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Freaky Wednesday

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What happens when Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakshi swich bodies?

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Horror - Characters: Ino, Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/01/20 - Updated: 2006/01/20 - 1365 words - Complete

"It's a beautiful Wednesday morning. All you little ninja's get your butt out of bed and go join the fair. The downtown area is bustling with excitement, well if your not there then your square, you obtuse, you a triangle..." The radio announcer continued talking and naming a few more shapes. The radio was so loud that the speakers were practically bursting, yet the young blondish boy in the bed refused to move. He almost looked dead.
"NARRRRUUUTO! GET OUT OF BED. COME ON THERE'S A FAIR ON! NARUUUTO!" The small boy got up out of his bed and stumbled to the window.
"What do you want?"
"You're ganna miss the festival. Come on, I'll meet you at the ramen stand with Sasuke. Ok?"
"Sure." He walked over to the bathroom, a couple of minutes later he walked out and got dress. The last thing that he put into his hair was a headband that had a very strange leaf symbol on the middle" ." As he walked down the stairs he was mumbling to himself about something to do with "kill that stupid pretty boy and the fact that Sakura liking him so much (and the rest of the female population) doesn't make him so great," but that's all beside the point. As he stomped to the ramen stand he notice that Sasuke was walking near him, he picked up his speed and so did Sasuke, soon enough they where running with a giant cloud of smoke behind them, shoulder to shoulder.
Both of them had run directly into Sakura and Master Kakashi. All of their headbands had flown into the air and landed on the wrong person's head. (Shut Up, just because it completely defies all the laws of physics that I know of doesn't mean that it could not happen, this is FICTION!)
When Naruto woke up there was a large mass of pink in front of his eyes. For a second he thought that it was Sakura that had fallen on him but when he brushed it to the side it came back.
"Sakura get your hair out of my eyes," but as he said this he realized two things, 1)He had Sakura's voice and 2)HIS body was on the other side of the road yelling at him.
"Naruto, why are you in my body? GIVE IT BACK! I WANT MY BODY BACK!"
"Wait you are me I'm you and you're me, then who are they?" Naruto looked puzzled as he said this but soon enough his question was answered.
"SASUKE!" Sakura was shaking Sasuke's body but the person that responded was not who she was holding.
"I'm over here," Kakashi's body sat up.
"Master Kakashi is that you?" she looked at Sasuke's body.
"Yea I guess."
For those few who are confused, and you are out there don't deny it! I know who you are this is a small chart that might seem useful


"What the hell happened?" They all looked at Naruto.
"What? I didn't do that. I'm just as clueless as you are. Come on."
"What the hell happened, obviously someone did something while we were sleeping. The first thing that we should do look around the area for some kind of trick or something like that. "
"What the hell dose that mean?" said Naruto
"Well got any better idea than this? Come on you and Sakura look over there and me and Kakashi will look over here." The two groups looked around on the sides of the road.
"Naruto are you sure that you didn't do this? I mean you are the one who would play a joke like this on people, like Sasuke, are you sure?" Sakura turned to him to get a response, but he was gone.
"Sakura look up here," he was pointing to a squirrel eating a small piece of plastic on one of the branches near him, "I think that he had something to do with this lets follow."
"Naruto wait I was asking you some..."but before she could finish her sentence he was off in the distance chasing the "guilty" squirrel. "Naruto you stupid ass, like you could even be smart enough to get a plan like this to happen I mean come on." She mumbled to herself as she stumbled out of the bushes.
Meanwhile Sasuke and Kakashi were not doing any better, while Sasuke was not looking Kakashi (thought to be Sasuke) was kidnapped by Ino, another girl in the village who happened to like Sasuke, and force to go on many, many, many, rides. Sasuke was wondering and he ran into Sakura.
"Any luck?" He said.
"None at all, and I lost Naruto. What about you?"
"Nothing, I don't really know what we are looking for any way. Well there's no reason to give up, let's look together."
There was a sudden glisten in Sakura's eyes "Ok." They walked around and started to look around in the woods.
Meanwhile on the great squirrel hunt, Naruto had lost track of the squirrel and had stopped on a small rock on the side of the road.
"Psst. Yo Sakura"
"You mean me?" There seemed to be a bush talking to him. "Uhhh Mr. Bush I'm not who you think I am you are look...." But suddenly the bush grew a hand and pulled him into it. There was a small girl in the bush, she looked about the age of Sakura and had a small bag next to her.
"Did you get the stuff for tonight?" Naruto was still trying to understand that he was in the bush, "Hello....Sakura....?"
"Well ummmm....." but suddenly a girl looked out of the bush and ran away. While Naruto was thinking about the things that happened he started walking out of the bush and ran into Sasuke.
"Geeze Naruto, watch your step, did you find anything out that might be useful?"
"Well ummm," he looked to see if Sakura was in ear shot, " I think that Sakura is in a cult." And then there was silence....
Naruto and Sasuke walked back to Sakura (with caution) and then started to look for Kakashi. About 20 minutes of searching they saw him stumbling oust of the crowed. His face was a light tint of green and he had red blotches all over his face. By the time that he got closer they saw that the red blotches were lipstick marks.
"It seems that your friend Ino mistook me for you Sasuke. She's very forceful when she means to be. Did anyone figure anything that they could do? Any idea?"
"Ahhh...What? I was distracted by the color of your face." Sasuke and Sakura both looked at Naruto, "What? You were all thinking it."
"Well in the blur of blonde and blue that I just experience I saw something, follow me." They all followed Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke kept a distance from Sakura, she had a confused look on her face, but she just seemed to ignore them.
"Ok where here>"
"Where?" Sakura Asked.
"Here," Kakashi pointed to a box labeled:


"Right that's not obvious at did we not figure this out? I mean really!" Said Naruto.
"Let's just put the old headbands on come on their over next to the crate." Sakura walked over the headbands and handed them out to everyone.
"I got my body back! I got my body back!"
"That's very great Sakura but can I please have my CLOTHES back." Naruto was standing on the side of the road and holding up two branched to cover him, "I don't really like a dress, though it does give and breeze." She looked at Naruto, he was wearing her dress and Sakura noticing that she was wearing Naruto's clothing looked at Kakashi. He Sasuke and saw that Sasuke's clothes were way to big and Kakshi's were way to small. After some wardrobe changes they all were back to there Normal selves.
"So Naruto, I guess I understand what it's like to be you, what about you?" Sakura Asked.
"Well I only have one question."
"Are you in a cult?"
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