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A Love Yet To Be Unleashed

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Ever had that best friend that you wanted to became something more?

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Why Can't I Tell You? 001

Ever had that best friend that you wanted to became something more?
Ever wonder if you should pursue these feelings or just keep the best friend?
Ever looked at your best friend and wonder if they thought the same thoughts?
Ever wonder what your best friends lips would feel like against you own?
Ever want to run your hands down their skin and watch them shiver?
Ever wanted to them moan and groan at your touch.
Probably, maybe, or your probably just thinking I'm a perv.
For the rest of you, you know what I mean.
They're you best for they love, pick you up when you fall, and want the best.
You get a little selfish and think,"Maybe I want a little something more."
You see them everyday, cause you know, they're your best friend. A day without them would be totrture, but that hasn't ever happened. Everything seems normal, but it's not. You're on the couch watching, studying them as you would a peice of fine art. Unlike art, they breathe, they move, they love, they might even you in that more than friend way.
And that's me. The Friend Way.
Gerard Way.
And the fine peice of art is the marvelous Frank Iero.
His name. You love saying it. In this certain sentence.
I love you Frank Iero.
You want your lips to say something different.
Frank Iero loves me.
You want to sit in the sun, with Frank at your side, plucking petals from a flower.
Frank loves me, Gerard.
Frank loves me.
No," he loves me not." There's not a doubt in your that he doesn't love you.
It's only a dream though.
Dreams can come true. Sometimes, not always.
So there's doubt in my mind. Like a storm cloud, that will not go away.
A Way.
That's all I'm.
All I seem Way though.
It's only a dream. A fantasy.A reverie that got me through the day.
Oh Frank.
Why can't I tell you?
I love you.
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