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Wow. I’m actually updating soon. Fuckle. (: I’m proud. I might update one of my other stories soon. XD Hoping to finish the Frank one soon. Then the Mikey one. Then this one. Man I get side tracked easily. ENJOY. x.x

“Grace, Hurry up and get in the fucking car! Jesus Christ.” I heard Dad yell from outside, I rolled my eyes and picked up my bag, slipping on my sunglasses that were already in my hand onto my face so that I was able to maybe roll the suitcase out a bit easier.
Boy I was wrong.
“Dad, Help!” I said, trying to push open the screen door but having it hit back into me as soon as I turned back around. He scoffed and walked over, holding open the screen door and picking up my suitcase quite easily.
“Why don’t you just hurry up?” Mum asked from inside the car. Bitch. I don’t even know why she was coming, Dad could have just taken me himself and then I would have only been 50% unhappy.
“Sorry.” I said sarcastically, bringing my hands up for emphasis and pulling the wooden door closed from behind me, making sure it slammed hard. I stormed out to the car and wrenched open the door, closing it behind me as I slipped in and slouched down on the seat.
“Ready?” Dad asked, buckling up his belt and putting the keys into the ignition. I sighed and Mum nodded as he began to reverse out of the driveway. I immediately brought out my ipod from the small bag next to me and turned it up full blast in my ears. Magic I tell you. I leant my head up against the cold window, watching all the trees go past and the sun in the sky, seeming as though it was following our every move. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes, letting the music take me wherever it wanted and my mind taking me the complete opposite way. My breathing became slower and my eyes no longer took effort to close as I drifted off to a short sleep.
Why are you going to this shit hole anyway?
What do you mean?
Maybe you should just die. Makes it easier on everyone.
What are you talking about?!
You know exactly what I’m talking about. You think about it every night before you close your eyes, you dream about it.
Shut the fuck up.
Make me. You created me like this. I have nothing to do with the way I am. It’s your fault. See? You. Because you cause everything, you’re the start and the finish of every book. I’m sure you’d even manage into turning a priest pessimistic.
Shut up.. Just shut up!
No. Remember your parents financial troubles? What are you doing? You’re causing more by going to this shit hole of a place.
I suppose..
You don’t suppose, you know it’s god damn true. Your grades Grace, where are they? They’re not exactly college standards are they you fucking worthless piece of shit?
..Please.. just.. stop..
You’re so fucking weak. C’mon. Hurt yourself again. Like you always do. Is that your drug is it? Maybe you might overdose one day and all the pain will go away like that. You’ll be gone. And no one will notice, because all you ever were was a depressed, worthless, ugly, selfish bitch.
“STOP!” I shouted. I blinked and looked around, noticing the car had stopped and both my parents were staring at me as if I had two heads. I could feel the cold sweat running down my forehead and both sides of my face, my shirt sticking to me and my breathing was heavy and fast. Wiping at my head and eyes I picked up the water bottle from out of my bag and took a long drink, twisting the lid back on and turning off my ipod.
“Um.. Grace? We’re here.” Mum said. I looked out the opposite window to see the side of a large sign and some lodges in the distance.
“Cool.” I sighed, picking up my small bag and opening the door.
“Are you okay?” Dad asked, walking around to feel my temperature. I just nodded and took some more water, then moved to the back of the car to unlock the boot.
“No No, I’ll get it.” Dad said, opening it and pulling out my suitcase and sitting it on the floor so he could lock the boot again. I watched as Mum strode around and touched my shoulder.
“I told you you needed to be here.” She whispered, then noticed my dad walking toward the information booth and followed. Rage and fury pulsed through every vein in my body as I followed her and tore off my sunglasses, stuffing them in my bag.
“Ahh, and you would be Grace.” I jumped about 2 feet and nearly tripped as what I guessed was one of the camp instructors stood about 5 inches from my face.
“Yeah...” I answered cautiously. I watched as they checked something off a clipboard and put one of their hands out.
“Hi! I’m Stacey, one of the camp counselors.” She had this huge smile plastered across her face, she was too happy. I threw her a weird look and shook her hand awkwardly.
“Well, your dad just handed in your bags and they’re being taken to your lodge as we speak. Would you like me to show you?” She asked. I started to nod but then stopped.
“Wait, where did my parents go then?” I asked. She smiled again.
“They went to mark off some paperwork and then they can leave. Well, how about we get started. Follow me please.” She said, gesturing toward the large sign and I followed her brisk pace underneath it and toward the stone steps. I held onto the wooden railing as I followed her right down to another level of ground where I caught glimpse of some built rooms to my left, some grass area where I must admit some really beautiful plants were growing right out back and to my right were about 20 lodges. She sighed and as I looked up, she was smiling and again started walking. I hitched up my bag on my shoulder and followed her as she walked into the mass of wooden buildings.
“6…7…Ah! Here you are!” She said, stopping at one with a large number 8 next to the door.
“This will be your home for the next 6 months.” She said, pointing to the door as if telling me to go in. I nodded, raising an eyebrow and walked up to the door, opening it slowly and hearing a creak as I did so. I could hear her steps behind me as I walked inside, noting my bags on the floor and the scent of freshly-cleaned-room?
“It’s… nice.” I said, walking over to the single bed and sitting down. She nodded and looked around herself.
“Yes, quite so. Now activities start tomorrow, along with counseling sessions and lessons. Have fun.” She said, before turning on her heel and walking toward the door.
“Oh, and one more thing.” She said, holding onto the wooden doorframe and turning to face me.
“Boys and girls aren’t allowed in each others cabins for obvious reasons. You’re here to get well, not hook up. Anyway, Cya!” She finished with another stupid smile before walking out and shutting the door behind her. I sat still, her voice still running through my head and I sighed, standing up and turning to kick the leg of my bed.
“/Fucking hell!/” I screamed. I grabbed my hair in my hands and groaned, pacing the room. I don’t know exactly why I was like this, I mean, I wasn’t at home was I? I was away from home, I was here. In a mental institution for children. Yeah, that’s probably why I’m pissed off. Letting off one last large scream, I walked to the door and wrenched it open, slamming it behind me and leaning against it. I breathed in deeply, closing my eyes and feeling the cold wood through my thin, worn out t-shirt. Opening my eyes, I walked slowly to the wooden rail on the verandah and put my head in my hands. No matter where I went, crazy people where everywhere. Or maybe it was just me that was crazy. Jesus Christ. Who knows anymore, look at me, mentally talking to myself. Sign of insanity number one, I deserved to be here.
My mother was… right? It’s a fucking miracle! I smiled to myself in my hands, god I was a sarcastic bitch.
“I take it you don’t want to be here too.”
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