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Chapter Two

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Skateboard Mishap

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Flashback to Grade 10

"What do you guys want to do?" I asked my friends, while lying lazily on the ground in my living room. David, Jeff, Sebastien, Pierre, Chuck, Jamie, and I were all bored out of our minds. It was a Saturday, and there wasn't anything to do here in Montreal, Canada. It's times like these when I wish we were actually in school. At least we would have something to do.

"I don't know," David stood up from his spot on the couch, "How about we go out somewhere?!"

"Like where? All the stores are closed," Jamie informed us, while shoving some ketchup chips in her mouth. She was sitting on Pierre's lap. Ever since Pierre asked her to be his girlfriend three weeks ago, those two were already inseparable.

Pierre took on a thoughtful face, and his face lit up, "Let's go skateboarding!"

Everyone but me shouted choruses of "Yeah!" and "Alright!". I spoke up timidly, "I don't know how to..."

"Awe. We'll teach you! Oh, pretty birdie!" David's A.D.D. kicked in as he ran outside and chased after some kind of bird.

Chuck shook his head and laughed at David's randomness, "Yeah, we'll teach you. Come on, Kathryn! It'll be fun!"

"But... I don't have a skateboard!" I was trying everything I could to not go skateboarding. I was terrified that I would fall and break my leg or something.

"I have an extra one. Come on, don't be a chicken!" Jeff started making chicken noises, and flapping his arms.

I sighed, "Oh, alright. But, if I get hurt, I'm blaming you guys."

I went to my room to change into some longer pants and a long sleeve shirt, while the others went and got David. I changed into a pair of light blue jeans, and a plain black shirt. Once I was done, I slipped on my Vans skate shoes and headed to my front yard, where everyone was waiting.

We all walked to everyone's house to get their skateboards. Jeff got his extra one and gave it to me. We walked to the nearby skate park, which was almost always deserted, and today was no exception. Everyone except David and I got on their skateboards and did their thing.

"Oh, what nice friends I have," I commented, my eyes rolling.

David laughed, "Come on, Katty. We're going to go to a less crowded area," he pulled me just outside the park, where a few passers-by were walking, "Alright, now first, get on the skateboard."

"Yeah, I knew that much," I said as I stepped onto the small, rolling mode of transportation. As I did, it rolled from underneath me, causing me to lose my balance and fall backwards. Fortunately, David caught me before I fell flat on my face.

"Woah, watch it there," David laughed nervously, seeing as my face was a little too close to his. So close, actually, that I could feel his peppermint breath on my nose. He helped me gain the right position, "Alright, you ready to give this a try?"

I nodded, "Hold me, though."

He smiled, "I'd never dream of letting you go."

That caught me by surprise. I looked at him for a moment, our eyes catching for a second. It got a little awkward, so I broke the silence, "So what exactly do I do now?"

"Put one of your feet on the ground and push yourself a little."

I did just that, David holding my waist the whole time. I moved about five metres. David told me to put a bit more force. And... Hooray! I moved about ten metres! I smiled to myself. That smile eventually got wider and wider as I turned to face David, "I did it!" I squealed in delight, "I actually did it!"

David grinned at my excitement, "Yeah, you did!" He spread his arms out wide, inviting me for a hug.

I gladly stepped off the skateboard and jumped into David's arms, "I want to try again!" I ran up to my board, turned it to make it face David, and did the same thing as I had just done.

I must've put a little too much force, as I flew right into David, making us both lose our balance. I fell flat on my back, while David fell on top of me, but he caught himself before he crushed me.

Our faces were mere inches apart. David leaned in. His lips were barely touching. But, all good things come to an end, right? Pierre just had to come and ruin it all.

"Yo, David! We're all going out for lunch. You guys coming?"

David let out an aggravated sigh, "Ugh."

"We're coming!" I yelled to Pierre, still looking David in the eye. Was he- was he about to... kiss me? I tried to find something that would tell me what just happened, but he wouldn't look at me, "Come on, lets go."

David reluctantly got off me and we walked towards everyone waiting. I was thinking of that almost-kiss the whole time...
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