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Digital Fist Book 1: Recovering History

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Takato Matsuki discovers the hidden past of his parents. Now he finds he maybe the heir to one of the greatest Martial Artists to have ever lived. [Tamers-Ranma½ crossover]

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The Digital Fist Book 1: Recovering History

Chapter 1: A matter of Time

In the ward of Shinjuku, in the City of Tokyo two boys were running for their lives. This was not
an uncommon site however. These two did this quite often. Usually from a female. This time
however it wasn't a girl they pissed off. It was a large flame red Digimon chasing them.
Fortunately due to all the times this duo pissed off the fairer sex they were rather adept at

15 year old Kenta Kitagawa was not in the best of moods. "LET'S LEAVE THE DIGIMON

Kazu just kept running from the rabid Meramon chasing them "DAMNIT HOW WAS I TO

The boys quickly turned a corner and saw what they hoped would be a refuge from Meramon.
The Shinjuku Chuo Park. Their Digimon were there and hopefully one of their fellow tamers
would be as well. Their hope was short-lived however as one of Meramon's attacks struck a little
too close to home just as they crossed the street into the park. Screaming bloody murder the duo
was launched into the air and crashed onto the sidewalk.

Kazu groaned and rolled onto his back as he turned to look at Meramon preparing a second
attack to finish them "I'm too young and pretty to die."

Kenta's comment was much less eloquent but summed up their situation well. "We're screwed."

Fate however decided to only give the boys a good scare as they heard from the side

The attack struck Meramon knocking down to the ground and giving the
boys the chance to get on their feet. They quickly ran towards Rika who had her customary
scowl aimed at them.

"Don't make me reget saving your sorry asses."

Renamon was quickly making sport of Meramon so Rika felt she could focus the boys. "And for
that matter where are your Digimon? Don't tell me they got taken out by that loser."

Kazu immediately took offence. "FOR YOUR INFORMATION DEMON-GIRL WE LEFT

Kenta immediately smacked his forehead. "I'm not with him. I'd just like to say that now."

Rika's eyebrow twitched Noted. She turned to the fight. "Renamon quit playing with him." She
turned back to Kazu. "Alright dip-shit. You better be glad your friend is here so he can take you
to the hospital."

Renamon finished her opponent off and walked up the bloodbath that was now ensuing. "Do you
require any assistance Rika?"

Rika looked up from where she was making Kazu eat dirt "No."

Renamon then quickly faded from sight and Kenta looked up at the sky. "He had it coming."

Nearby two women looked on at the site. One was dressed in a pantsuit and the other in a simple
dress. The one in the pantsuit looked over at her companion. "Kind of brings back memories
doesn't it Kasumi?"

Kasumi Tendo looked at the site with an almost wistful look on her face. "Yes it does. Let's move
on to better topics Nabiki." The two then continued on in the park. "Is your job doing well?"

Nabiki smirked. "Yes and moving here was definitely a good idea. I was so lucky finding an
apartment within walking distance of the Municipal building. How are things doing at home?"

"Keima is well. Daddy's had better days but all things considered it could be worse." Both
women's smiles faded.

"How's the Panda?"

"Uncle Saotome has helped keep Daddy's spirits up. Auntie thankfully has been able to keep him
in line."

The two women walked for a while in silence both seemed to want to comment on some subject
but neither one seemed willing to make the first step.

Eventually they seemed to come back out of the park and to the sidewalk by one of the major
streets. Kasumi then looked up and saw a clock. "Oh my. I need to get back to Nermia soon or I
won't be in time to get some fresh bread for tonights dinner."

An idea quickly formed in Nabiki's head. "Hey I know. I've heard some of my neighbors raving
about this little bakery not to far from here. We can pick some up there and then we can get to
the subway and get you back to your husband."


Else where in said little bakery a young man behind the counter was getting rather impatient.
Takato Matsuki quickly looking over at the clock and then at the front. "Come on already. Why
does time always seem to drag when I have to man the counter?"

His mother than stepped back from behind the curtain and looked at her impatient son. "Alright
Takato you can go meet your friends now. Just be careful."

