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Naruto: The moon Fox

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Instead of just Naruto he has two sibling. Instead of just the Kyuubi attack the Rokubi attack with it. How will life be for them when they fall into the darkness that plagues them.

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Naruto: The moon Fox



“Demon/Huge Summoning/Inner Sakura talking”

“Flash Back”


With the permission of Redcrimsonblood I have redone the story. I will try and keep some things the same but I will also be changing a lot of it. I hope you like it. If you don’t tell me what it is that you don’t like. And about the Minato’s wife I will have too keep her as an Uchiha to fit the story.


Kyuubi attack

Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage was waiting on a bench in the hospital. He was about 6’1” with golden blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes. He wore a white trench coat with red flames on the bottom and the kanji from Yondaime on his back. He has a hitai-ate on his forehead with a leaf symbol on it. ‘This is the greatest day of my life.’ He thought sarcastically. ‘Everything was going well for me. I became Hokage, got a wife who’s about to have my kids and look what happens.’ He thought. He looked out the window to see a 100 meters tall nine tailed fox and a six tailed weasel attacking his shinobi just outside of Konoha. “Why does this have to fucking happen now?” He asked out loud. The demon attack made Namikaze Uchiha Haizai, his wife, go into labor early and the doctors told him that his wife might not make it. “Ugh! Damn it all!” He yelled out.

Suddenly the doctor out from the room that his wife is in with a grim look on his face. "Hokage-sama…I'm sorry, but she didn't make it.” He said. “But she had three healthy children, one girl and two boys. She named the girl Namikaze Haigara." He said as two nurses came from the room holding his children wrapped in blankets.

Arashi felt like a flood hit him, Haizai was gone. He shut his eyes tightly steeling himself before opening them and looking at his children in the arms of the two nurses. The girl had black hair, and black eyes, just like her mother. He already knew what she'd be like. An Uchiha. Another boy looked just like him, "Namikaze Naruto." came out of his lips, and he smiled. He turned to the Blonde haired boy with black highlights, and blue eyes, with black in the middle. "Namikaze Shisou" A shiver went up his spine when he stared at his son's eyes. He shook his head, and walked to the battlefield after he dropped off Haigara with Sarutobi. He made sure they would stay together, after all, their will be orphans soon.

The last of the Namikaze clan, under disguise of the name Uzumaki.

He summoned Gamabunta, and sealed, the Kyuubi no Kitsune in Naruto, and Rokubi no Itachi in Shisou.

12 years later

Uzumaki Naruto was walking next to his teammates inside the academy. He is about 5 ft tall. He has his hitai-ate on his forehead cover by a few of his blonde bangs. He wore a dark blue shirt, black cargo pants and shinobi sandals. He has two blue wristbands on both his wrist and a kunai pouch on his right thigh. On his back is an o-katana that is 55 inches overall. The hilt is wrapped in red leather. It has a golden guard and is in a black wooden scabbard. On his far right is a girl named Haruno Sakura who is 5 ft 2 inches tall. She is wearing a pink qipao and blue spandex shorts under it. She has her hitai-ate in her hair holding it back. In the middle of him and Sakura is a raven haired boy named Uchiha Sasuke. He is about 5 ft 3 inches and has his hitai-ate on his forehead. He has on a blue shirt with a red and with fan symbol on the back. He has on white shorts with a kunai hostler on his right thigh. Team 7 had only gone up one floor when they were stopped by a group of people who were standing in front of the door. In the middle of the group they watch two people keeping people from entering the room. Sasuke looked up at the sign, it read 301. Sasuke stepped in when the two ninja knocked down a kid wearing a green leotard and sported a bowl hair cut and bushy eyebrows.

“You plan on taking the Chuunin Exams like that? What makes you think you’re good enough?” asked a kid with spiky hair.

“You guys should just quit now,” said a second kid right next to him. He wore his hitai-ate like a bandana.

“You’re all just little kids,” the first one taunted.

“Please let us through,” pleaded a girl with her hair in a double bun hair style. She was quickly knocked down by the two boys. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the boys as Sasuke smirked smugly and walked ahead of them.

“Listen, we’re being nice, The Chuunin Exams aren’t easy,” said the first one.

“Of all those taking the exam,” lectured the second, “Many will quit being shinobi, while others are unable to recover at all. We’ve seen it many times before.”

