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Why You Have To Go And Make Things So Complicated?

by frankxgerard 3 Reviews

Adam hadn’t been about to let Gerard go stomping around the world unprepared.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Sci-fi - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007/11/07 - Updated: 2007/11/07 - 299 words - Complete


  • The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

    (#) MCRoxsmysoxs 2007-11-07 10:21:41 PM

    UmI was on of the MCR fans that voted....we didn't want Becttet(sp?) to win.
  • The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

    (#) xXemoxninjaXx 2007-11-08 02:53:50 AM

    ...YOUR MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!!!...thats so cool...i lives in sydney and they're are some pretty cool places to go on the net in the city...they are mostly internet cafe's and backpack joints...and some like lil eat in or take out shops but the owners are usually pretty cool. there are some awesome places in Newtown too (OMFG I LOVE NEWTOWN!) but if your moving to another place in aus...there are pretty similar places in other states and citys so yeah...
    ANYHOO...this is getting awesomer and awesomer...please keep this story going even though you are moving, once u settle in aus and stuff please continue it...PLEASEE
    peace & love
  • The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

    (#) XVampirexBlazeX 2007-11-08 01:40:25 PM

    Even though it was short I loved it. I hope you like Australia! Good luck with everything!
  • The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

    (#) xImRadx 2007-11-08 05:27:29 PM

    Oh hey its me again! Surprise! I'm back after dying for like forever. But I read the rest of Vampires will never hurt you and I just real all 18? chapters of this story. Its really kinda confusing all though still very very well written. Theres so much going on, AND I HATE FREAKIN RYAN AND JUSTIN! Oh! and I have sooo many questions.

    Like, Why was Frank all angry with Gerard up untill a few chapters back? Why did he keep trying to kill Gee and stuff and why was Frank not really like himself anymore and all angry and mean untill like two chaps ago? Where did he go at the end of vampires will never hurt you, why was he Mikey and Gee and Cody all separated at the end of Vampires will never hurt you. I thought Frank and Gee loved each other what happen? Do they still? Is Frank back to being Frank?

    God I'm sorry lol, but please if you have aim I/M me at ximradxxo if not email me at and try and answer my questions It would really clear alot up for me in reading this.

    Chapter sixteen i think it was maybe seventeen? made me cry alot you big jerk lol.

    Frank better get his body back and be a vampire again and Frank and Gee BETTER BE TOGETHER AGAIN!!! Lol. I'll find out where you live! I'll throw rocks at you and poke you with a sharp stick! Do you want that!? Haha.

    You better update soon! It was horrible seeing them do that to poor Frank and Gee. But being a frank fan and seeing them tortue him like that, oh god I cried lol.

    Like I said PLEASE UPDATE SOON YOUR SUCH A GOOD WRITER AND I REALLY ENJOY READING THIS STORY. I LOVE YOU!! lol... but only if you fix things and make them okay again of course.

  • The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

    (#) feeandgee22 2007-11-09 02:20:05 PM

    gets better and better hun!

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