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Chapter 4: We Keep The Beat

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Tina went to her room and put her bags away and went to her desk and turned on her computer. She decided to send an email to a friend back in Texas.


How are you doing? I’m doing alright. Got moved in and ready for school. I met the neighbors. They are really nice. They have two sons and a daughter. The middle son is in my class. Actually, the older son (his name is Pete) and I have gotten close. I know it’s only been a few days. I was taking a box out of the moving van and fell and he helped me. How are Danny’s parents? Tell them that I think of them often. Sometime I do want to write them, but not now. I don’t think I can. I really miss you. I’ll probably give you a call in the next few days. I’m going to go. Talk to you later.


Tina hit the send button. She grabbed her guitar and went to the bed and started playing. A few minutes later the phone rang. “Hello.” “Tina, it’s Brittany. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with us to the movies?” “Who’s us?” “Don’t worry. She never comes with the rest of us. It will be Joe, Patrick, Destiny, Andy, and I.” “I don’t know.” “Come on. It will be fun.” “Alright.” “Good. I’ll pick you up at 7.” “See you then.” Tina hung up the phone. Tina hung up and played her guitar for a little bit and then got ready.

She then went down downstairs. “Mom, I’m going to go out with some of Pete’s friends. I guess I should of asked. I’m sorry.” “It’s alright. Just come home at a decent time.” “I will. We are going to the movies and I will have my cell.” “Have a good time.” Tina waited for Brittany on the front step. A few minutes later she seen Joe’s car. She got in the backseat. “Hey guys. How are you?” She asked. “Good. We are going to pick up Andy and Patrick and Destiny are going to meet us there.” “Alright.” After picking Andy up Joe drove to the movies.

After getting their tickets and some popcorn they went in and sat down. Tina sat by Destiny. “How are you doing?” Destiny asked. “Good. Why?” “I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at Pete. You like him, don’t you?” “Um, well, as a friend.” “Please, Tina. Don’t lie to yourself. You like Pete more as a friend.”

“If I do, which I don’t, he has a girlfriend. And I’m not ready. I went through some things and I don’t know if I am ready for a boyfriend.” Tina got tears in her eyes. “Oh hun, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring anything up. If you ever need to talk Brittany and I are here for you.” “Thank you.” “Hey guys, I didn’t know you all would be here.” Tina looked up and there stood Pete and Jeanae. “Oh shit.” “Well, you are with Jeanae. You know how you usually don’t go out with us then.” Joe said. “Can we sit with you guys?” Pete asked. “Come on, Petey. I don’t want to sit with them.” “Thanks, Jeanae.” Brittany said. “Stop it.” Pete said to Jeanae and then walked through the seats and sat next to Tina. Jeanae followed and sat next to Pete holding his hand. “Hi again.” “Hi, Pete. How are you?” “Good.” “Hi Jeanae.” “Whatever.” “Sorry. She had a bad day.” “Haven’t we all.” Tina mumbled. “What?” Pete asked. “Nothing.” “You going to be alright?” Destiny asked. “Yeah, just need to get through the next two hours.”

Tina looked over at Pete and Jeanae. She could hear Jeanae talking. “What do you mean that you were with her this afternoon?” “I went shopping with her. That’s all.” “You.” Jeanae pointed at Tina. “What did I do?” “You have wanted Pete from the first moment. Don’t you think you are going to get him. He’s mine and will always be mine.” “I’m sorry, but I’m not after Pete. He’s a friend, that is all.” “So you are telling me you don’t have feelings for him?” “I have feelings for Pete as a friend. In your messed up head you may think everyone is after Pete, but they aren’t. I‘ve only been here a few days, but I have seen how you treat Pete. He deserves better.” “You bitch.” Jeanae got up and before Pete could grab her she hit Tina. Pete held Jeanae. “I’m sorry Tina. “It’s not your fault. She turned to the rest of them. “I’m going to go. I don’t feel like watching a movie.” “You sure?” Brittany asked. “Yeah.” “I’ll give you a ride home.” Joe said. “No, I’ll walk home. It’s not far.” “You sure.” “Yeah. Thank you for inviting me. Maybe another time, when someone isn’t around.” She looked over at Pete and Jeanae. “Bye.”

