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And then....

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... ok... i love him

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ok here we go.

Frank yells from acriss the library for Gerard and he tturns to face him and yells back "Ill e right there Frankie!!!" I just slouch in my chair runing everything through my mind.WTF!!!!!!!! Murderers in my neighborhood.....crazy!!!

Istand up and grab his wrist as he walks off and look into his eyes freezing in wonder once agen."Would you mind....comeing over tonight....i mean just for moral suport? This is all a bit crazy."

"Shur ill come over whenever i can if frank dosent need me the same well se you what....7:00?"

"Ya...that'll be awsome..u like ramen right?"

" it...c ya tonight then" He leaves me in a rish runing across the library towards frank and the others.....'' i think to my self....'OMG I HAVE TO CLEAN THEAPARTMENT!!!!!!!!' I stand and abruptly run out and past frand gerard and the others down the street not noitceing that someone other than Frank,Gerard or their friends is following me. A tall skinny pale goth boy is runing after me and i cant even hear his footsteps. As i get home i run inside and forget to lock the door untill after i push everythign under my bbed then i run into the front room and see the door open with the boy standing right outside panting heavily. "What are you doign hear? Go away i need to clan house." I shoo my friend away as he steps in "Awwww but babe we had plans tomorow...we need to plan some more..... plz???" I sit on the coutch and shake my head no "I have plans tonight so i need to clean....weel plan for the day after tomorow...ok?" I smile and he turns and runs down the front steps. i close and lock the door behind him sighing heavily. I rush to clean the mess of an apartment i call home so that Gerard dosent think im and Inkywierdo. I begin to burn some Nag Champa incence when the door bell rings. As the UPS drives away i pic up the box and set it on the coffey table."Ill open it later."

End for now!
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