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Stuff happens

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Black pillows with small red dots in the form of blood splatters laid scatter throughout the room. Smoke and mist filled the room creating a slight fog. No lights shown through the heavy sheer curtains. The room was nothing more than ablack abyss to represent his version of hell.

Why the hell do I wake up to nothing every morning...

The boy turned over onto his right side to stare at the bright red numbers next to him. Long flowing dark brown hair covered his hazel eyes as he ruffled himself in the sheets. His face composure was so calm and pure that his pale white skin seemed to give him a dramatic aura of the 18th century. He pressed his hand to his forehead, the look of woe is me spread across his face.

"Dammit, it's only 2 in the morning. What has been happening to me recently? I go to sleep so early and I wake up in the middle of the night."

He turned and sat up, his hair sculpting his facial features. With one push of his hands his hair was away from his pale white face. He combed through it numerous times with his hands until he heard a knock at the door.

"Nick, open up. Come on. It's me" Dark auburn hair flung everywhere as she pounded on the door on the other side.

"Ri?Hold on." Swirling the black and blood red sheets around him to cover his nude body, he hopped out of the king size bed and waddles to the door. He opens it only to see Risa jumping up and down shivering.


"I was sleep, not having sex with some random club girl. I don't go to clubs anymore. God your so stupid." He shakes his head and then looks down at her. She was about a head and half shorter than him. He thought the height difference was rather funny.

"Oh, well then let me in, I'm so cold."

She pushes straight past him leaving him behind at the door frame. She goes straight to the bed and wraps herself in the rest of the blankets. Nick just stands there, still not sure how this just happened, but it did. He's gotten pretty used to the randomness of her. He's known her for about 3 years now, and nothing gets old with her. She snuggled in the blanket, and then turned to faced him. Her hair went everywhere and she just giggled.

"So are you just gonna stand by the door or are you gonna come in your own room?" she asks while rolling around in the bed. He stares at her then sighs heavily while closing the door behind him. Risa looked so childlike and innocent that he just couldn't help but to do as ask. That's the aura she always had.

"Why are you in my room again?"

"Cause I'm really cold." She sits up and then points her finger at him, "Zack's dumbass wanted to try out some new STUFF and I ended up with snow all over me! Oh, and ice too. I was standing in this thingy for 30 minutes until he actually let me out. Then next thing you know is I'm being chased around by him and this weird guy I never seen before!" The fog in the room seemed to clear up as she chatted on.

"So you come into my room, while I was sleeping so you could find somewhere to warm up?" He stares at the ground and then joins her on the bed by falling straight on his back.

/Ri/, why do you always show up when I'm hurting. Can you sense it or something? Or is it just bad timing?

Risa then stands up on the bed and faces him with the look of a mother scolding a 10 yr old trying to build a fire in the house, "Umm NO! I actually would have been here sooner if Zack didn't hold me up and your sister too! So don't go all crazy on me!" She lowers her body so she's on her knees and says to him, "And plus I couldn't find you and the main reason I'm here is to tell you who's performing tomorrow night!!!"

Nick just blinks, waiting for her answer. Risa then yells /screams and hugs him. She's way to hyper this early in the morning. "The Medic Droid is performing tomorrow!" she jumps on him and rolls all over the bed with him while talking extremely fast.

"There gonna be here in like 10 hours, and their going to stay for 2 days and, and, and, and their performing opening!! What am I gonna wear! What if I mess up during the show!? Oh my god this is gonna be so crazy! Aren't you so happy and nervous Nick?"

Just as Risa said those words the lushes' boy seemed to be untangled by his sheets. All of her commotion undressed him to the very core. He was downright beautiful, so skinny that his whole body matched up one level. Pink filled the sides of the cheeks of the lively friends.


"Um Nick I'm so sorry." Risa says while still on top of him. "Um here" she throws him the blanket next to her and turns around imeditedalyso he couldn't see her bright pink face.

"Its fine Ri, You didn't mean it." He says while twirling himself in the blanket while Risa slides off the bed.

Wow, he has such a good body. I really didn't mean to do that though, I wonder what he will think of me now...

Looking down at the ground she slightly mumbles and just plays with her hands. Her mumbling caught the attention of the lightly flushed faced boy and he just couldn't help but eavesdrop on her wandering thoughts.

"stupid... that's... ju... wha... fli... stupid fair" Risa mumbled on and on while Nick just looked dumbfounded. He couldn't comprehend every word, but he knew it had something to do with a fair earlier.

What fair is she talking about? And what does it have to do with now?

Securing the last part of the sheets, Nick tapped the back of Risa's shoulder only to have her jump as the train of thought was broken. She turned around, only 2 face a wrapped up boy with a curious look on his face.

"Nick I'm so sorry! I really didn't mean to undress you. I'm gonna go now too."

Risa turns on the back of her heels and storms out the room. You would think she has to pee if you saw her walking. Nick stood there dumbstruck. He really didn't know what to think, but his mind kept coming back to the thought of afair. He managed to make it back to the bed and eventually fall asleep after numerous scenario replays in his head. He just couldn't get her or the word fair out of his head now.

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