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Drowning Lessons

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Frank's gotten himself into some trouble, but when he gets community service, could he be in deeper trouble than he thought?

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Disclaimer: Don’t own the guys, I own my idea. I also don’t own Uniacke House. But it’s a real place in Nova Scotia, supposed to be haunted. So, I’ll play around with that.
Comments: My first attempt at something paranormal. Idea came to me while watching Celebrity Paranormal with Mom (and no, not the same thing). This is not taking place in the Paramore, nor does MCR exist. I’m not giving away anything else.


Six weeks of community service is your consequence, those words from the judge were running through his mind rapidly as Frank stepped inside the imprisoning police station. Six weeks community service seemed to be a fair price to pay for what he had done, although he still wasn’t looking forward to it in the very least. Most people had to do so much more, so he wasn’t going to complain.

The events from that night replayed themselves over and over in Frank’s mind as he sat in the interrogation room, waiting for his parole officer to discuss the plan of action for the next six weeks. It had been a stormy night about 8 weeks before, thunder rumbled and the lightning lit up the black sky. Frank had been driving home from a night of fun with his buddies, well, fun until his long term girlfriend, Trisha, had broke up with him. The last thing he remembered was swiping his car keys from his friend and jumping into his car. The rest was a very big blur.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Dean, Frank’s parole officer, had waltzed in, looking very smug. Fuck, I hate this guy... he thought as Dean took his seat opposite him. Dean shuffled some papers from Frank’s file, then folded his hands in front of him and stared at Frank.

“Do you realize why you’re here, son,” he asked, he had asked the same question every time they had met. Frank rolled his eyes, he decided it was better to play along, even though Dean took him as a mental patient. Damn his double major in Psychology. Frank glared back at him.

“Yeah, I know why I’m here,” Frank said hotly. “But please tell me again. It’s such a magical story.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“That attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere, Frank, and you know it. Therefore, you should do us all a huge favour and cooperate. It will be better in the long run”. He shuffled some more papers. He pulled out a yellow piece of paper that looked like a doctor’s prescription. “This is why you’re here, Frank,” he stated. “If you complete your community service, you won’t go to jail,” Dean handed Frank the piece of paper. Frank stared.

“This is a $1 000 fine,” he gaped at the paper suddenly jail was starting to sound like the better option. “How am I supposed to come up with that kind of money?”
Dean smiled at him. “Don’t worry, it will be taken care of. Just focus on what you have to do right now and you’ll find out the rest later.” Frank nodded slowly.

“So, what is it I have to do?” he asked. “Do I have to teach English to Spanish immigrants or something? Cause damn, my English is too bad for that.”

Dean chuckled to himself and shook his head, “no, nothing like that”. Dean eyed him and continued, smirking, “you and four other guys will be volunteering at the Uniacke House Museum doing various tasks.”

“Okay...” Frank said, waiting for him to continue. “So do I start on Monday?”

“Oh no,” Dean said as he packed up Frank’s file and put it in his briefcase, snapping it shut. He grabbed his car keys out of his pocket and motioned for Frank to follow. “You’ll be starting tonight, I’m taking you to get your stuff. You’ll be living there for the entire work term.” he smiled.

Frank nodded, a sudden pang of anxiety washed over him. Oh great, I get to spend all day, every day with 4 other guys I don’t know. This is going to suck.

Little did he know the excitement that would await his arrival.


AlexSanDee: If you read this, I’m still reading yours!
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