“A Chuunin is the level of military platoon captains. The failure of a mission and the death of his men... That is all the responsibility of the captain.” explained the first.

“We’re just thinning out the ranks of those that will fail anyway. What’s wrong with that?” asked the second.

“I agree,” said Sasuke stepping in, Naruto and Sakura trailing behind him. “But... You’ll let us pass through... Also, get rid of the genjutsu, we’re going to the third floor.”

There was whispering through out the room at this proclamation.

“So you noticed, eh?” The second one asked not surprised in the least.

“Sakura, you must have noticed it first, right?” Sasuke asked looking to at her.

“Huh?” She replied

“Your analytical ability and genjutsu know how… is the most improved on our team.” Sasuke said. Sasuke looked at Sasuke and smiled.

‘Sasuke-kun.’ She thought. “He, he Of course I noticed awhile ago. Because this is the second floor.” Sakura said with a smug look. Naruto only nodded as the room number faded out before turning to 201.

“Hm, not bad but all you was able to do is see through it!!!” He said as he threw a kick at Sasuke. Sasuke did the same as Naruto frowned. He saw a blur appeared between Sasuke and the genin.

‘Damn he as fast as Aniki.’ Naruto thought as he stopped the kicks.

‘Catching my kick with his hand. What’s this chakra in his hand?’ Sasuke thought. He let go of their legs as his two teammates walked closer to him.

“What happened to the plan? You’re the one who said we shouldn’t draw attention to ourselves.” The boy said. He has pearl white eyes and is about 5 ft 5 inches tall. He has long black hair that goes to the middle of his back He is wearing a white jacket and black shorts with a kunai pouch on his right thigh.

“Well…” He said blushing and looking at Sakura. He turned towards her as Naruto shook his head. He felt a glare directed at him and turn to the person. His eyes narrowed as he looked at him.

‘A Hyuuga’ thought Naruto, looking at the boy intently.

“Un no” The girl said shaking her head. The boy walked towards Sakura passing right by Sasuke.

‘Their injuries have disappeared.’ Sasuke thought. The bowl cut boy walked to Sakura with a smile on his face. He caught Naruto attention as he stopped in front of Sakura.

“Hi. My name is Rock Lee.” Lee said to Sakura. “So yours is Sakura…” He started. He gave her a thumb up with a blinding smile. “Let’s go out together!!! I’ll protect you to the day I die.” He said. Naruto stared in shock before as Sakura gave her reply.

“No…way…you’re lame.” Sakura said. Lee put his head down in shame.

“Hey, you...” said the paled eyed boy directing his eerie gaze at Sasuke. “What is your name?”

“When you want to learn someone’s name, you should give your own first,” said Sasuke in an arrogant tone.

“You’re a rookie right?” asked the pale eyed boy. “How old are you?”

“I don’t have to answer to you,” replied Sasuke as the other boy narrowed his eyes.

“What?” the pale eyed boy asked coldly, as Ten-Ten giggled at their little stand off.

Sasuke arrogantly turned his back on the boy. “Sasuke, Sakura lets go.” Naruto said with a disinterested tone. He turned around and walked away as Sasuke and Sakura followed.

“Hey dobe.” Sasuke called as they got away from the crowd.

“What teme?” Naruto asked.

“What’s up with you? Not only have you changed your clothing but you’re quiet all of a sudden.” Sasuke asked.

“I did think you cared enough to worry about me teme.” Naruto said with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t. I just don’t want you screwing up the team.” Sasuke replied as the walked through a large room.

“You! With the dark eyes, hold on!” The trio turned to see the genin in the green leotard behind them on a platform above them. Naruto raised an eyebrow, Sakura cringed, and Sasuke remained impassive.

“What?” Sasuke said.

“Would you fight me, right here, right now?” Lee said with a determined look on his face.

“A fight? Here and now?” asked Sasuke.

“Yes,” Lee replied as he jumped over the banister and landed about a dozen feet from them. “My name is Rock Lee. When you want to learn a person’s name you give your own first, right? Uchiha Sasuke.”

“So you know?” asked Sasuke now intrigued.

“I want to fight you,” said Lee taking an defensive stance, “I want to test just how far my techniques will go against a prodigy of a genius ninja clan.” Lee then turned to Sakura, who cringed in fear and was beginning to freak out. “Plus...” he said as he blushed, “Sakura-san, Love...”

