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The Ghost of You

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Gerard is being haunted by a dead artschool student...can he help figure out what happened to her?

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Disclamer:everything in this story is false and I do not own anyone from MCR or and my friends are still going to work on A FRENCH KIDNAPPING this is just a solo project I'm trying I hope you like it :)

Dream Sequence:

I saw her standing in front of me in line her shiny shoulder length jet black hair kept getting in her eyes and she was weeping softly as the line progressed. What little makeup she had on was running down her face. I don't know why but I felt like I knew her...felt like I was responsible for her pain and that I should do some thing...any thing to make it go away. So I turn her around. I look at her...she's a little taller than me and she's wearing one of my t shirts and black skinny jeans. I kiss her and I can feel a smile spreading across her face. “What was that for?” she asks still smiling. “I don't know you just looked like you needed one” I said. “Hey aren't you-” “Yes I'm Gerard Way I go to Star Bucks too... you looked upset so I-” she smiles again and wipes more tears away. “What I was going to said was aren't you married to Lyn z from MSI? I like you music and I like Mindless Self Indulgence and I'm not the-” “She left me about five weeks ago actually” “Oh...I'm sorry I guess lots of people try to end relation ships” “Is that what you’re upset about?” I asked. “No it's more complicated then that” she said her hair getting in her face again hiding the fresh tears I probably caused. “Hey I'll buy you a coffee and we can talk outside ok” “Sure” she said then she grabs her purse. I got her a White Mocha and we sat down and started to talk. Well she talked. “My name’s Samantha and I go to art school here that’s were I met Jake” The minute she said his name her whole body shook with fear. “He was so nice at sweet and he had amazing talent he used to draw me during class and his sketches were so beautiful. Then we started going out...that's when things changed. Every time I went out I had to tell him where I was going...he checked my phone calls and emails and went I called him on it he screamed at me and-” she started crying again “It's ok” I said. “You know I've told more to someone I don't even know then to my friends or family” “It's ok, please continue” She told me that she tried
to leave Jake and when he found out he hit her. Then she showed me this disgusting purple bruise under her rib. The bruise turned blood red And…

I'm awake now (I think):

I woke up next to Lyn z. “You were talking in your sleep again”she said. “I had the dream again.” “The one about the girl you
thought you met.” she asked. “Yeah, I found out her name is Samantha and she had a problem with someone.” “Well at least you found out her name last time you just saw her face” she said. “I think I've got a time was five weeks after we split” “Well we're back together now” she growled angrily “I know I just want to find out why I keep having these dreams”. “I don't know all I know is I have to catch a plane in ten minutes and I'm not even dressed yet” she said. “Well have fun in Europe....again” “Why aren't you going?” she asked jamming her self into a shirt and jeans. “The band's off and I just don't feel like tagging along with your band” “ok well get some rest and I hope the dreams go away.” Me too Lyn z I thought. Me too. “Have fun sweetheart” She said. “Bye.” “Bye Gerard...” I had the house to myself and nothing to do. Normally I'd
call Frank but I decided to watch T.V instead. Then I heard something. “I'm sorry” “Whose there” I said. “I'm sorry...I'm sorry you keep dreaming those awful things about me but your the only one that can help....please help me” then I heard soft weeping like before. “Samantha?” I shouted, “Samantha....Sam- oh god...”

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