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(FOB) the beginning of an infinite playlist

by killxsmile 13 Reviews

"Yeah I’ll fake it ‘Til I make it..."

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters:  - Published: 2007/11/20 - Updated: 2007/11/21 - 1399 words


  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) glindapsawyer 2007-11-20 11:37:14 PM

    i don't know what reference i'm supposed to be getting, but that doesn't matter because i should be chucking water bottles at your head. though pete and soap coming back with hemy's toy is cute, it's like a little family. only it isn't because that making out thing ISNT going to become a regular thing.
    p.s. i adore the name of this chapter.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) dflip07 2007-11-21 05:38:10 AM

    ow ow! pete and soap.
    lol. i remember on the boards one day, this person was all like, "Where did Jason go? i heard about him before, but did he leave the band?!"
    lmao. teenies make me angry.

    now i must read the cobra chapter.

    p.s. -tsk- -tsk- charlieeeeee
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) kittkattbar 2007-11-21 02:11:10 PM

    BLAH!(that's a good BLAH) Ewww pete and soap getting on tonite, or,um not really but ya... goodness you update fast it's hard doing one but now you're doing deux! how do you keep up with it all, homework, school, boys( F.O.B.), concert and more F.O.B.. Well however you do it keep up the good work!:P

  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) ---delilah 2007-11-21 03:36:46 PM

    honestly Im bias towards the fob.
    you can have like a finger or something.
    hes mine.
    okay now that we've got that settled, PETE AND SOAP.
    and i don't get the reference.
    i can't even find it :(
    I'm excited for the next update, though!
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) bindie611 2007-11-21 06:18:59 PM

    Hahahaha!! Pophie!! And it was my idea!! I totally need them to have a relationship. You can have a relationship based on how well people can kiss..right? Oh well. I think they should!
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) jewsicax 2007-11-21 07:46:21 PM

    hehe wow i've been rooting for pete and soap forever...ahhh. so maybe they can get together. AHHHHH the possibilities. hahaha
    ok well im a bit confuzed at the fob/cobra different stories...are there 2 stories in like alternate universes going on or something?
    ahhh im just going to read the cobra one and find out!
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) pyrotechnicist 2007-11-22 12:03:52 AM

    i like the pete and soap one
    the reference is the "iv never kissed a girl with a lip ring" isnt it?
    i remember hearing it somewhere
    the "no its not - pete is taller" was soo hillarious i couldnt stop sniggering :P
    another great chapter
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) astrozombie28 2007-11-22 12:25:50 PM

    Daaaam I can't get the referance
    “Will you be my girlfriend for the next five minutes?”
    I'm gonna sleep even less than usual now lol grrrr damn insomnia
    haha I fell into a pile of video games once :D luckily most video games have rounded edges lol a video game related hospital trip would be hard to explain
    haha Pete's so short :D but not as short as Patrick! I swear to god that boy is my brother or at least my all adds up...we both have red hair (well mine is redder than his), we both wear glasses, we're both irish (even if im full irish and hes just pssh half lol)and we're both SHORT AS! i'm growing, i swear it...thank god for these boots. those 3 inches are much appriciated lol.
    Great chapter, the whole double plot idea is really cool and original.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) rainydaykid13 2007-11-24 02:03:40 PM

    Great chapter.
    Am I the only one that got the reference?
    I read the chapter title and instantly was like "Ohhhh I wonder...."
    But that was pretty much amazing.
    I lurve this story.
    A lot. :]
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) Mikeysgirl 2007-11-25 12:35:57 AM

    PETE!!!! because her hooking up with gabe after the whole thing with andy thinking she was cheating on him with gabe would make that pairing kinda odd.

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