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Last Act

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Miroku bumps into Kagura in the woods. What will be this hentai houshi's last act in life?

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Disclaimer: Only in my dreams do I own Inu Yasha.

The Last Act of a Desperate Monk/ by FrustratedPhoenix/

With a satisfied grin on his roguish face, the lecherous monk hummed a bawdy tune under his breath. Miroku had the good fortune to have stumbled upon some local lovelies bathing in a cool stream. As he wandered back to camp, he planned an early night in anticipation of the erotic dreams sure to emerge in his subconscious.

Caught up in his vivid, imaginative scenarios starring himself surrounded by the bathing beauties with guest appearances by Sango and Kagome, Miroku wasn't watching where he was walking and bumped into someone along the forest path.

Annoyed to have his perverted thoughts disrupted by a hard landing upon the forest floor, Miroku eased his torso off the ground turning around to glare at the rude wanderer. A scathing remark froze on his tongue as Miroku stared into the furious, scarlet eyes of Kagura the Wind Sorceress.

Panic-stricken, Miroku looked around him. Naraku's minions surrounded him. Kagura stood above him, fan raised high ready to strike. Kanna silently stood behind him with her mirror poised and a small swarm of Saimyosho hovered around him. "Fool! You shall pay for your clumsiness."

Miroku stared death in the face. He knew the Saimyosho prevented the effective use of his Wind Tunnel. From his position on the ground he also knew that he would be unable to move quickly enough to avoid both Kanna's soul sucking mirror and Kagura's Dance of Wind Blades.

He did the only thing a man in his position could do. He reached up and squeezed Kagura's breast. It was the roundest, firmest breast he had ever fondled.

Author's Note: This is loosely based upon an Indian fable. A man is hanging onto a breaking vine over the side of a cliff. Above him is a tiger. On a ledge below him are venomous snakes. Within arm's reach is a strawberry. With seconds to spare before the vine snaps, he eats the strawberry and it is the juiciest, sweetest berry he has ever eaten. Just as the man on the cliff wants one last, sweet taste of life, so too does Miroku long for one last grope before death's cold embrace.
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