearing two, so I got up and went to my room. Now what to wear. Well, I had three hours, so why not call Melissa?
She was home, and picked up on the third ring. After I told her my news she screamed. “That’s awesome Rory! I’m coming over now!”
That caught me off guard. “Why?” I demanded, but she had already hung up. Why was she coming over?
I wondered for the next fifteen minutes, and then I heard the elevator stop on my floor. She had a permanent key to my place, and I think she stole it from my place. Immediately she let herself in, and I completely ignored it when Malikai started barking and growling as the door opened.
“Sick her boy,” I called lazily, while playing Resident Evil 4 on my Play Station Three.
Just before I was about to murder a chainsaw wielding zombie with my Infinite Rocket launcher, Melissa burst in the room, scaring the hell out of me. Reaction: The chainsaw zombie lopped poor Leon’s head off. The screen flashed red and words scrawled across the screen, telling me Game Over.
Growling a bit, I turned off the PS3 and put the controller on top of the console, I turned just in time to see Melissa striding past Malikai like he wasn’t a seventy pound killing machine. Well okay, maybe not so much a killing machine, but still.
“So what are you wearing?” she asked, as if she lived here or something. She reached down and stroked Tippy behind the ears. My cat acted like he would follow her to the end of the world.
“Probably a T shirt and jeans,” I replied, shrugging as I turned off the TV.
I heard a gagging sound behind me and turned to see Melissa glaring at me. “Oh no you are not!” she exclaimed. “How about wearing that skirt I got you for Christmas?” she asked. “Is it clean?”
Clean. Well, if you classify laying in the box I got it in clean, then yeah I suppose so. “Err…” how did I tell her I’d never worn it. Well, I didn’t have to. Next moment Melissa had taken off to my room and the closet.
“Holy Shit, girl, your closet is bigger than my room!” I heard her yell as I walked in there after her.
“No it’s not,” I huffed as I walked into the closet behind her. Most of it held pet supplies instead of clothes.
Melissa pulled out the skirt from its box and gave me a critical look when she saw that it had ‘Only in Case of Emergency’ on the box. “How nice,” she said stiffly. Then she shoved it at me and continued, “Come on, put it on.”
“But it’s so….” I cast a look at it. “Pretty.” That was the only word that came to mind.
Melissa rolled her eyes to the ceiling like she was asking for divine help. “That’s the idea,” she said slowly, as if she were talking to a seven year old instead of a seventeen year old. She also pulled out a shirt that I’d never worn and shoved it at me. “That too. And you know, your shoe collection leaves a lot to be desired.” She glanced at my fifteen or so pairs of shoes. Sighing, I went out to change.
When I came back, Melissa thrust a pair of heels at me. They were silver with straps that went up my ankle. Another gift from Melissa. When I had put those on, I sighed and went to the mirror.
Okay, so it didn’t look too bad. The shirt was a black halter top with a wolf howling that was done in silver. The skirt was denim and reached to mid thigh. The shoes made me about two inches taller. Melissa came over with a brush and made me stand still while she put my hair up in a ponytail. Simple, but pretty. To finish it off, I put on a bit of eyeliner. That was all the makeup I ever wore. Period.
By now it was about three thirty. I still had an hour and a half. So I did what I did best: played Video Games. Melissa stayed for a bit to talk to me while I was blasting zombies. She babbled about what it might be like and what not. And then she stopped as she looked at my left ear. “Take them out,” she said brusquely.
I looked at her like she was insane. “No,” I answered firmly.
Rolling her eyes, Melissa pleaded, “Just two.”
“Again, No!” I exclaimed, touching the rings in my ear. I had put them in a few minutes ago. There were two rings and four diamond studs set in white gold.
Narrowing her eyes at me, Melissa huffed. “Fine,” she got up and walked toward me, then leaned down to give me a hug. “Call me in the morning!” she told me sternly.
Lifting an eyebrow quizzically I asked, “Why the morning?”
Melissa just smiled.
Getting it, I squeaked indignantly and threw a pillow at her. Melissa caught it and threw it back, laughing. Then she said goodbye and left.
Glaring daggers at her back, I turned back when she was gone and kicked off my shoes, drawing my legs up on the black sofa. Malikai was lying beside me, head in my lap, and Tippy walked across the back of the sofa and into my lap.
I don’t know how long I played, but at some time I heard the doorbell. “Come in!” I yelled, guessing Melissa had forgotten something.
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