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So where did Atlanta and Theresa go? well the boys obviously dont know ..

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Author's note : Ok well this is chapter 3 everyone. i hope its good .. well because its christmas im gonna make it into a Christmassy kinda next few chapters.. if that even made sceince. anyway i didnt want to leave you guys hanging (like i always do) so im updating right now. you guys better like it or else i will kill you in your sleep with your pillow =) .

disclaimer: i dont own class of the titans .

chapter .. 3

"What is it Odie?" Jay asked worried.

".. um .. just come." Odie said strangely.

Jay and Archie fallowed Odie up the stairs to go to the top of the roof. (that was alot of o's.. =)) When they got up there, they were really shock because of what they found. Odie pointed over to Atlanta's and Theresa's clothing.

"So.. do you guys know anything about this?" Odie asked almost laughing.

"........................................... um .. so the girls are walking around naked????" Archie asked surprised.

"wow, even their underwear and bras are here... well where did they go .. naked?" Jay asked them confused.

"ok.. well should we look for them .. or what should we do?????" Archie asked awkwardly.

"I guess .. lets go check their rooms." Jay replied.

"Ok, well im going to my room if you need me. Tell me if you find them." Odie said walking away laughing.

Jay and Archie grabbed the girls clothes and went back down into the dorm. They walked to Atlanta's room first. They knocked on her door, but there was no answer so they knocked again, but still no answer. Archie open her door.

"Atlanta .. you in there?" Archie asked.

But there was no answer. He looked in but she wasnt there. So they went over to Theresa's room, thinking that maybe they are both in there. They knocked on the door. No one answered, But the second time they knocked they heard barking coming from in the room. So this time Jay open the door.

"Theresa..?" Jay called.

He swung the door wide open and on the bed was Atlanta and Theresa.. or Autumn and Sophie. They both barked at them.

".. well where are they then? They couldnt have gone shopping, because they went straight home from training." Jay told Archie.

The guys were starting to get really worried now.

"I bet it was Cronus!" Jay yelled.

They had a meeting with all of the guys, even Theresa and Atlanta went to it. They told Neil and Herry that they had found the girls clothing on the roof. Atlanta's and Theresa's noses went red again.

"So they're missing and naked?" Neil asked with seemingly no interest.

"Yeah and we've got to find them." Jay told them. "I think Cronus is behind this."

"Yeah but where do we look?" Herry asked.

"Well maybe the gods should know about this." Archie added. "Maybe we should go tell them about what happened."

"OK! Lets go!" Jay said heading for the door.

They piled into the car and drove off. Leaving Atlanta and Theresa stranded.

"UMMMM... well maybe i should run after them?" Atlanta barked to Theresa.

"Well i guess i could wait here .. yeah you should go maybe they will figure out that we are dogs." Theresa barked.

Atlanta pawed the door open and ran super fast down the street to the school.


AT the school

The guys were just getting out of the car when Atlanta came running normal speed up to them.

"What are you doing here dog?" Archie asked. "Neil wait outside with Autumn for me ok?"

"why me??" Neil whined.

"Because you care the least that the girls are missing." Jay told him.

"Great... " Neil mumbled.

The guys went into the school while Neil stayed outside with Atlanta. Atlanta tried to go in with the guys but when Archie pushed her out she started whining.

"Oh, shut up dog!!" Neil yelled at Atlanta. "You whine more than me!!"

Atlanta barked at Neil and made him jump, then she took off running.


Inside the school

The boys had just finished telling Hera about what had happen that day, except they didnt tell her about finding any dogs.

"Hmmm .. it sounds like Cronus .. but i really have no idea about this." Hera told them. "This is serious and well look for them but its getting late so you should probably go home and rest."

The boys were walking back from the janitors closet, while Archie was getting angry.

"How can we just go home! The girls are out there somewhere, maybe they got up ducted!!!" Archie yelled. "Cronus could be doing something weird to Atlanta!!"

Right after he said that, he paused.

"I mean to Atlanta and Theresa." He said quickly.

"You are so in to her Archie." Herry said laughing.

When they reached the door Archie got even more angry, when he found out that his dog was gone.

"Neil! Why do i trust anything with you!!" He yelled.


Back at the dorm..

Atlanta was back home with Theresa, and they were sitting on the couch watching TV, Eating cereal that they had poured all over the place. When the door opened and the guys walked in they just ignored the dogs, except for Archie, who had thought that Atlanta had run away. But he just patted her on the head. Odie, Herry and Neil were making themselves supper, it was late but they had missed out on supper. Jay and Archie just went upstairs into their rooms. Theresa and Atlanta looked at each other and then ran upstairs after the boys.


Theresa pawed Jay's door open and Atlanta did the same with Archie's door. Jay was sitting on his bed with his hands in his hands not caring who was coming in. Theresa pushed the door close, and went over and started licking Jay's hands and face. He sat up and looked at Theresa and scratched her head.

"What am i going to do with out her?" Jay mumbled.

He decided to just go to bed. He stood up, and took off his shirt.

"OH wow hes so hot!" Theresa thought as she watched him.

Then he took off his jeans.

"Omg, he sleeps in his boxers!!!!!!!" Theresa thought almost drooling.

Jay got in bed and then he look down at Theresa, and patted the bed telling her to jump up beside him. And well duh, of course she did. He laid there with Theresa's head on his chest.

"I love her .." Jay mumbled watching Theresa.

Right then Theresa wanted to kiss him, but it would just end up being a wet doggie kiss, not one that meant anything...


Atlanta walked into Archie's room, where he was punching the wall. When he looked to see who it was hoping it was Atlanta, and then seeing it wasnt, he just kept punching the wall. Atlanta saw his had getting a reddish purple colour, so she started whining at him. He looked down and lowered his arm, she went over to him and started licking his hand. He bent down and looked into her eyes and thought the dog reminded him of Atlanta. He walked over to his bed and started taking off his shirt. Atlanta couldnt take her eyes off of him for some reason. And then he took off his shorts, into his boxers.

"... OMG! i'm checking out my best friend .. " She thought.

Archie laid on his bed and patted some bed beside him. She jumped up and laid her head on his chest, thinking.

"i dunno why i feel like this, .. i sorta feel shy about this, .. but i dont want this moment to end ... " Atlanta thought.

"I wont let anything happen to her.. but what if .. no shes all right .. and when i find her i will tell her how i feel." Archie told himself.

But Atlanta laid there wondering.

"How does he feel about me?" She wondered.


Author's note : yeah so that one is long? maybe for my chapters. haha i dunno. well ill be working on chapter 4 soon!

ba bye;
GrimCameron .. =)
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