Tina walked out of the theatre and walked home. “Tina, your home early.” “Uh, yeah. Nothing good was playing and I decided to come home. I’m going to go up to my room and go to bed in a little bit.” “Alright. Goodnight.” Tina went to her room and got into a pair of pajama pants and tank top. She got a book and started to read. After a few chapters she decided to go to bed. There was a knock on the door. “I’m going to bed. I’ll talk to whoever it is in the morning.” “It’s Pete.” “Oh god.” She got up and opened the door. “What do you want? And who let you in?” “Your brother. I want to talk. Can I come in?” “I guess so.” Tina went and sat on her bed. Pete closed the door and sat on the chair by her desk.

“I want to apologize for Jeanae.” “Stop. I don’t want your apologies. She needs to own up to her crap, Pete. I have seen how she treats you. Do you like being a doormat?” “No, but I love her.” “Do you really? Or do you like the idea of being in love? Have you noticed that you are hurting your friends and their girlfriends. Brittany almost broke up with Joe because of Jeanae. You can’t be that blind.” “I’m not. I don’t know, she just has something over me.” “Just be careful Pete. I just don’t think it will end well with her.” “I will. Thank you for caring. Are we alright?” “Of course. Just cause your girlfriend is jealous doesn’t mean I’m mad at you. Just please watch yourself.” Pete stood up. “I will. Thanks again. You get some sleep. I’ll have your brother lock up when I leave. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.” He kissed her cheek and left. Tina got under the covers and thought of Pete. She couldn’t deny it any longer. She liked him more as a friend.

The next few days went by fast and Tina was getting ready for school. Monday morning came and she went to the bus stop with her brothers. Hillary and Andrew were already there. “Hi guys. Are ready for school?” “Are you nuts?” Andrew said. “I take that as a no.” “Sorry. Just hate the mornings.” “What about you?” Hillary asked. “It’s nice to be able to do something. That’s about it though.” The bus came and a half hour Tina was at a new high school. She went to the office to get her schedule and locker number. Walking to her locker she was looking at her schedule when she bumped into some one. She landed on the ground. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.” She looked up. “I should be saying that. I wasn’t paying attention.” “Let me help you up.” She grabbed his hand. “This seems to be happening a lot.” “What?” “Never mind. Thank you. I have to find my locker.” “Need some help?” “Yeah, I’m new here. My locker is 122.” He laughed. “Right next to mine. Oh, I’m Billy.” “Nice to meet you. My name is Tina.” “Nice to meet you too. Here we go. Are you a Senior?” “Yeah. You?” “Yep. Thank god. Don’t know how much more I can take of this place. What’s your first class?” “Music.” “Awesome. Same here. Want to walk to class together?” “I’d love to.”

Billy and Tina walked to class and she found out that he live two blocks from her and had a lot of things in common. Out of the seven classes they had five together. At the end of the day Tina was putting on her hoodie when Billy came to his locker. “Hey Tina, I was wondering if you would like to go out on Friday?” “Um, I don’t know.” “Please.” He put out his bottom lip. “Alright.” She laughed. “Good. I have to go. I’m going to be late for work how it is. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Have a good night.” She watched him leave. “Who was that?” Destiny said behind her. “Scare me, why don’t you.” “His name is Billy. We are going out on Friday.” “I’m glad. You need someone.” “Thanks. To tell you the truth as much as I say I’m not ready, I think I might be.” “I know one person who isn’t going to be happy though.” “Pete?” “Yeah.” “Well, he has his girlfriend and I’m not going to wait around.” “So now you like him.” “Yeah, came to me when he left the other night.” Tina closed her locker door. “What? When he left you the other night. I want details.” “He came over to apologize for Jeanae. I told him it wasn’t his job and that she would hurt him. Can’t get anything through that skull of his.” “I hope he doesn’t hurt you.” “He won’t. I’m alright with just being friends.” “You sure?” “I’m sure.” “Let’s go. Joe and Brittany are waiting for us.”

