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Chapter Eight.

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More mental mind-fucks, more confusion and much more dreams. That and an annoyed Brendon.

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Hiya! I'm back again! This story is so not turning out how I planned, but I think people like it so I shall continue.
Heh, thanks to those who have reviewed. Sorry to keep you waiting, here's the next chapter. :]

After another day the rest of the band was scared to leave Brendon alone. They decided to have him sleepover each night. Brendon wasn't too keen on the idea, but the others refused to let him out of their sight.

"You guys act like I'm some sort of pet being passed around!", Brendon huffed crossing his arms. His hip poked out some as he put weight on one foot. He looked like a prissy girl who had just been denied her tiara. "Well at this rate you might as well be, now let's go", Jon pulled on his arm. "I have to watch you and I don't feel like babysitting. So act like a grown-up."

Brendon rolled his eyes, "Yes Mr. Walker."

There was that damn street light again. Can I reach it? He walked towards the warm light from the lamp. It kept getting farther and farther away. He could see Ryan standing in the road. There was a car coming, he tried to shout but no sound was heard. He jumped up and down but he was lost within darkness. He watched the driver lose control and plow into the side of a building after hitting Ryan. He screamed and cried, trying to get to his friend. Nothing worked. Then he saw headlights come to him, he screamed.

"Dammit! Brendon wake up!! Fucking wake up!!", Jon was slapping Brendon. He was restlessly tossing and turning in his sleep, groaning and yelling. "WAKE UP DAMMIT!" Jon threw ice cold water on him. Brendon shot up in bed, breathing heavily. "What the hell dream were you having?" Brendon ignored him, looking around for a clock. He saw the alarm clock that read 3:04 a.m.

His heart sank. "Not again! This can’t happen!" Brendon quickly got up, ignoring Jon's protests and grabbed the keys from the table. "Brendon fucking Urie! Don't you dare leave this house!", Jon shouted after him. "You're not my mom!", Brendon shouted back as he raced down the steps. He got into the car and backed down the driveway, leaving an annoyed Jon at the door. He drove towards Ryan's house.

After about ten minutes he pulled up in Ryan's driveway. He ran up to the door, leaving the keys and car door open. He pounded on the door vigorously. Finally after nearly ten minutes a disgruntled Ryan appeared at the door, "Do you have any fucking idea what time it is?!" He was clearly annoyed.

"Yes, I do. I just had a fucked up dream again, I'm not letting you out of my sight", Brendon replied. Ryan looked at him, his appearance suddenly changed. He was covered in blood, "Why didn't you help when you knew you could?" His voice seemed so distant.

Brendon stared in shock, he backed up, "No...this can't be." "Brendon why? Why didn't you save me?", Ryan stood in the doorway. Brendon felt tears prick his eyes as his throat tightened, "I d-didn't...m-mean to."

Ryan whispered, "Brendon I need you to do something." "W-what?" Ryan walked closer to him, "I need you to wake up." "NO!! DON'T SAY THAT!!"

Brendon opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling. He was in his own room. He looked at the clock. It was a little past 7 in the morning. His clock read Friday. He yelled to nobody.


Then he realized something.

Was Ryan dead yet?

Okay, this is a bit of a complete mind fuck. Sorry guys. It'll even out in the end, promise!! :]
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