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“They walk among us, Heaven help us.”

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Please tell me if this chapter blows Kthnxx.The cat gets let out of the bag and Roxy blows off some steam. Rated for use of language.

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Authors note: I have nothing against blondes, my brother is one. So please don't be offended. Kthnxx!

The next day neither My Chem or Fall Out Boy would be playing until later in the evening, which suited Roxanne just fine. The heat was getting near unbearable.

Roxanne walked into the living area of the bus where the rest of the band was watching the TV.

“So what are we watching,” Roxanne asked?

Frankie had a pissed-off look on his face.

“Some douche bag knows about you and Patrick, Roxy?”


“Yeah, see,” Frankie pointed at the TV where pictures were being shown of Patrick and Roxy sat with his arm around her.

“And this is on what show?”

“Steven’s Untitled Rock Show,” Gerard replied.

“Shhh,” Ray replied as Steven began speaking.

“Hey all I know is late last night some one sent me a DVD of these pictures with a note saying that the girl Patrick is with is Roxy Way, also known as “Rock Hard Play Loud’s” Roxy Riot. But hey, congratulations to Patrick on meeting Roxy. I’ve met her before, she’s a nice kid.”

“Oh that’s just great. Way to go Steven,” Roxanne said putting her head in her hands, “What was it Patrick said last night? That how are you supposed to get to know someone when there’s a camera in your face?”

Alicia nodded, “Well this blows.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Hey Rox, it’s ok,” Mikey said walking over and sitting next to his sister, “You know what? This was an early viewing, maybe not many people saw the broadcast. Yeah I know it’s live but we just happened to be flipping through the channels when we heard your name.”

“Mikey, do you honestly believe that?”

“No, not really. It sounded optimistic at the time though.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes, “They walk among us, Heaven help us.”

“ I wonder if Patrick saw it?”

“No clue. We have to go do an interview, we’ll ask him then,” Gerard said standing up.

“Ok thanks, I need to write another article and send it in,” Roxanne said giving her brother a hug as he and his band stood to leave.

“Are you not going Alicia?”

“Hell no. It’s already 12:00 and it’s like 85 degrees.”

Roxanne laughed as she turned her laptop on, “Well then you can help me write my article. Actually there’s two; one is just a review.”

Alicia nodded as she stood up and sat next to Roxanne.



Hey everyone, still in Pomona. So here are a few highlights of yesterday’s shows.

Gerry Genocide:

SAOSIN’s Lost Symphonies= wow and Translating the Name? Unbelievable.
MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, ‘The Future Freaks Me Out.’ Yeah buddy it freaks me out too.
Roxy Riot says : What the hell? O.o

Frankie Fanatic:

PLAIN WHITE T’s performed a brand new song, Hey There Delilah. It’s a great song. My girl personally loves the song and every time I hear it I think of her. So yeah it’s great. Un-f**king-believable
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE’s ‘The Ghost of You,’ was pretty much amazing and I’m pretty sure MCR’s Frank Iero was pretty much rocking the whole black Mohawk with blonde sides.
Roxy Riot says : I love you death FF, but your killin me here.

I’m sorry for the short highlights, but my friends were not able to attend any more shows due to the heat which rose to around 95 degrees, an insider told me. Never worry, there are still atleast 30 more shows before Warped tour will be over.
Sending love from Ventura (still),

Roxy Riot


“Hey that was pretty good Roxanne. You said you had another article?”

“Mmhmm, just let me send this to Jay. Hopefully he won’t send it back saying I need more.”

Roxanne sent the review to her editor. Once sent she opened up the “Rock Loud, Play Hard website and logged in.

“I’m checking my mail,” she explained, “I don’t know if you’ve ever done it, but my reader’s send me email asking different things.”

Alicia nodded, “Yeah I’ve read your other article, “Roxy Riot: Ask Me Anything; Unedited.”

Roxanne nodded as she clicked on an email. She gasped.

“What does it say,” Alicia asked?

Roxanne turned the laptop so that Alicia could read the message.


‘Dear Roxy Riot:
Every morning I watch SURS (Steven’s Untitled Rock Show) and was surprised to learn several things after watching this mornings. 1) That you are indeed Roxanne Way, younger sister of My Chem’s Way brothers and 2) that your dating Fall Out Boy’s sexy lead singer, Patrick Stump. Anyway, here’s me question, How did an ugly chick like you end up with a guy as gorgeous as Patrick?


Roxanne quickly copied and pasted the message into a new document.

‘Dear BucksomeXBlondeXBaybee:

Several things:

1) Where the hell did you learn to spell bitch?
2) It’s spelled Buxom, not Bucksome.
3)Your really living up to your stereotype.
4) Do you think your really bothering me by calling me ‘ugly’? Because your opinion really doesn’t matter to me.
5)You have the stupidest screen name I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for your letter, it was wicked rad.’


Alicia began laughing, “You are not seriously going to send that in. You’ll get fired.”

“Alicia, the article says ‘Unedited’.”

Alicia gave Roxanne a look. Giving in, Roxanne retyped it.


‘Dear BucksomeXBlondeXBaybee:

Several things:

1) Please learn to spell, it’s Buxom, not Bucksome. Kthnxx!
2) Is it really any of your business how Patrick and I got together? No? Thought not.
3)It takes someone super immature to write what you did.

Thanks for your letter, it was wicked rad.’


Alicia read what Roxy retyped.

“You know, I wasn’t really going to send that other one. That just helped me vent a little,” Roxanne said saving the document and closing the laptop.

Alicia nodded, “I know. I’ve learned to just humor you.”


Alicia stood up and headed for door. Roxanne was right behind her.

“What do you mean you’ve learned to humor me?”

Alicia turned around, “That’s what Mikey’s said. ‘Humor Roxy, she’s a little bit of a spazz sometimes.’ ”

Roxanne looked at Alicia, “He says I can be a bit of a spazz? This coming from the guy who used to stick forks into toasters and take heaters into the bath with him?”

Alicia sighed and nodded, “I know. I’ve just learned to humor him as well.”

"By humoring me?"

"Pretty much."

Roxanne rolled her eyes as she followed the older girl.

“They walk among us, Heaven help us.”
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