Takato's demeanor quickly shifted from sullen to elated. "Don't worry Mom. I can take care of
myself. Guilmon will be nearby in any case." He quickly kissed his mom on the cheek and ran
up the stairs.


Takato's voice carried from upstairs. "I won't."

Mrs. Matsuki sat down on the stool in behind the register. She quickly however felt bored sitting
there until she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. "Honey what are you doing?"

Mr. Matsuki smiled. "Is it wrong to hold the most beautiful women I have ever known in my

She half scowled. "It is in front of the store."

He just smirked. "Just letting you know that we're gonna have plenty of time to ourselves tonight.
Takato is going out with Jeri tonight."

Mrs. Matsuki seemed to zone out for a second. "Do you think we could have ever been like that
when we were younger?"

Mr. Matsuki let his wife go. "Part of me wishes we could have. I'm just glad our boy doesn't have
to go threw what we did."

"No. He had his own hell to deal with."

"And he came out stronger because of it. Don't worry bout him too much. I'd better clean up and
get things set up for tomorrow now." With that he stepped back into the kitchen.

Upstairs Takato was frantically preparing. His partner and roommate since his return from the
Digital world Guilmon asked the obvious question. "Date tonight?"

Takato put on a fresh shirt. "Yeah. Guilmon can you keep your distance an..."

"And keep out of trouble while you and Jeri have time alone." The Dino finished. "Takato?"

"Yeah buddy?"

"What exactly do you and Jeri do while you're alone?"

Takato stopped like a dear in the headlight of a truck. "Uhhhhhhh... I'll tell you later okay."

Guilmon pondered this. "Why can't you tell me now Takato?"

"Because I don't want you near my love life." Takato thought to himself. "Not that I can tell you

The Tamer carefully thought up his response. "I don't have time. I'm running late buddy."

Fortunately for his Tamer this proved to be an acceptable answer to his question and Takato was
able to finish his preparations. Takato shot downstairs to say goodbye and his father meet him at
the bottom of the stairs.


"Yeah Dad?"

"Here is some money for tonight." He handed Takato 5000 Yen. "Have fun and be careful.
Remember it's your duty to keep Jeri safe."

"Got ya Dad. Don't worry I will."

"Good and remember..."

"Keep an eye out." Takato finished. "Come on Dad it's like you expect me to get attacked or

As his son left with Guilmon following and keeping out of sight he muttered. "Not without good
reason son." He nodded his head. "We've been lucky so far. The last thing he needs is my past
showing up again."

Takato had been gone for only a minute when Nabiki and Kasumi entered. When their eyes meet
the ones of the woman behind the counter everything seemed to freeze in place. Immediately
there was recognition in her eyes that reflected theirs. No one seemed able to find their voices.

Finally Kasumi ended the silence. "A.. Akane?"

Mrs. Matsuki sighed then smiled slightly "Hello Kasumi. It's been a long time hasn't it." Akane
walked out from behind the counter and approached her sisters whose reactions were as different
as night and day. Kasumi was smiling brightly but Nabiki seemed at once both saddened and
relieved. Kasumi then grabbed both of her sisters and embraced them in a hug. Nabiki and
Akane both returned the hug but neither one seemed to return it as enthusiastically as their elder

Kasumi let them both go. "Twenty years.... It's been far too long little sister."

Akane nodded her head. "Ranma could you get out here please?"

"Just a second." As Ranma stepped out from behind the curtain. "Hey Akane how bout we close
up a bit early and..."

He stopped as he saw who was in the Bakery front. "Well. So much for that

/ To be Continued.../

Author's notes: Well this chapter ended up Shorter than my usual but It was just as long as it
needed to be here. This is my first Digimon fanfic and I hope its well received but I eagerly
await your reviews for good or ill. A note, I am a fan of both Rukato and Jurkato so just because
its one now don't mean it can't change later. Also unlike a lot of Ranma½ crossovers this will not
have all of Takato's problems in life get fixed by the martial arts. It'll probably just give him
more. Well Leave me a review. Thank you and good night everybody
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