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And I'm Bleeding, And I'm Bleeding, And I'm Bleeding, Right Before The Lord

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“This is Gerard’s world…”

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Title from "Seven Nation Army" - The White Stripes

“I hurt inside…,” frank whimpered.
“I know… I know you do…,” Adam said softly, petting at frank’s hair.
frank didn’t know how, when, or why Adam had sat behind him in the cramped closet-sized room to force him into his lap, breathing into the back of his neck. He was gentle though, almost like Gerard used to be.
“What? You’re… you’re…,” frank said tiredly.
“Yeah, I know… But that never stopped you guys, did it?” Adam said, placing his hands on frank’s thighs.
frank shut his eyes.
“Don’t wanna… Don’t… I…,” he mumbled.
“I’m sorry, Frankie… I have to…,” Adam replied.
There was noise in Frank’s ears when he opened his eyes.
It could have been hours after Adam had disappeared, fading physically and mentally away from frank. He didn’t notice that much though. A lot was missing those days…
The street underneath him was crooked and cobblestoned. He stood up and looked around. He was greeted with the sight of horses and people crowing the streets. It was like the 18th century.
There wasn’t a modern piece of anything in sight.
He wandered out into the busy sunlit part of the street. It was still sort of a grey sky.
“Out of the way, beggar,” A rough voice yelled from behind him.
He was shoved to the ground as a cart passed by.
Then he saw Adam. The man was hovering blankly by a fruit stand.
“Adam, Adam help me!” Frank cried, running to him.
“Follow me…,” Adam whispered, pulling Frank to a back alley.
There was a dirty brown horse tied to a piece of fence. Adam hopped on and helped Frank up.
He kicked the animal’s sides and they were off. Frank was completely dumbfounded, but Adam wouldn’t talk.
He’d never ridden a horse before, but that didn’t concern him at the moment. He was too busy with the fact that he had apparently travelled back in time by the looks of things.
Adam didn’t stop for days. They passed through cities and fields, and for some reason Frank didn’t feel hungry. He didn’t feel tired, and he didn’t feel anything.
“Shh,” Adam said briefly as they got off the horse.
He had stopped next to a span of trees. It was dark, nighttime, Frank presumed, he didn’t really remember what differed day from night at the moment.
There were glowing things in the trees. Frank squinted his eyes, but still couldn’t make out what it was.
Adam took his hand and pulled him into the forest.
The glowing things were torches. People
“Adam, Adam, where are we?” Frank asked sleepily.
“This is Gerard’s world…,” Adam replied.
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