“Ewwwww...” That was Sakura’s limit as she began to freak out, “Th-Those eyebrows... Just... Ewwwww!”

“You are an angel...” Lee said to her, oblivious to her obvious distaste.

“Just... No! Ewwwww! Stay away!” she shouted at the bushy eye-browed boy.

“You know, you don’t have to be so... Negative...” said Lee, dismayed at her rejection.

Sasuke scoffed at Lee, “Challenging me, knowing the Uchiha name... You are a fool! You will learn what just what that name means, bushy-brows!” said a now scowling Sasuke.

“Great!” smirked Lee as he changed into his Goken (Strong Fist) stance. ‘Finally Gai-sensei... I shall prove myself...’

Naruto blinked and turned to Sasuke. “You shouldn’t fight him.”

“Want him for yourself, Naruto?” asked Sasuke, an arrogant look on his face.

“No not really. I just don’t want you to get beat up before the exam” said Naruto. Rock Lee smiled at this.

“Shut-up, Naruto,” scolded Sakura, “Sasuke-kun is one of the best genins there is! Not to mention with the Sharingan he’s practically unstoppable!”

‘Fuck it. Lets see what happens.’ Naruto thought shrugging.

“Ready?” asked Sasuke turning his attention back to Rock Lee. Naruto watched the fight in disinterest already knowing what will happen. With Lee’s attention fully on Sasuke, he figured it would be safe enough to use to learn that he could.

Sasuke charged Lee, who was waiting patiently. Sasuke threw a punch that was easily blocked by Lee. Sasuke planted his hand on the floor to attempt a whirl wind kick on Lee when the bushy-browed boy countered.

“Konoha Reppu (Leaf Gale)!” shouted Lee as he did a sweep. Sasuke pushed up with his arm flipping away from his opponent.

Sakura looked amazed, while Naruto looked completely unsurprised, as Sasuke and Lee were now staring at each other.

‘He’s strong...’ thought Sakura as she watched the boy nearly beat Sasuke-kun in the exchange. While he did not win he definitely came out with the upper hand.

“I’ll say this, there is no way you can defeat me,” said Lee with all seriousness in his expression, “Because, right now, I am the strongest among the Konoha Genin.”

Naruto and Sasuke narrowed their eyes, and then Sasuke grunted as he smirked. “Let’s see just how strong you are.” Sasuke got ready to go in for another exchange.

“Sasuke-kun, we don’t have time. We have to be at the reception desk in less than thirty minutes...” said Sakura worriedly.

“Don’t worry,” he said with a serious look on his face, “I’ll be done in five minutes.” He then charged at Lee a second time. As he went to punch the green clad genin, he disappeared. ‘What?!’ Naruto followed Lee’s movements perfectly.

“Konoha Daisenpu!” shouted Lee as he kicked at Sasuke’s head. Sasuke narrowly ducked before a second kick came straight at him.

‘I can’t dodge!’ Sasuke frantically thought. ‘I’ll have to block! What?!’

Lee’s follow-up kick broke through Sasuke’s guard.

“Sasuke-kun!” shouted Sakura as Sasuke was sent flying and landed straight on his back.

‘He blocked that attack...’ she thought as she watched Sasuke struggle to stand.

“What the hell is going on...” Sasuke said as he picked himself off the ground. ‘He went right through my guard... Was that a ninjutsu or a genjutsu...’

“Fine, it’s time for me to get serious!” said Sasuke, both eyes blazing with his two tomoe Sharingan.

“The Sharingan!” said Sakura amazed. All the training on the way back from Wave was paying off as Sasuke could now call up the Sharingan at will, almost on instinct. ‘Sasuke-kun is incredible!’

“Sasuke-kun can’t lose to this guy!” said Sakura excitedly. Naruto smiled.

‘Sasuke going to get his ass kick. I can’t wait to rub it in.’ Naruto thought.

Before Sasuke could charge a third time, Lee kicked him in the chin sending Sasuke flying up into the air.

“B-but the Sharingan...” stuttered Sakura.

Naruto smiled wider as they watched Sasuke’s airborne ascent.

‘The Sharingan can’t read it...’ thought Sasuke, ‘That means... His moves...’

