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Chapter 2

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When an entire way of life is threatened by one man, two women devise a plan to finally defeat him, doing something so drastic, no one expected it. Can these two, plus two others, separated by tim...

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Chapter 2

When the twins' minds returned to their bodies, a small group of people were waiting to speak with them. Mayara, the weapon's mistress and military advisor was arguing, "You can't give that to them! I am not a cleric, nor am I a mage. But I do know that there could be any number of traps on that thing."

The High Clerics' seconds-in-command, Ariyalla and Josena, shook their heads, and Ariyalla responded, "They have a right, no a need, to know what that says. They can protect themselves from whatever it may contain. The head of the priests' division of clerics nodded his head in emphatic agreement. None of the four had heard Rofa and Iewa pad quietly to where they were arguing.

Angrily, Rofa snapped, "What is the meaning of this? The last thing we need right now is to be arguing! Our people need us to present a united front to the world; else, our disagreements will be taken advantage of. If you have to argue, do it were no one can hear you. Understood?" The four nodded sheepishly. Then, she ordered, "Explain yourselves."

The priest, Jhonat, was the one who actually spoke up. "One of Drixel's messengers brought a letter for the two of you." He was, of course, talking about Drixel's magical constructs that could transport matter in a swirl of flame. He handed over a black envelope sealed with Drixel's black, wax seal. Mutely, Iewa reached out and took the message. She broke the seal and read it, Rofa reading over her shoulder.

'My dear Rofa and Iewa,
As you well know, my forces will defeat yours. By tomorrow night, I will be crowned ruler of my new empire in your temple. Your people will die before your eyes, and you will follow. However, if you give up this mad idea of trying to stop me, I will make you my queens. Side-by-side-by-side, we will rule the world.
It is your choice, Beloveds.'

When they finished, Rofa reached out and touched her right forefinger to the parchment, sending a tendril of energy through it. All six people watched as the message began to burn, fire curling out from Rofa's fingertip. It was completely ash in a matter of seconds. "Come, sister," Rofa beckoned Iewa. "We have much to do in little time. We must be prepared by the time Drixel arrives." The two began to leave, but Josena put her arm out to stop them.

"What must be prepared?" she asked, after exchanging a glance with her partner and the other priest and the military leader.

Shortly, Rofa explained, "We have devised a way to eliminate the threat to our people. But no one must know that we have. It must be kept a complete secret, even from you three. If any of this gets out, it could all be for naught."

"But-" all four began to protest simultaneously.

The twins exchanged wry grins. "If you are worried about our safety," Iewa responded, "You may assist us in our preparations. We have much to do in so little time." The three all nodded hastily, determined to do anything to help. "Very well. Quickly and quietly, inform everyone that the final battle is almost upon us. Do not incite panic, but remind all of their duties in the coming battle: untrained children are to remain in the underground bunkers with some of the older children watching them; all men, women, priestesses, priests, and warriors are to assemble along the balconies in preparation. When you are done, meet us in our rooms."

After the four left to hastily do what was asked of them, Rofa turned to Iewa, "Why did you have them do that. We know our plan will work, there is no need to endanger anyone else."

"Normally, we would have asked them to do just that in this situation. We must not act contrary to our natures until this is over. Come, let us go meditate. We will need to amass as much Energy as possible before tonight." The sisters returned to their rooms, where they knelt in the same positions as when they traveled to Elsewhere, and began the rhythmic breathing that would pull energy from the air around them. Meditation was simply a technique used for increasing the stores of magic they had naturally.

When Ariyalla, Josena, Mayara, and Jhonat returned, the two were still in those positions. Without saying a word, Rofa and Iewa stood gracefully and smoothed their clothes. The other three clerics could see the magic swirling around the two of them. Mayara had no ability to see or manipulate the magical fields, but she could feel the energy radiating from the two women. Before anyone could say anything though, the ground began to shake violently.

Barely containing her panic, Ariyalla screamed over the noise, "What is happening? This has never occurred before."

"It is time," Rofa replied calmly in a voice not above normal speaking tones, yet she was still heard clearly. "He has come." Taking Iewa's hand in her own, the two sisters walked out of their rooms and headed towards the battlements where they would fight Drixel for the last time. Slightly bewildered and a little panicked, the other four followed them.

The six emerged on one of the balconies above where the rest of the makeshift army was amassed. A cheer was heard as they were seen; everyone believed that the twins would save everyone. Raising her arms, Iewa commanded silence. "Friends! Brothers, sisters!" she began in her voice that was not shouting, but carried to all who were listening. "Hear me now and know that She looks down upon us with favor. No matter what happens today, this ends now. No more fighting. No more worrying about loved ones. No more! Know that we love you all!" She stepped back and grasped Rofa's hand once more.

Rofa turned to the High Priestesses' four advisors. "We have some requests of you four. We cannot explain fully, but you will understand soon enough." The other four nodded slowly, as if not sure as to whether they should acquiesce. "Whatever happens today, we need you to promise to take care of the school. Keep it open and running. We leave the four of you in charge."

Weakly, the four all raised some sort of protest. "But what about you?" asked Mayara, the most vocal.

"You need not worry about us. We know what is going to happen for the rest of our lives." None of the others could help but wonder at why that sounded so ominous. "We love you, sisters, brother. Never doubt that we know exactly what we are doing and why we did it; it simply must be done, and we are the only ones who can do it."

Iewa continued, "I know this sounds odd, but we need your extra power. Anything that you will not need we ask you to give to us. What we are about to do will take as much power as we have and more."

Without missing a beat, the three who had magic to give joined in with the twins to create a circle. They opened themselves and let their magic flow through their linked hands to where Rofa and Iewa were, giant vessels waiting to be filled. They were not quite finished when another great shake sent them all tumbling to the floor.

"Good evening, Beloveds. Come to surrender to me?" came the sound of a sickly sweet voice. The twins stood up, grasped hands and faced their enemy.

The two seemed to become one being, moving in perfect unison, one mirroring the other. In one voice that seemed more than one they responded, "Not on your life."

"Stop these petty games, ladies. Do you want your people to die?" he responded.

Rofa and Iewa did not say a word. Instead, they raised their free hands and held them palms out, facing Drixel. "We call upon the mother of all. She who grants us life; she who gives us death. We call upon the Great Lady Siliana, giver of gifts, creator of dreams. Hear our cry and grant our plea!" Balls of pink light began to form in front of their palms. "Help us banish this demon in the flesh of man to times unknown. Help us cleanse our realm. Help us, Lady!" White light burst out from their clasped hands and spread out in a circle. Whomever it touched fell over, except the four standing behind the twins. The pink orbs grew. As one, the two intoned, "Goddess bless and keep safe."

Suddenly, the balls of energy sped from their palms straight at Drixel. As they hit him in the chest, he screamed, "This is not over!" He disappeared in a flash of pink, white, and black. The twin's four advisors watched in shock as their enemy vanished. Their shock turned to horror as their watched their beloved leaders collapse to the ground.

Neither twin was breathing.
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