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The breath was caught in her lungs…her fingers felt cold and numb…

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The breath was caught in her lungs…her fingers felt cold and numb…

25 hours earlier

‘You’re sure? There’s no other way?’
‘Positive, I’m sorry Theresa. It’s for the greater good.’
‘I know but…’
‘There’s only one way. I am sorry Theresa.’
‘See you Oracle.’

19 hours earlier

‘Theresa you’re doing so well, I’m very pleased!” Persephone cooed over her prized student.
‘Thanks Ms Persephone,’ Theresa said, biting her tongue until she felt a bitter, hot liquid wash over her mouth. ‘It just hurts a bit, that’s all. But I’ll be able to control that soon, right?’
Persephone hesitated.
‘Yes Theresa, you will. Now you should get going, the others will be waiting at the Brownstone.’

5 hours earlier

The throbbing in her head wouldn’t stop…

‘Theresa,’ Jay walked into the room, his footsteps ringing in her heads like gongs. ‘Cronos has been spotted in the abandoned warehouse just outside of town.’
‘The place where we found Polythemis?’
‘Yah,’ he said as he helped her out of bed. ‘Are you gonna be okay?’
His whisper was a cry and his breath felt like a gust of wind against her cheek…
‘Just don’t be too hard on yourself, you know, don’t try to hard to be a hero—’
‘Jay, I’m fine.’ Theresa’s tone was harsh and cold.
Jay backed up and stared into her eyes: they were harsher now and there was something behind them…something he couldn’t see.
‘Jay, Theresa, what are you doing? Cronos won’t wait for us you know!’ Atlanta’s voice hurtled through her head like a comet, crashing and banging against her skull.

30 minutes earlier

The throbbing wouldn’t stop…
‘Let go of him!’
Odie’s feet were dangling above a tank, its steam rising to his face as it slowly purpled.
Herry threw the metal instrument in his hand, not to Cronos, but to Odie. It hit him square in the stomach, sending him flying backwards to the ground twenty feet below.
Atlanta’s voice was heard just above the bubbling molten iron in various pots around the warehouse.
…Something is wrong…
‘No, no, no, no,’ she moaned, falling to the ground and shuddering.
‘Theresa we don’t have time for this now!’ Archie shouted; the echo of his voice in the room was too much…
‘It’s not them I want…’
‘So leave them alone!’ She cried, clutching her head. Her head felt like it would crack open…
‘Make it end…make it end!’ She screamed, noticed by all…
‘Theresa, Theresa!’ Jay was shaking her, his sword clattering to the floor feet away.
‘No, no, don’t you touch me!’
‘Theresa I—ahhh!’
She forced herself to open her eyes, the minimal light in the room entering her conscious…everything was blurry…
There was no noise…nothing at all…
‘You’re all I want…all I need…just give up now and I’ll spare them.’
..A faint heartbeat…
Theresa struggled to her feet…

…10 minutes…

Cronos stood before her, his towering figure with a very fast heartbeat.
Just give up now, it’s useless to try…your power is already mine…
But his lips did not move…
‘I can hear your thoughts,’ she mumbled painfully. ‘Not that it really makes much of a difference, does it?’
Jay was hanging midair, his body unmoving…
‘Put him down gently.’ She ordered.
She could hear the seconds pass slowly.


‘As you wish,’ Cronos’ hand waved overhead and Jay fell to the floor, groaning.
‘Don’t Theresa…’ he breathed, his body shuddering. ‘Don’t give in…’
She stepped away, running to his now motionless figure.
‘Oh come now Theresa, once you surrender he shall awake,’ Cronos laughed.
‘Jay,’ she lightly shook his body. He was cold.
Tears rippled down her cheeks, sounding like waves crashing against the floor as they fell.
‘The Oracle has never been wrong,’ Theresa stood, her fists clenched and jaw tight. ‘Shame, huh?’
‘And how’s that?’ Cronos cackled, a slight edge to his voice.
‘It’s for the greater good, he said.’ Theresa slowly walked forwards until she was only feet away from him…the man who she would bring down.
Cronos’ scythe was raised, ready to fall and she was walking, awaiting death.

…2 minutes…

One more step…and she was nose to nose with him. Hearts were beating quickly. She heard Jay’s.
‘I surrender.’
Jay awoke.
‘No!’ His cry filled the room.
The scythe fell, plunging itself into her, deep and clean.

…1 minute…

The breath was caught in her lungs…her fingers felt cold and numb…
She felt like stone, motionless and cold.
‘Not everything is meant to be easy,’ she shuddered, raising her hands to his temple. She pulled them together…
The lights flickered out.
Screams erupted from the corners of the room. Burning like dry ice. Burning like fire. Everything burned. Cronos’ cries filled her ears the most. He was feeling his end, and her hers.

…40 seconds…

Electricity poured from her fingertips into his mind and brain. Fire exploded into his blood. Ice washed away his flesh. It burned off him, as if the ghosts and soul he killed were pulling at every inch of him that they could get.

…30 seconds…

Then his mind went blank.
‘This is not over,’ he growled, as he slowly fell back.
‘Yes, it is.’
Theresa watched him fall into the pot of molten iron. His bones sizzled and his blood was on her hands and chest. She slowly pulled the scythe from her chest, her blood exiting along with it.

…25 seconds…

She hit the ground, the air escaping from her lungs. Figures were running towards her. The noises were fading.

…20 seconds…

‘Theresa, no, no, don’t go, please!’ Jay was holding her, salty tears entering her open chest. ‘Please, I love you! You can’t leave! No, no, no…’
‘Jay,’ her last words…
He looked into her eyes…

…14 seconds…

They were not cold and harsh.
‘You didn’t have to be a hero,’ he whispered, tears flowing freely.
They were calm and serene. They were like the first day of spring.
‘You didn’t have to be—’
‘I did.’
‘No, you, you didn’t, you—’


‘I love you,’


He leaned in, her lips slowly fading…


Their kiss was the last…
‘I love you…’


Her lips stopped moving.


Jay backed up.
Her eyes were blank.
The memory of their last kiss suspended in a serene smile on her lips. Her last whisper was floating in his mind. Her eyes were staring into his.
People were running.
Cronos was dead. He got what he deserved.
But Theresa didn’t.

‘Not everything is meant to be easy’

‘It does not do well…
To dwell on dreams…
And forget to live.’
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