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Chapter 5

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[Right, hopefully after this chapter the length of them are going to be better. Hopefully the chapters are also going to be better in themselves now... please r && r...i appreciate everyone who's commented so far =] ]

Chapter Five

“Hey!” Mya said to Gerard as she opened the door of her apartment to him.

“Woah! You look well beautiful!” He was stunned with what he was staring at; he’d never seen anything like it as pretty as before.

“Well I dressed up for the occasion” She smirked.

Gerard laughed “Well I’m glad you did…I think you looking astonishing…”

She blushed. “You don’t look so bad yourself I guess.”

“Oh babe, I’m always looking this good!” He said in a cocky but joking way.

“I’ve noticed…” She smirked and closed the door.

“Oh and do you like what your seeing?” Gerard grinned

“I guess its okay…I’ve seen a lot better!” Mya slightly pushed him.

Gerard could tell she was joking by the tone of her voice “Oh well you haven’t seen what’s under these clothes…”

“No” She paused “Not yet…” Mya grinned at Gerard just like he has done to her before.

He smirked and laughed “Oh you’re right there…”

“I’m always right…you should know by now.” Mya giggled.

“Don’t worry I know now!! So anyway I’ve booked the table for 7, we should just able make it if we rush” He took hold of her hand and they ran the rest of the way to his car.

15 minutes later, they finally arrived, with just 5 minutes to spare as well.

“I’m just gonna go part the car up…meet you in there.”

So Mya went in and was escorted by one of the waiters to the reserved table Gerard had booked.

A few minutes later, a rushed Gerard joined her.

“You okay…?” She said curiously.

“Yeah, it’s just cold out that’s all.” He smiled and picked the menu up.

“Look Gerard…” Mya said in a shy voice as she tilted her head downwards.

“Yeah…something up?” He started to look concerned, to why she was acting in the way.

“I’m really glad that you invited me here with you tonight…” She blushed, and let a slight smile out.

“No problem…I pretty sure the nights just going to get better!” He grinned.

Mya knew he was back to his dirty old ways…which was one of the reasons she liked about him; they could actually have a laugh and joke together.

It was only when the food had actually arrived that they started to get back into there usual flirting ways, just like the previous day at the coffee house.

“So are you busy tonight?” Gerard asked in a perverted manor.

“Yeah…I’m here with you, douche” She giggled.

“Oh cut me some slack” He laughed. “I meant are you busy tonight..?” You could hear the change in his voice…it was manlier and confident…even a little bit “suggestive”

She could see where he was getting at, and she knew what he had in mind…she liked it.

“Well…not that I know of, why…got any ideas?” She smirked at him.

Gerard thought to himself ‘Woah, how did I ever get here with someone as pretty and intelligent as her?!’

Underneath the table he put his leg against hers, and she put her hand onto his and started rubbing it, softly.

They both couldn’t resist smiling…and to be honest they couldn’t exactly resist each other.

“Well I have some ideas…I think you’d like them…in fact you would love them…” He grinned.

“Oh and what are they then…” She said as he grabbed at her leg, trying to massage it, even though it turned into to him squeezing it.

“Well if we hurry up and eat…I could take you back to your place and maybe show you what my idea is…” He grinned and she giggled, reaching under the table, to grab hold of the buldge she could feel developing.

“I think that’s a great idea…”

After that they both ate up very quickly!
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