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Family Reunion

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Harry meets Harri, Veronica and Orestes. The twins hit on him and Malfoy runs away...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Harry,Luna - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] - Published: 2007/11/21 - Updated: 2007/11/21 - 3486 words


  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Felur 2007-11-22 02:49:47 AM

    Nice starting, as far as very intriguing is the story. I wonder whether Harry will go home at least temporary or not? If not, what will happen in the original universe? Will Voldemort conquer that world?

    Author's response

    The Trip was one way, Unfortunately not only does Harry have no way to return, he has no idea where to return to. Even if he could recreate the spell that got him exiled, with an infinite number of universes to choose from, the extreme likely hood is that another translation would put him nowhere near home...

    Re: Voldie conquering the 'home' reality. Don't know. Might be an interesting sequel...
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) DrT 2007-11-22 06:50:33 AM

    I think this fic might give me a headache, if in a good way. An aggressive male in a dominate female world . . . I wonder if they'd call him an amazon!


    Author's response

    Well, Harry's not really all that aggressive, but yeah.

    They'd probably call him a slut...
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) PerfesserN 2007-11-22 11:08:23 AM

    I too found myself worrying about the "home universe." Perhaps Neville can take the helm and become the next hero of the wizarding world.
    See, I've been drawn into this story. In my opinion the mark of a good story is the abilty to make your readers care about your characters.
    Well done.
    Good job builing the matriarchal society - are you channeling Ursula K. LeGuin at all?
    On the subject of twin cores, ponder this.
    Harry and Harri have twin magical cores in addition to the phoenix cores in their matching wands.
    Could be an interesting plot device.
    Please update soon.

    Author's response

    The Home universe won't be a focus of this story... Perhaps a sequel...

    Thank you.

    Actually I've read little LeGuin, she never did it for me

    I was wondering what would happen if if the 'brother wands' thing happened with a set of triplets....
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) whatareyouevensaying 2007-11-22 04:14:08 PM

    Strange story, but it's a fantastic idea, and I'm loving every minute of it so far. Harry's situation is pretty difficult, all of these girls that remind him of guys and vice versa. It almost makes dating any of the girls in either place impossible, since he'll inevitably think of the guys from the opposite reality.

    Looking forward to more.

    Author's response

    Yeah, that's pretty much the situation he finds himself in... Of course the predatory females may not give him much choice...
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Cateagle 2007-11-22 06:22:02 PM

    laughs Now this should be interesting indeed. He's going to take a while, likely a good while, to get used to the near-total role and sex reversal aspects and I suspect they'll trip him up more than once along the way.

    Just an off thought, would that be "sister wands" in this universe instead of "brother wands"? Still, I wonder what two same-cored wands opposed to one would do? Would there be a stalemate or would numbers and power prevail? The second could make for some very interesting times as the Dark Lady tries to remove the new factor from the situation.

    I can see Orestes and Harry becoming very good friends and it's not inconceiveable that Harry could help Orestes improve his relationship with Harri. Too, it'd be -quite- interesting to see Harry and Harri doing a long session comparing their lives and seeing just what differences exist. I suspect it'd be educational for both.

    Regarding Harry's "home" worldline, I reckon a sequel or a parallel story would be good there.

    Oh, just one thought, would Orestes and Harri be able to give Harry enough pointers that, when he returns, he could improve his relationship with Hermione to the level he'd like it?

    Author's response

    I believe you can count on that.

    Yeah, sister wand. I've noticed that I have to do a lot of pronoun correction on this fic. I would think that the whole Priori Incantatem thing might be dangerous. Remember, it is caused when wands with common cores are forced to do battle they react with the Priori Incantatem, but nothing is said of what happens when wands with common cores are used to work together. It might be rather spectacularly bad...

    The reason behind the summer together is to bond the pair of Orestes and Harry. There will be a meeting of the Potters to discuss their lives in detail, I just don't know when yet.

    I'm leaning toward a sequel, a Neville or Ron or Hermione(?) centered sequel perhaps.

    Within the bounds of the story I want to tell, Harry isn't going home.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Cateagle 2007-11-22 06:24:17 PM

    Oh, regarding Harry's return, might there not be someking of resonance, residue, signature, or trace that'd lead to his correct worldline? Granted, there are likely a near-infinity of them out there, but there should be something that gives a clue about getting back

    Author's response

    That would be a fairly Star Trekish method of unscrewing the inscrutable, but a possibility I guess. Not one I think it's likely I'm going to explore.

    I see this as a one way trip.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Geovanni_Luciano 2007-11-22 07:24:43 PM

    I don't really look at other's reviews. This story, so far, is quite uncomfortable, and seems to be heading towards a matrarchal(sp), society, where the males are docile. I look forward to an update, but I'm curious how you'll achieve HP/LL without slash.

    Author's response

    Docile? No, just treated and react as women are and do in our (Harry's) society.

    Luna is a girl. (I checked)
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Cateagle 2007-11-23 12:19:13 AM

    Not just Trekish, there's a fair body of cross-time sf out there and a number of them do have means of tracking people back across the lines, though sometimes it ends up being more dogged police work by those policing the travel between lines (H. Beam Piper's "Paratime Patrol" stories are a prime example, though there's a good duology by Andre Norton, too - and those are just off the top of my head).

    chuckle Just think, if his parents had been big Shakespeare enthusiasts, he might have been Prospero.

    Author's response

    Oh sure, it's just that Trek had people tracing resonances every week for pretty much every reason...

    Like I said, it's doable, just not my intention to do, I mean where would Harry learn to....

    Ah crap, you keep doing this to me, ok, the story is now a possible trilogy
    1. The Distaff Side
    2. Neville Longbottom and Potter's Army
    3. Finding Harry.

    Damn it damn it damn it. These damned plot bunnies better leave me alone long enough to finish the stories already on tap.

    This is all your fault.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Cateagle 2007-11-23 03:25:34 AM

    Oh, regarding wands with common cores being used to work together, I rather imagine that, if both are casting the same spell, there could be a resonance between them that would actually increase the power of spell on it's target (don't laugh, resonance is a rather powerful force). I can see common core wands used against each other causing the priori incantem effect, but I'd think that will/intent has to come into play here, too.

    Author's response

    I wouldn't go as far as calling resonance powerful... cumulative, sure, but in of its self not powerful. I often said during my military career that the US Navy could be completely and utterly destroyed by the guy who invented the weapon that transmitted the resonate frequency of aluminum poprivets...

    For some reason the idea of a pair of wands working in conjunction on a single spell, or linked in the sibling wand (hah!) effect would be a not good thing, not terribly unlike the reasons the Egon Spengler suggested the beams not be crossed... Which might be an interesting plotpoint all by it's self.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) LabRat 2007-11-23 08:24:21 AM

    I'm almost salivating for more of this story. There's only one thing that confuses me. The only LL in the series that I can think of is Luna. If Harry is into girls, like you seem to be indicating, how is he supposed to be with Luna, if she's supposed to be a guy in this opposite world? Just a small bit of confusion. My guess is that somehow Luna is the one exception to the rule, since she really does play by her own rules in the Potterverse.

    Author's response

    Ohh, wipe your chin.

    Luna is in fact his love interest.

    She is a girl (I checked)

    Here's a teaser, in the Multiverse, there are an infinite number of Harrys, Hermiones, Rons et al.

    There is only one Luna...

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