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All the songs I used in the POV headings

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1- F= All of this- Blink 182 A= Shotgun Seranade- The Juliana Theory
2- F= Move Along- The All American Rejects
3- B= Safe in a Room- InMe
4- A= Beautiful Disaster- Kelly Clarkson
5- G= What a sight- Matchbook Romance
6- A=Foundations- Kate Nash F= All that I have left- The Mascara Story
7- A= Why do you love me?- Garbage
8- A= Time stands Still- The All American Rejects C= Metal Heart- Garbage
9- A= The race- Cajun Dance Party F=I wanna hold you- McFly
10- F= Crowds of more than 1- Mascara Story G=Hate Me- Blue October
11- A= All that I have left- Mascara Story
12- F= Congratulations- Blue October G= Cemetery Drive- My Chemical Romance
13- F= Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
14- F- When we die- Bowling for Soup A= Never let this go- Paramore
15- F= I will play my game beneath the spin light- Brand New
16- A= She falls asleep- McFly
17- A= Family portrait- Pink F=Your Star- The All American Rejects
18- A= Lovesong- The Cure F=Birds- Kate Nash
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