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Chapter 3

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We walked up on the Land of Waves, and Amaya ooohed. "Ooooh, this place is so pretty!" She exclaimed, running into the village.

I looked up at the sign on the bridge, The Great Naruto Bridge huh? Interesting. I thought, walking in after Suigetsu.

We walked up on the graves, "Ha, there it is!" Suigetsu exclaimed, grabbing the sword from the cross.

"Sasuke, doesn't that belong to that dead guy?" Amaya asked from next to me.

"It did."

"I still think it's wrong."

"That's nice."

"Sheesh! You are so mean to me."

"Yea," I admitted, making her whine some more. I ignored her though, and she knew that, so she climbed on my back, got comfortable, and stopped talking.

"What is she doing?" Suigetsu asked, eyeing Amaya.

"It's what she does when I ignore her, or make her mad, she'll get off in a little bit." I assured him, and casually walked away, heading for the exit of the village.

Eventually, we reached our destination, and Amaya climbed off of my back.

"So, it is true, that you killed Orochimaru," a girl's voice came from the front door of the establishment.

Amaya was uneasy about being in Orochimaru's territory, so she jumped at the sound of the voice.

"Karin, come with us," I sighed, hoping she'd just oblige and we'd be out of there.

"Why should I?" She asked, revealing herself from behind the shadows.

"Are clothes like a foreign thing to these people?" Amaya whispered in my ear, motioning to Karin's extremely revealing clothing. I had to admit, it was kinda gross, she really didn't have anthing to reveal, so her outfit was unnecessary.

"Phew, I thought you had the same boots as me for a second! I was gonna burn them!" Amaya sighed in relief, looking at her boots.

"What was that!?" Karin growled, looking at Amaya.

"I'll get her to come with us, if it's that important." Amaya whispered, walking over to Karin.

"What do you want?" Karin hissed at Amaya, who ignored her question.

"You know, it is a shame that you don't want to come." She wrapped her arm around my neck, "Oh well, I guess I get Sasuke all to myself."

Karin put on a look of pure hatred, and directed it at Amaya, "I changed my mind, I want to come."

Amaya smirked, and let me go, "Oh, and Karin, there's a spider on your back."

Karin looked at her back, well sort of, and indeed, there was a big spider crawling on her back. I recognised the spider as Kumo, one of the spiders Amaya summons frequently. She was huge, but not the biggest, I stifled a laugh.

Karin, on the other hand, didn't know that, and she went beserk. "AHHH GET IT OFF!!" She screamed, running around like crazy. Amaya slipped into the prison to free the people kept in there, avoiding my harsh gaze.

After the spider disappeared, and all the people were free, we set out for Juugo.

"Who's next on our list?" Karin asked, glaring at Suigetsu, who wanted a break.

"Juugo." I answered, not even looking at her, but looking at Amaya, who was playing with some spider web off to the side.

"Why would you want to get him? He's dangerous." She tried to change my mind, "He has spurts of energy when his cruse mark just activates, and he has an insatiable appetite for killing."

It didn't matter much to me, though, "Come Amaya, we're heading out." I called to her.

"Alright! Hold on just one second." She called back, throwing her web, and dusting off her black dress. In a minute, she was next to me, "Let's go!"

Karin didn't like this, "Why do you always hang on Sasuke, I bet he hates it."

"Why don't you put a sock in it, we all know you wish you were Amaya, but if anyone is getting closer to Sasuke than her, it's me, another of my mentors works with Itachi, so I'll be able to kill him." Suigetsu spoke up, standing up, "And it doesn't look he's complaining any."

Amaya nodded, and started walking without us. We caught up quickly, and walked in relative silence, except for Suigetsu complaining that we were doing too much walking and Karin yelling at him.

"You know if we go to the North Hideout, we'll be dead the second we walk in." Karin Hmphed, looking sternly at us.

"It's not that bad, I lived there for a while." Amaya put her hands on her hips.

"That place, was the main site for human experimentation, it's full of horrible monsters."

"Not all of those people are horrible."

We sat down, "I heard Juugo went to Orochimaru of his own free will, which tells me how crazy he was." Suigetsu slurped at our water.

Amaya looked at me, "Well, think about it, why would he come to Orochimaru on his own?"

"I don't know, because he's retarded?" Suigetsu asked Karin.

Everyone looked at him, as if he was stupid, "What?" He asked, apparently not getting it.

"He wanted a cure." Amaya stated, looking at the ground.

"A cure..?" Suigetsu asked her, definitly not getting it.