“My moves are neither ninjutsu nor are they genjutsu,” said Lee as he prepared the next sequence of his attack. Sasuke managed to land on is feet but Lee was already on the attack, now charging Sasuke. Sasuke could now only hopelessly dodge Lee’s attacks, but no matter what he did, Lee was still connecting with several solid shots. Sasuke backed away after taking an extra strong elbow attack from Lee. “My techniques are simple taijutsu, Sasuke-kun.”

Lee disappeared only to reappear behind Sasuke.

“You may not believe it, because it’s so simple,” said Lee, who then jumped to dodge an attack from Sasuke.

“Kuso!” Sasuke said, gritting his teeth.

“It’s said that the Sharingan can read all types of ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu,” lectured Lee, “Because ninjutsu and genjutsu require you to summon chakra and hand seals to preform, you can easily defend against them. But... taijutsu is different.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sasuke.

“Even if you can read my movements with your Sharingan, your body still lacks the speed to react to my taijutsu. It doesn’t matter if you can see it, if your body can’t keep up, it’s useless!” explained Lee, “I believe there are two types of people amongst the strong. The hardworking types and the genius types. Your Uchiha blood is a genius type because of your Sharingan, while I am simply a hardworking type who has mastered only taijutsu.”

Sasuke’s frustration came to a boil as he angrily charged Lee. Lee was still lecturing while dodging Sasuke’s attacks. “It could be said that my ultimate taijutsu is the worst possible match-up for your Sharingan.” With that, Lee knocked Sasuke into the air again with a solid kick to the chin and then jumped after him. “Kage Buyo!”

Lee was now soaring parallel to Sasuke’s back. “I shall now prove it with this technique that hard work surpasses genius skills.” Lee’s bandages began to unravel and ensnare Sasuke. “I win!”

Before Lee could complete his move, a pinwheel cut through the air pinning his bandages to the wall. Naruto cursed, he had been so intently watching the match- or rather Sasuke getting his ass handed to him- that he didn’t sense anyone approaching.

“That’s enough Lee!” shouted a red and yellow turtle with a VERY angry expression on his face.

Lee immediately landed while Sasuke continued towards the floor, his neck about to break his fall. “Sasuke-kun!” shouted Sakura as she moved to catch Sasuke. “Are you alright Sasuke-kun?” she asked with genuine concern.

“Lee, that technique is forbidden!” scolded the turtle.

‘A talking turtle... I’ve seen weirder things’ thought Naruto.

“I... I’m sorry! I hadn’t planned on...” Lee tried to apologize but was cut off.

“Fool, do you think you can really get off on some silly excuse?” said the turtle disapprovingly. “You know well that a shinobi should NOT reveal his special techniques!” said the turtle. “Now are you prepared for your punishment?”

“Yes...” said a downtrodden Lee.

Naruto watched their interaction and tilted his head. ‘Is it possible…no it not…is it?’ He turned to Sakura. “Sakura-chan... Can turtles be senseis?” asked Naruto in a whisper.

Sakura looked at him as if he’d started sprouting tails.

“How the heck should I know if turtles can be senseis!” she hissed at him.

“Alright,” said the turtle, “Here comes Gai-sensei.”

There was a poof of smoke above the turtle and Team 7 and Rock Lee were now looking at a bigger version of Lee. The man was about two heads taller, but he had the same bowl haircut and bushy eyebrows.

“Ah, I can see the Flames of Youth burning brightly in each of you!”

“That guy is even lamer than the kid,” said Sasuke with a bewildered look on his face. Had he turned to look at them, he’d have noticed Sakura and Naruto’s expressions were the same.

“Super thick eyebrows... Super bowl cut...” was all Sakura could manage to get out.

“Those have got to be the biggest eyebrows I’ve ever seen!” said Naruto, “I think they might be alive...”

Lee turned around, rage and fury written all over his face. “Hey, stop insulting Gai-sensei!” he shouted at Team 7.

“With all these freaks showing up all over the place, how else are we supposed to react,” shouted Sakura.

“What did you...?” he asked shaking a fist.

“Lee, stop!” said Gai with a small smile on his face.

“Yes, Gai-sensei!” said Lee.

Gai’s expression turned serious as he shouted at Lee. “You fool!” He then punched Lee in the jaw, sending his mini-clone soaring through the air. “Lee, you... you are...”