Joe drove Tina home and she made herself a sandwich and watched some TV. The phone rang. “Hello?” “Tina. I miss you so much.” “Hi Ashley. How are you?” “Ok. How are things in Chicago?” “Good. I have a date this Friday.” “Is he good looking?” “Yeah, he has blue eyes, tall, light brown hair.” “He sounds cute. What about this Pete guy?” “We are just friends. He’s in college and has a girlfriend.” “You like him?” “Oh my god. Why does everyone say that. He is just a friend.” Ashley laughed. “Yep, you like him.” “Okay, yes I do. Happy?” “No, because you aren’t with him.” “Like I said he has a girlfriend. Can we talk about something else.” “Sure. Danny’s mom asked about you.” “How is she?” “She’s doing better. She misses you. You need to write to her. She considers you like a daughter.” “I know. It’s just so hard. Tell her that I’m thinking of them and will call sometime.” “I will.” Ashley and Tina talked for a little bit and then Tina decided to start some supper.

After supper Tina went upstairs to do some homework. She was reading when her IM went off.

petahpanda: u there?

tinarocker: Yeah

petahpanda: how was your day?

tinarocker: Good. U?

petahpanda: ok. Grounded though. I’m 21 and my parents still ground me. How fucked up is that?

tinarocker: Haha..what did you do?

petahpanda: was out too late last night. They only grounded me for one night so it’s not too bad. I wanted to let you know what happened though. Didn’t want you thinking I was brushing you off.

tinarocker: I wouldn’t think that.

petahpanda: good. Do you like your classes?

tinarocker: Most of them. I really like my music class of course.

petahpanda: meet anyone?

Tina thought about the question. She didn’t know if she should let Pete know about Billy.

tinarocker: Yeah, I did.

petahpanda: so…

petahpanda: you there?

tinarocker: Sorry. His name is Billy. We are going out on Friday.

petahpanda: oh a guy?

tinarocker: Is that a problem?

petahpanda: no

petahpanda: I guess I just didn’t think you would have a boyfriend so soon.


tinarocker: I just met him. What’s your problem?

petahpanda: nothing. I should go.

tinarocker: Don’t you dare. What’s going on, pete?

tinarocker: It’s just a date

tinarocker: And why do I need to explain it to you?

petahpanda: you are right. And you don’t need to explain it. Just looking out for you. I’m sorry. Forgive me again?

tinarocker: Of course.

petahpanda: Is he nice?

tinarocker: Yes, he’s in a lot of my classes.

tinarocker: Pete, I have to go. I’m tired and have to be up early. Can I see you tomorrow?

petahpanda: Sure thing. I’ll be around. I just have one class in the morning. See you then. Sweet dreams.

tinarocker: Have a good night.

Tina signed out and shut down her computer. She got ready for bed and fell asleep right away. The next morning she got up and took a shower and got dressed. She grabbed her messenger bag and went downstairs. “Hi mom.” “Good morning. How did you sleep?” “Good. For the first time in a long time.” Tina’s mom hugged her. “I’m glad. I’m going to have to go. I’m already running late. Your brothers are up. Tell them to have some cereal. See you later.” “Bye.”

A few hours later Tina was at school. Billy was at his locker. “Hi Tina. How are you doing?” “Pretty good. How are you?” “I’m doing alright. I was wondering if you wanted to be partners for science lab?” “Yeah, that will be good. I hate science.” “Don’t say that. You hurt me. Science is my best class.” Tina laughed. “You’re a goof.” “Thank you.” He smiled at her. “Should we get to class?” “Sure.” Tina walked with Billy to class not thinking of Pete for once.
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