"Yea, he thought of my dad's hideout as a clinic."

"So Juugo wanted to go into rehab?"

"He was just like a junkie, totally unable to beat the problem himself." When she realized he wasn't getting it she added, "he wanted to surpress his wild urges to kill."

"Heh, so he's a nutjob who got off on killing people."

"No, although abnormal, he was usually able to restrain himself, but eventually he would snap, forget who he was, and turn into a murderous, raging demon."

"Wow, really? He didn't do anything like that when we fought."

"Juugo's "ability" caught my dad's eye, and he used Juugo's blood to culture a special enzyme, that would induce normal shinobi to enter a similar state," She rubbed her ankle, where her curse mark was, "Do you know what I'm talking about yet? That "state" is the cursed seal! Juugo is it's origin, it's source."

After that tidbit of information, we started walking again, and when the hideout came into view, Suigetsu and Amaya sat down, "Phew, time for a break."

"Get up! We're practically there!" Karin yelled at them.

"Shut your mouth for once, Karin, would ya?" Amaya asked, sheilding her eyes from the sun.

Karin turned her attention to Suigetsu, "It's that huge sword isn't it? Drop it, and let's get going!"

"Guys." I stated, looking ahead.

There was a man, laying face down in the ground, Amaya was the first over there. "He came from the North Hideout, he's still alive."

I looked at him, "What happened?"

"Uchiha Sasuke? Please save us."

"What happened to you?" Suigetsu asked.

"It started when we found out Orochimaru was dead, our captives started a riot....At this rate..." That was all he got out before he died.

Amaya's hand turned the familiar sickly green color, and she put it over his heart. She closed her eyes, that meant that she was concentrating, but of course, Suigetsu had to say something, "Ahh crap, he died."

Amaya growled, "Crap! I almost had him!!" She droped the guy, and stomped over to Suigetsu, who was backing up with each step she took.

Then there was a loud crash, a man, obviously with the level-two curse mark activated.


"What the heck is that thing?" Suigetsu asked.

"A level two curse seal transformation." Amaya answered, still glaring at Suigetsu

I just looked at him, while Karin stared at me, not saying anything. In a second, I had cut through the man, knocking him out, "The North Hideout is up there, hurry up and help me find Juugo." Is all I said while sheathing my sword.

We walked up to the hideout, "The guards, they're all dead.." Karin observed, looking into a large crowd of people, their level two cursed seals activated.

"Hoo boy, how are we supposed to know which one is Juugo? Sasuke..."

"Karin, is Juugo in there somewhere?" I asked, looking straight at her.

"Yea, Yea, give me a second!" She yelled, focusing her chakra, "No." She confirmed.

"...Meaning we can go nuts on these guys.." Suigetsu smirked, fingering his sword.

"Don't attack their vital points." I told them.

"Haha. You're such a leaf ninja man, you should've killed that other guy."

"Amaya, stay back, I don't want you fighting this time" I told her, and she nodded. If she fought, there would be alot of blood shed, and I didn't need that. Why? Because her father was a bastard and experimented way too much, making his daughter very unstable, just a little blood on her hands will set her off, "Let's go." I told the others.

Eventually, we knocked out every single prisoner, "Wheeeew." Suigetsu whispered, leaning on his sword. I sheathed my own, and looked to Amaya, who was rocking back and forth, her knees drawn against her chest, eyes wide, covered in blood.

Crap. I thought walking towards her.

"Are you ok?" I asked, kneeling down next to her.

She shook her head, "Not really."

"Did you.."

"Yes." She answered me in a whisper, already knowing my question.

"I found the keys!" Karin called from a room, "Whoa, what happened to her?" She asked, actually looking like she cared. She knelt down next to Amaya, and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch her." I ordered sternly, as Amaya flinched under Karin's hand, "She's unstable at this moment, it would be a bad idea to scare her," I turned my attention back to Amaya, "I'm going to carry you the rest of the way, is that ok?" I asked, and, like always, she nodded.

I stood, and she shakily followed. She climbed onto my back, and wrapped her arms around me.

"Lead the way, Karin." I told her.

"Why are you doing this Sasuke?!" She yelled, making Amaya flinch and grip my shirt tighter.

"Just find him would ya? You're always bragging about your ability, use it!" Suigetsu yelled, making Amaya whimper.

I glared at both of them, and Karin focused her chakra, "This way," She pointed down a hallway.

"Finally," Suigetsu whispered.

"Don't.....That's not the way.." Amaya whispered in my ear.

