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For real..?

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Well it's about Gerard..and his new "love interest" and that's all im gonna say for now! [Btw this is my first it's not gonna be exactly great]

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[I know it's short..these first few chapters are gonna be short...just to get into things..soz..r && r =D]

Rose and Leon were so happy, well obviously seeing as it was there wedding day. Mya was so proud that her best friend, the one she’s been through with everything had finally found the man of her dreams and started to settled down, she hoped that one day she’d find her prince charming and live happily ever after just like a fairytale, but Mya knew it wouldn’t be that simple.

A few hours had gone by and the drink had gotten to Mya, she said her goodbyes and walked off to the lift in which was going to take her to her room.

She pressed the button for the lift and waited. As she waited, she saw a familiar guy also waiting for the lift; she kept looking but couldn’t work out who exactly was.

Then it finally came to her,
“Gerard Way?” She quietly said to herself.

Not quiet enough though, the familiar face looked up and smiled at her.

Mya was right it was Gerard Way, she was amazed.

The lift arrived and they both walked into it, both their arms brushing against one and others.

Gerard stood in the one corner, Mya in the other.

Mya was nervous and for a reason she didn’t know of, she started to blush, she knew why, it was a difficult moment. His eyes were eyeing her petite body up; they were glued to one part in particular. To be honest she actually felt uncomfortable, she knew how stupid it was to be uncomfortable seeing as she found this guy very attractive but it just didn’t feel “right”.

A few seconds in that lift felt like a life time to Mya, she thought it would never be over. Just as the doors reopened he spoke,

“I’m Gerard...” He said in a bragging sort of way.

Mya just nodded and walked out.

Did I just do that to fucking GERARD WAY?! She thought to herself, oh well it’s not like I’m ever gonna met him again, she sighed.
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