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Chapter 1

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GuitarHero = Frank KissMyBass = Mikey LittleDrummerBoy = Bob SingForAbsolution = Gerard Ray will come later but sorta as an extra.

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September 6, 2007

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

Today was pretty much a waste of time. I went to the ninth grade high school orientation today with mom and we sat with Mikey and his mom. Geoff was there, somewhere, sitting with this guy I automatically didn't like. He wore a shirt that read "n1nja5 r +3h r0xx0rz". No. They're not. Ninjas lose, as did that boy because I do not wish to grace him with friendship.

Anyway, Gerard didn't feel like going, but what else is new? I can't wait to laugh at him when the upper classmen shove him into lockers. He's weal enough, so maybe I'll provoke it. You know, just to see if he can fit.

Continuing on, Mikey and I followed our "tour group" (God, what a joke.) and entered the cafeteria. I was seated, along with Mikey and Geoff, with that no-friendship ninja man. However, I really liked his gel bracelets. I think he was the only one I've ever met who has more than I do. I said to him, "Hey. I like your gel bracelets. You have more than me." He muffled some sort of reply, which was so incomprehensible that I just assumed he was foreign and didn't speak English. Poor guy. Mikey and I decided to escape the group and snuck the fuck out of there. We clambered down the hall to where our lockers were kept, and Geoff stayed with the foreign guy.

School's in two days. I'd really, really rather not go. Maybe if I plan this out correctly and do a little research, I can feign malaria symptoms.

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KissMyBass: There is no way that your mom is going to believe you, so just forget it. On Wednesday, I'll pick you up at 6:45. Be ready.
--LittleDrummerBoy: Fuck you.


September 6, 2007

Posted to: GuitarHero

My mom dragged me to high school orientation today, and then stranded me there all by my lonesome! What kind of person does that!? I don't even know these people! At least I'm out of Catholic school.

Fortunate for me, I saw Geoff, my neighbour. Sort of fortunate, anyway. I sat with him during the lectures and when we went into the cafeteria. Some guy, a friend of Geoff's I think, who wore an eyepatch told me he liked my bracelets. I got really nervous and kind of... spit out my reply. I'm not sure what I said to him, but he gave me a weird look with his one eye. I wonder what happened to it.

The eyepatch guy and his friend ran off somewhere and Geoff went to talk to some other friends. So I was alone again in a foreign school with strangers. I hate being alone and awkward.

Note to self: Talk to people if you don't want to be alone. Idiot.

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