"Stop Suigetsu." I called, glaring at Karin.

"What? Why?" Suigetsu asked, looking back.

"That's not the right way." I answered, looking back at Amaya, who was shaking.

"Forward," she whispered, burying her head in my back.

We walked forward, Karin sent glares at Amaya. I was glad Amaya hadn't noticed.

We came to a door, locked, and two locked chains across it. "Is this it?"

"Yeah, Juugo's in here." Karin answered.

She unlocked all the locks on the door, she went to open the door, "I'll go in Karin," I interupted her, setting Amaya down.

"Be careful." She whispered, looking down.

I nodded, and walked over to the door. "Stand back." I whispered, pulling the door open slowly.

I peaked in and he yelled, "Jackpot! YOU'RE DEAD!!" He charged at me, and I readied for the attack.

"Watch out!" I heard Karin yell.

His curse mark out, he pushed me into a wall, and it would've hurt, had I not activated level two of my curse seal. "Not another copy of me!" He yelled, looking my arm over, "This one's pretty tough, he can even do partial transformations!" He yelled.

"I did not come here to fight, I need to discuss something with, you Juugo, that's all."

"You're strong, as strong as that other copy, Kimimaru!" He yelled, charging again.

A familiar sword stopped him in his tracks though, "It's time that stops." Suigetsu yawned.

"I'll take care of him, Sasuke, and Karin, you're next." I looked back at Amaya, who was shaking horribly.


"We didn't come here to fight, just let me talk to him," I pressed.

"Words don't really register with this guy. You have to make him listen with force." He answered back, looking at Amaya as well.

"Oh Yeah! Now I remember! You're Suigetsu!!" He yelled, charging at him, they fought for a minute, and Amaya got more and more shakey.

"That's enough you two!!" I yelled, but they didn't listen.

In a desparate attempt to stop them, and calm Amaya down, I caught them both with snakes. "How about I kill both of you?" I asked, royally pissed. They stopped, freaked out, and my snakes slithered back up my sleeve.

Juugo's curse mark receeded, and he looked around, and ran back into his cell, "Lock the door!" He screamed from inside.

"Juugo, I came here to free you, come with me."

"I don't wanna kill people anymore!!! Don't make me go outside! Just leave me alone please!!!!" He screamed back.

"I could start killing at any time! Please lock me back in!!"

"SHUT UP!!" We all looked at Amaya, who was standing, a merderous look in her eye, her curse mark all over her body.

What do I do now?!

"What's wrong?" Suigetsu asked, walking over to her.

She smacked him away, and he hit the wall. Hard. It didn't look like she cared though, and she turned into paper, another thing her father did to her, and floated under the door. I made no attempt the stop her, knowing there was no way.

"What are you doing!!? I could kill you!" Juugo yelled from inside.

~~Amaya's P.O.V.~~

When I got inside the cell, my curse mark calmed, and I felt normal, except for the fact that I was covered in blood, but that was the least of my worries.

"Get out!" I heard Juugo yell, throwing a punch at me.

"Whoa there!" I yelled, scurrying up the wall.

He tried to reach me, and he would probably hurt me in about six ways, but I was on the ceiling.

"Get down here!" He yelled, jumping up, trying to reach me.

"Whoa there big boy!" I yelled, laying against the wall.

"What do you want from me?" He asked.

"I want you to come with us, it'll be fun!"

"But nobody can calm my urges--"

"Sasuke can, trust me!"


"Yup. Uchiha Sasuke."

He stopped, and thought about something, but after a minute he nodded, "Fine, I'll go with you, but only if Sasuke can calm my urges like you say."

"Don't worry about it!" I assured him, and the door opened.

~~Sasuke's P.O.V.~~

I panicked when the room when quiet. I didn't show it, but I was very worried. "Do you think she's ok, I felt her chakra calm," Karin asked, looking at the door.

Suddenly, it opened, but no one came out, until I saw Amaya scurry out from the top of the door. "Say hello to Juugo!" She giggled from the ceiling above me.

She jumped down and walked back into the cell, "Come on, they won't hurt you...Unless they decide to hurt you."

I sweatdropped, She's too good at that.

Then, they walked out of the cell, Amaya smiled, flashing her fangs.

"How did you do that?" Karin asked.

"What?" Amaya asked, leaning against me.

"The way you were on the ceiling, and getting him to come with us."

"Do you mean this?" She asked, climbing up the wall like a spider would.

"YES!" She yelled up at her.

"Oh, well, let's just say, Daddy liked to experiment...alot."
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