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Miroku ponders his friendship with the half-demon, Inu Yasha.

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Friends/ By FrustratedPhoenix/

Miroku sighed. The dust from Kouga's whirlwind had barely settled before the wolf demon and Inu Yasha started barking insults at each other. The vexed monk arched an eyebrow as he glanced at Sango. The Taijiya rolled her eyes and shook her head in annoyance. After removing Hiraikotsu from her back, Sango wearily drooped to the ground then leaned her aching back against a sturdy tree and closed her eyes.

Wishing he could ignore the growling demons as easily as the exterminator could, Miroku walked to the crest of the hill to distance himself from the arguing canines. Gazing upon the lush valley below, the irritated young monk slowly felt a sense of calm seep into his tired body. His tense muscles relaxed as he stared at the dwindling sunlight shimmering upon the rippling pond at the base of the hill.

Miroku cringed as Kagome's shrill voice screeched, "Sit!" The Miko's subduing command reverberated throughout the valley, frightening cawing crows into flight. "I really must talk to Kagome about 'sitting' Inu Yasha without just cause." Miroku massaged his throbbing temple with his beaded hand. "It was amusing at first, but the poor lovesick fool is simply protecting her. If Inu Yasha didn't challenge the wolf demon every time he started sniffing around Kagome's skirt, Kouga would drag the miko back to his den and have her impregnated by dawn."

Upon hearing the wolf demon's harsh laughter, the monk was startled by the extent of his anger toward Kouga and silently cursed him for his friend's loss of dignity. "Friend? When did I start thinking of Inu Yasha as a friend? Surely, the common goal of collecting shards and defeating Naraku has made us allies, but not friends."

Closing his eyes, Miroku leaned his head against his staff. "Monks are not friends with demons. We slay them. We purify them. We utilize weaker ones to our advantage. We do not go out drinking with them." Memories flitted through his mind, instances when the hanyou had not only proven himself stronger than some of the fiercest demons Miroku had ever encountered but also more honorable than most humans. "Then again demon slayers do not fly upon fearsome fire cats and mikos do not tuck fox demons into bed at night."

Miroku jerked his head up as he heard Kouga's farewell to Kagome and parting insult to Inu Yasha. Closing his eyes once again, the monk focused his spiritual powers upon Kouga's rapidly approaching aura. Without opening his eyes Miroku flicked his wrists, sticking his staff out at a downward angle. Kouga was running almost at full speed when his feet tripped over Miroku's staff. The force of his momentum flung the stunned wolf demon into the air and over the crest of the hill.

Miroku grinned wickedly as Inu Yasha's rival tumbled head over tail down the hill and landed with a loud, satisfying splash into the pond. Inu Yasha who had seen the "accident" bounded over to Miroku. The half-demon laughed hysterically as a soggy Kouga angrily sloshed his way out of the pond only to lose his footing upon the bank. Tears rolled down Inu Yasha's reddened cheeks as Kouga sat in the pond picking lily pads and pondweeds out of his armor.

The monk piously yelled, "My apologies, Kouga. I did not see you in the dark. Please forgive my weak human eyesight."

As Inu Yasha gasped for air, Miroku assisted the hanyou to his feet. "Come, my friend. It is late and I am hungry. I believe I sense a dark, ominous cloud looming over the finest tavern in the valley."
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