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It was dark like there was no end, but still I keep on walking. Then suddenly, I can see this fire light in the middle of darkness. As I get closer I can hear people crying, people screaming like they were begging for their lives. You can also smell the rust and salt that fills the air. When I reached it, I saw people lying down swimming with their own blood. I was shocked and all I did was to run until I was in the middle of that burning place. All I can see was people killing their own kind. I saw a child crying looking for her mother, when I got closer the child was gone. I was worried about the kid so I went looking for him. While running I saw my mother carrying three kids, so I ran after her. “Mom..!” I cried but she doesn’t seem to hear me. I called her many times but she didn’t even mind to turn around. Then suddenly there were three big dark men in front of me, circling my mother. “Mom, run!” I shouted but still she doesn’t hear it. “Please spare me and these children, we didn’t do anything,” she pleaded. I was about to save her, when she suddenly disappeared. Everything went black again. “Mom!” I shouted while running through the darkness. Then I felt like my lungs were burning, I can’t breath and my body was starting to get numb. I was about to give up, when I heard a very loud sound, that woke me up; I was perspiring and really gasping for air. It took me a minute, for me to realize that the loud sound I heard was my phone.
“Hello”, I said with a very weak tone like no one will hear it.
“Alex”, he said with an excited tone.
“Hey, Bro!” I said still groggy.
“Sorry, did I woke you up?” he said with an apologizing tone.
“No its okay, I was happy that you called, I owe you one bro.”
“You owe me for calling you? Now that’s weird.” He said in a curious tone.
“No, I owe you for waking me up”.
“Another nightmare?” he said still curious.
“Yep, and this has been happening for about three weeks now and I don’t know why?”
“Don’t worry it will end soon.” He encouraged.
“I hope so…” then there was silence.
“So…why did you call?” I said breaking the silence.
“I’m going to Bryan’s condominium later to have breakfast, would you like to come and join us too?”
“Sure, I’ll be there.”
I hang up the phone at the same time I looked at the clock and it was three in the morning. I went back to bed, trying to realize what the meaning of that nightmare is. I looked at the clock again it was six in the morning and then I realize that I fell asleep. I got up and went straight for the shower. The nightmare is hunting me every time I close my eyes, so I just concentrated on the water flowing over my body.

It was just a ten minute drive from my condominium to my brother’s condominium, but it look like a thirty minute drive. The world was in a slow motion, like everybody doesn’t want to move. It’s a great day, but this people. When I reached my brother’s condo unit I hear two people arguing. “Hey, Stop it”, I said in a calm voice, putting my jacket on top of the sofa. “What’s wrong with you guys, this is the only time we could have a nice breakfast together but both of you ruined it”, still with a calm voice. “Don’t tell me that Alex, Bryan started it!” he said with an angry voice and went straight to the living room. “Hey Bro!” “In the kitchen”, he said in a calm voice. I headed to the kitchen ignoring Ralph’s angry look. The kitchen was filled with the smell of spaghetti. I took a deep breath and take in the smell of the juicy red sauce that my brother made. My brother Bryan is the eldest and he is really a great cook but he’s taking Broadcast Communication for his pre-law. My other brother, Ralph, is taking an Engineer course for college and as you see he is really a hot tempered guy. My name is Alex Marquez and I’m already a third year student in high school. “Hey Bro, what happened”, I said and headed for the sauce. “Don’t touch that Alex or else…”he threatened. “Sorry”, putting my hands up and there was silence. “So what really happened”, I said breaking the silence and waited for Bryan to answer. “Well, mom wants to have a reunion”. “So?” I said in a curious voice. “And I don’t want to go” he said. “Why”, still curious. “Well…”he said trailing off. I waited until- “Is breakfast ready?” Ralph said interrupting the mood and I looked at him with an irritated look. “Almost”, he said. “Okay, I’ll go wait in the living room.” “Me too,” I said and followed him. I stared at our family picture hanging on the north part of Bryan’s living room, thinking about the reason why Bryan doesn’t want to go to our reunion. Then Ralph shook my shoulder making me jump from where I was sitting. “Hey, let’s eat”, he said and that’s the time I realized that I was staring at the picture for about three minutes. We ate breakfast silently, like we don’t know each other. The room was really silent and it’s making me uncomfortable. “Well, I need to go, I’ll be late”, Ralph said breaking the long silence and put his plate on the sink. “How about you Alex, you’re not going to school?”
“I am but my class starts at eleven so maybe I’ll stay here for awhile.”
“Oh, Okay! How about you Bryan, I thought you have many things to do?” he said in an irritated voice.
“Today is my only free day, so I’m making most out of it.” He said still in a calm voice.
“Okay then, I’ll go ahead.”
When Ralph left the unit, Bryan started cleaning the dishes and there was silence again. This silence was making me more uncomfortable as time goes by so-“Bryan, what’s the reason behind, you not going?” I said, putting my arms on the counter “I cannot tell you unless…“he said trailing off. “ Unless what?” I said in an impatient tone. I’ve waited again for about a minute before he answered. “I figured the reason why…”he said trailing off again. “So, you don’t know the reason why you’re mad at mom, Bryan that’s insane”, I said now in an irritated voice. He looked at me and asked, “How can you assure that I’m mad with mom?” “It’s pretty obvious, Bryan.” Then he chuckled, “Let me clarify”, he said still in a calm voice. “Mom did something and I don’t know the reason why she did it. Do you understand now?” he said, now in a serious tone. “No, why don’t you just tell me, so I could shut up!” still in an irritated voice. “Cause I don’t want to”, and he grinned.
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