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It's a Beautiful Morning

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Today's different though.

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A/N: This is my favorite stuff to write. Sorry about not posting stuff for so long. A new chapter for Vampire in the Atticill going up soon I hope. Remember Reviews, advice, and critisism IS welcomed.

Why Can't I Tell You? 004
It's a Beautiful Morning

It's not your favorite thing to do in the world.
You're are always ending dreams of love.
They are so much better than your life.
Today's different though.
Your dream's still here. That can't be.
You're snuggled up their chest. You feel him rise with each breath he takes.
He's an ocean you're swimming in.
You dream wakes up he's still here.
Your dream is smiling at you.
In that more than friend way.
You're more than a friend, Way.
Those eyes are saying thank you for waking them up from a nightmare,
which was life without his lips.
You're kissing the angel's face.
The angel's kissing you back. The angel's hands our tangling themselves in your silky hair.
Your arms are encircling their waist.
You hate breathing. You have to pull away from those succulent lips.
Your gazes collide.
Looks of loves,
your faces, blank slants, for the pain has been washed away.
Your two broken hearts have mended together.
The peices picked up and put together.
Like a puzzle.
All you need is that final peice to complete it.
Or two peices.
Two loves.
Two lovers.
And three sweet words,
I love you.

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