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Marks Street.

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Andrea Goes to the venue and she finds on of the band members jacket find out who's it is and who she bumped into while going home

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-Chapter Five: Marks Street-

A couple days after the backstage "party" I decided to go to the venue and clean up before BossMan had a hissy fit slash
cardiac arrest over it. I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock so I could have 5 minutes of relaxation before I go.
I laid there all alone with my sheet over my head, despising life even more. I could feel it. I could feel it in my heart and
it was slowly consuming my life. My train of thought was interupted when the snooze was over. I got up out of bed
slowly and lazily. I hurrily put on a teal tank with baggy maroon boot cut jeans. I pulled on on a black denim like fabric
jacket on me. I grabbed some money, off the coffee table in my appartment livingroom, and my house keys. Walking to
the bus stop, Old Lady Ms. Jansky who was newly widowed was feeding her 17 something cats outside, waved at me.
The bus picked me up in a couple minutes of after I sat down on the Bus Stop Bench. The Same people were in the bus,
The Wanna-be '8 mile' Eminem, the Hispanic woman who traveled with her three kids trying to make ends meet, the
Blind Man in the back humming a blues rhythm, the College student trying to strive for her education, the Run Away
teen with only twenty dollars to her name prostituting her self trying to make more, and me. Looking for something that
was never there. For some reason I made myself believe that whatever I was loking for was going to come, but after
awhile it didnt sound as believable as it used to. I came to my stop on Marks Street.

As I got off the warm bus, the cold October breeze hit me my body felt paraylized in its clasp. Butting up my jacket from the middle, I started walking up
Marks Street. As I entered the venue the temperature didnt feel any different from outside. I looked around the seeing
what needed to be cleaned up. The audience area seemed to be clean enough so I didnt bother. I put up the monitors and mic
stands in the back which took me awhile to do cause the monitors werent any lighter from last time. I head to the
backstage area when I was done moving the equipment. It wasnt that bad, just a few empty beer cans and some
ciggarette buds scarttered around. I threw them away, I was about to leave but the I saw Gerards beat up deteriating
leather jacket. He must of forgot it when he took it off the other night. I picked it up and hung it between my wrist and
elbow. I Looked around to see if I missed anything, Then Boss Man showed up.
"'Bout time you came and picked up!" He said buckling up his pants and I saw Alyssa sneak out his office.
'That slut' I thought to myself. No wonder why she still had her job here.
"Well maybe if I had someone else helping me, it wouldnt talk so long!" I said with anger in my voice.
"If you want to keep your job, DON'T talk back!"
"Whatever." I mumbled to myself

I Buttoned up my jacket before I stepped outside aware of the cold. I started walking to where the bus would pick me
up. I glanced on the other side of the street and I saw Gerards brother coming out of Starbucks with a hot drink. He was
about to turn the corner and he was the only one I could give gerards jacket too. I forgot his name though.
'Damn!.' I thought to myself 'Im Such and Idiot!'
I knew his name started with an 'M'. I was looking around in a panic hoping something would remind me of his name.
My eyes trailed to the street sign, I was desperate and I need to get his attention.
"MARK!" I yelled from across the street.
About ten people around him turned and looked at me with a look that told me I was crazy, atleast i got his attention.
"Andrea?" he said squinting even with his glasses.
I ran across the street without looking almost getting ran over by two cars, as the drivers honked angrily at me, I
crossed to the other side. I finally caught up with him.
"Did you call me Mark?" he said amused.
"No...Well you see," I said embaressed, "I need to give you Gerards jacket. I was cleaning the venue and I went backstage
to clean and I found it by the couch and I was gonna guve it to him at your next gig but then I saw you an-" he cut me
off, I didnt notice I was speaking fast it probably cause I was running out of breath the longer I talked.
"So you call me by the wrong name, embarass yourself in front of 20 something people, run across the street causing yourself
to almost get run over by two car's. Just to give me Gerards old musty beaten up leather jacket? You should have just thrown it away,
No" He said contradiction himself, "It's a good thing you didn't throw it away 'cause he's been bitching about losing it for days now."
"Well, thanks I'll see you Saturday then, Gerard'll be happy you found, atually excatic more likely. I'll tell him you found it though, see you later Andrea!"
he was going to take a drink out if his StarBucks cup but stopped right before it touhed his lips.
"Oh and my name is Mikey, so dont forget or you'll end up up calling me another name again, but mark wasn't a bad try though." He said smirking.
I smiled. "Alright then, bye!" I said. I finally got on the bus and headed home.
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