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Chapter Four.

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Brendon may have pulled through but his mom makes matters worse.

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I woke up hearing my mom’s voice, “He’ll be fine. It was only a couple of stitches.” She was on the phone, but who was she talking to? I looked around, I was in my room. How long had I been out for? I heard her say goodbye after a few minutes. Then came her footsteps. I looked up as she walked in, “Hey baby, feeling better?” “Ugh, I think? What happened?”, I still had a pounding headache. “You fell down the stairs and had to get stitches. Five exactly. Ryan also told me you were sick when you got home from school”, mom replied sitting on the bed next to me. “How long was I out for?”, I felt a little stunned. “About two days. That must have been a bad fall”, she looked concerned. “I guess it was worse than I thought”, I groaned in pain.

I was asleep when my door shutting woke me up. I stirred some, looking for who had awoke me. I didn’t see anyone but I did see about three new cards beside my bed. Who put them there? I yawned, I hated being sick. I struggled into a sitting position before looking at my clock. Man it was already four, I was doing a lot of sleeping lately. I’m glad it was Saturday. I turned my attention to the cards beside my bed. I wondered if that was Ryan or my mom I had just missed.

I looked through the cards with a smile. They were all from friends. Ryan’s was rather long with a lot of random drawings. Jon’s was short, but it meant well. Spencer’s was medium with a few drawings. Mostly stick figures, Spencer couldn’t really draw too well. I was happy even though I was miserable.

A few hours later I ambled out of my room. I was hungry and I desperately had to use the bathroom. The doorbell rang as I walked out of the bathroom. I looked like shit too. I wasn’t sure who was at the door but mom got it. I heard her talking as I walked down the stairs. I guess they must have heard me because as soon as I got to the landing my eyes met two pairs. My mom’s soft hazel eyes and Ryan’s light brown ones. The next thing I knew I was being smothered.

“Oof!”, Ryan hugged me rather tightly. “Looks like he lives after all”, my mom smiled as she disappeared. I hugged Ryan back, “Hey Ry.” “Brendon, you’ve been gone too long.” “It’s only been a few days”, not that I didn’t want to hear that he missed me. “One day is too long for me.” I smiled, “I love you too Ry.” I saw him smile.

Well the bad thing about having a secret boyfriend is when your mom finds out. She’s such an eavesdropper, probably where I got it from. But a few days after I got better, about Tuesday, she heard me and Ryan talking. For a while we were just talking about random things. Then we started getting into the ‘who loves who more’ fight and ended with a kiss. Yeah, and she saw it all. She confronted me about it a couple hours ago.

“Brendon why haven’t you told me?” I looked away from my video game for about two seconds, “What?” “You heard me.” I honestly had no idea what she was talking about, so I didn’t think it was serious. My answer was prolonged as I destroyed a huge dinosaur, my enemy, “I heard you but what are you talking about?” It was then that she hit the power button for my PS2. I just about freaked, “Why’d you do that?! I didn’t even get to save it!” I looked at her facial expression and grew quiet.

I knew that something big was about to happen, but I wasn’t quite sure what. “Brendon”, she stood in front of me. That was NEVER a good sign. “I’m disappointed in you, why didn’t you tell me?” “Tell you WHAT mom?” For a second I thought she was talking about that one day I stayed home without her knowing, I was sick! I couldn’t help it! But then...

“That you had a boyfriend, or even that you were INTO guys?” Her tone scared me a little, I guess intimidated is the real word. That was when my stomach flipped and I hoped she wouldn’t do anything drastic. I suddenly felt nervous and rather small, “I umm...I uhh...” I didn’t know what to say. “Brendon you know you can tell me anything. I love you, I’ll always respect your decision. But”, she paused. There was that damn ‘but’. There’s ALWAYS a ‘but’ with strings attached.

“Are you sure this is what you want? You know the ridicule that you’ll get.” I felt like I was getting sick, an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I looked down, I couldn’t bear her stare. I felt like I was disgracing her. But I still had a shred of dignity and confidence left in me, “Yeah, we both know. And yes, I’m positive.” My voice was kind of quiet, but I didn’t dare let it shake. I think she sensed that I was sorry, and I did feel sort of sorry. I think, I couldn’t really explain this feeling.

You know how you do something really bad? And then your parents find out? Well that’s kind of how I was feeling. Except I felt like I had just killed the family dog and then stuffed it down the toilet. I felt like I had disgraced my name and I should be cast aside as a nobody. I knew that it wasn’t really that big of a deal, but that’s basically how I was feeling.

My mom sat next to me, “You don’t have to feel bad.” She lifted my head up so I was facing her, “You’re my son and I could never hate you. Ever.” She hugged me, “Now I don’t want you to feel bad. Alright?” I mumbled a small, “Okay”, before she felt the need to leave.

That was two hours ago. Now, for some reason, I felt really terrible. Worse than before, was that even possible? I guess it was. I felt like loving someone was a sin. But that’s retarded...right?

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