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The Future of My Mistake

by Esbee 3 reviews

Piper reflects on her youngest son in all his forms. Told in Piper's POV.

Category: Charmed - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Chris, Piper - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-01-20 - Updated: 2006-01-21 - 411 words - Complete

DISCLAIMER: The show Charmed belongs to Aaron Spelling, Brad Kern, Contance Burges, and other such people. I do not, repeat, DO NOT own the show. This work is not related, and I make no profit from this work. This is merely a small little story done for fun, and no gain whatsoever.

We screwed up.

That one thought ran through my mind with an intensity and clarity that no other has before. We. Screwed. Up. We ran from the truth at every turn. We moved on with our lives and forgot everything a neurotic young man with sparkling green eyes had taught us. We forgot every warning, every demon hunt, every obsessive late-night look at the Book of Shadows.

We forgot him.

It wasn't a choice, really. It just happened. He just faded away, just as his body had. Maybe even as his body slowly dissolved. A beast called Denial floated through the house for months, eating every word, every breath, every thought that dared to dedicate itself to him, to his memory. It was so much easier to just ignore it. To forego the pain and believe only in the small little infant in the crib upstairs, the only piece of him left. But if that beast swallowed the man, what creature swallowed the child? When did the baby transform from all that was left into the thing with a diaper that I couldn't be concerned about? No, not with Wyatt's play. Too busy. Paige will handle it, or Phoebe, or Leo.

When did that become the stubborn six year-old with a talent for trouble? And that the adolescent who made his room his fortress? And that the sullen teenager who could barely speak a word to me without starting an argument?

And when, oh when, did that sulking teen become -

One flick of the wrist. One small telekinetic movement, and she was dead. It wasn't even satisfying. A few lonely seconds in time that couldn't begin to compete with a lifetime of that loneliness. He stood over her, gazing into once-warm brown eyes that he had never really seen and will never see again. He had heard his last thoughts in his mind with an ability that he had never asked for, that had made so many years of his life within the walls of the Halliwell Manor a living hell.

This time was no different.

You didn't screw up, Mom, Chris thought, knowing it meant nothing. I did.
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