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Chapter 4

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September 18, 2007.

Posted to: GuitarHero

As it turns out, stalking can be a lot of fun and not just for pedophiles. Allow me to recap:

I was a little apprehensive going to the mall with people I hardly know, but it was more fun than expected. Bob's mom came and they picked me up. Mikey and his brother Gerard, who keeps telling me that he loves my hair, were already in the car. When we got to the mall, we went to the food court-- as teenage boys love to do-- and got Wendy's. Some little pre-pubescent fuckers threw FRIES at me, and Bob shot them an evil look. They did it again, then ran away, so we followed them throughout the entire mall. For two hours. At first, they didn't know we were chasing them, but after the first half hour they definitely caught on. It was really exciting! I felt like I was chasing after some criminals in an old black-and-white movie. Only... we were in colour, they weren't criminals, and that wasn't a movie. But you get the point. I think we lost them in JC Penney's. Or at least that’s where we ended up. We decided to make this "living room" couch display our new "apartment" and watched the paper TV for a bit while discussing the colours we want our real apartments to be in the future. In the end, we all just decided on red and to live together after high school. I actually agreed to this. It was nice feeling comfortable with a bunch of people I'd only just met. I hope we stay good friends.

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Sing4Absolution: I just like your hair, okay!?
--GuitarHero: Er. Okay. Thanks.
KissMyBass: They were too criminals! Wasting precious potatoes is a crime.
--LittleDrummerBoy: I agree. Potatoes are very delicious and not to be taken lightly.
---GuitarHero: Okay, fine. So they WERE criminals. Personally, I think throwing anything at my hair is a felony.


September 23, 2007.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

There's this guy in my art class that I really, really like. He's kind of quiet and a little weird, but I like him nonetheless. I asked my friend, R.J., (who Bob knows from middle school) to talk to him for me since they're already friends-- and he said no. He told me that Bob and I steal all of his friends and to go away. I screamed at him and I think now he's trying to sabotage any future relationship that I have with this boy, Ray. If he's gay, that is. Or bi. Or whatever. I'm think I'm actually going to kill R.J.. Friends, please visit me in jail and comfort me as I get raped by burly men named Harold.

Comment(s): 5
GuitarHero: I'm sorry about R.J.. He's in one of my classes, and I think he's a little weird. I hope things work out with Ray.
--KissMyBass: Me too. Kick R.J.'s ass!
---Sing4Absolution: Thanks, guys. I love you all.
LittleDrummerBoy: I kneed R.J. in the face today. Technically... it was by accident, but consider it just for you.
--Sing4Absolution: That's so sweet of you, Bob! Thank you!!


September 24, 2007.

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

During eighth period art class today, Frank finally came and sat with us. Honestly, I think he was running away from this girl, Mandy. She keeps asking about his life, how many windows he has on his house and if he likes Parent Trap. I had to fend off Mandy with a paintbrush as Mikey escorted him to safety. (I.E. Our side of the classroom.) He's a very nervous guy and turned bright red as he hid under the desk for a long time while the class laughed at him. Mikey and I couldn't help but laugh too, since even his scalp turned scarlet. I honestly didn't know anything like that could even happen. Now I know.

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GuitarHero: I read back a few entries and YOU DID HATE ME. You liar! :P
--LittleDrummerBoy: You speak pure venom.
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