“Sensei!” said Lee as he stood up, tears streaming down his face.

“Lee!” he shouted with tears streaming down his face.

“Gai-sensei... I... I...”

“That’s enough Lee, you don’t have to say any more,” as a sandy beach with a sunset appeared around them.

‘Is that a genjutsu?’ Naruto asked.

“Sensei!” Lee shouted as he hugged Gai.


“Wha-,” Sakura blurted out.

“Eww...” Naruto let out turning away.

“I... I... Lost... to... This guy...” Sasuke stuttered.

“Yes! This is what youth is all about!” said Gai


“It’s alright Lee... Youth and mistakes go together, forget about it.” consoled Gai.

“You... you are too kind Gai-sensei!” sniffled Lee.

“Now, towards the sunset, I want 100 laps around the training grounds!” said Gai pointing towards the mysterious appearing sunset.

Lee straightened up, “Yes Gai-sensei!”

“Let’s go!”


“What about Chuunin exam?” asked Sakura, “There isn’t enough time!”

“What? Oh yeah...” said Gai with a sheepish expression on his face. “Lee, Your punishment for starting a fight and attempting to use a forbidden technique will take place after the Chuunin Exams.”

“Yes!” said Lee saluting Gai.

“The call of youth! 500 laps!” shouted Gai, striking a pose, “So tell me, how is Kakashi-sensei doing?”

“Huh?” asked Naruto.

“He is my eternal rival!” said Gai.

“Yeah right!” said Sakura disbelievingly. Sasuke didn’t look like he believed Gai either, while Naruto was a bit undecided. At first glance Gai looked like a moron, but after watching Lee pick apart Sasuke, he knew looks could be deceiving.

“If Gai-sensei says...” shouted Lee back, but he was stopped by Gai.

“Don’t worry about it Lee, actions speak louder than words,” Gai told him.

Naruto and Sasuke’s eyes widened as Gai simply disappeared. “If I’m not mistaken, my record is 50 wins and 49 losses, in my favor.” Team 7 each spun around, surprised looks on their faces. “That means I am better than Kakashi!”

‘Not another one…Fuck’ thought Naruto.

‘He’s... faster than Kakashi...’ observed Sasuke.

“You see!? Isn’t Gai-sensei incredible!” shouted Lee.

“Sorry about Lee, I swear by this face, it will not happen again,” Gai promised as he smiled at Team 7, his teeth sparkling in the light. “You guys and Lee should be in the class room soon. He threw a kunai and knocked the pinwheel off the wall releasing Lee’s bandages. Naruto watched as Lee re-wrapped his hand. He doubted the others noticed it, but he saw the scars and the callous’ on Lee’s knuckles.

‘He must have worked himself to the bone.’ Naruto thought. ‘He’s a true genius of hard work...’ thought Naruto.

“Good luck Lee, Later!” Gai shouted as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Sasuke-kun, I shall say only one last thing,” Rock Lee said as he went to leave, “The truth is, while I have come here to test my abilities, I lied before... I am not the best genin Konoha has to offer. Though the strongest genin is most likely to be on my team. I have entered this exam to defeat him, but you are also one of my targets. Be prepared during the exam!” Lee said as he jumped to the upper level and ran off to rejoin his team mates.

Sasuke looked frustrated, so Sakura decided to try and comfort him. “Sasuke-kun...”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. You’ve got your ass handed to you.” Naruto said laughing.

“Naruto!” shouted Sakura.

“Shut up...” Sasuke growled through clenched teeth. “Next time, I’ll beat him...”

“Sure... just call me when you fight him...I’ll make sure to bring a video camera” said Naruto.

“Naruto, you...” Sakura began to berate the blonde haired demon container.

Ignoring Sakura, Naruto looked at Sasuke, “Did you see it? His hand?” Judging by their looks of astonishment and confusion, neither had. “Bushy-brows must have been training hard... Day in and out. More so than any of us. That’s all I meant.” He said seriously.

Sakura looked at Sasuke her eyes filled with concern as his fist tightened.

“The Chuunin Exams... They are becoming more interesting...” Sasuke said with a determined smile. Sakura smiled as well and Naruto was now wearing a small smirk. “Shall we get going?”

The three team mates walked down the halls towards the room of their first test.
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