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Ladies and Gentleman, I Give to You the Next Ruler of Halloweenland! Ch. 03

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Luna and Jet get buuuuuuusted

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"Yes, sir. Not one inch difference in any of our heights." Seamus says.

"Here's your lunch, Jet." Luna says, tossing the thermos through the air to Jet.

"Thanks, Lu."

"No problem. Muriel, pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me that's your ham and potato stew I can smell."

"It is indeed, Luna m'dear."

"Cha-Ching! I wish you could eat this stuff, it is amazing!" Luna says excitedly to Jet.

"I'll take your word for it." Jet says.

Muriel, with Seamus's help brings the big cauldron of her ham and potato stew out into the garden and after putting some in bowls for herself and her husband, and Luna Muriel hands a spoon to Luna.

"Dig in, my dear and feel free to help yourself to more." Muriel says.

"Trust me, I will." Luna says through a mouthful of stew.

For an hour, Luna and Jet sit in Seamus and Muriel's garden and eat lunch. Well, Luna eats the food, Jet sips from his thermos.

"Well, we'd better be getting back to Halloweenland before our parents find out we left the world." Luna says standing up.

"Right, we don't want you to be gettin' into any trouble now. You two come back anytime." Seamus says.

"Thanks." Jet says.

"Yeah and thanks for the meal. The food was excellent as it always is." Luna says.

"Good to hear someone likes me cooking." Muriel says, glowering at Seamus. Smiling, Jet and Luna walk away toward the door, the sounds of Muriel and Seamus' playful bickering reaching them.

"This was definitely the best day I've ever had bunking off of school. Thanks Lu." Jet says as Luna opens the door.

"Maybe I'll take you to the others sometime, I think you'd like them a lot."

"That'd be pretty sweet. Ladies first." Jet says, opening the door and waving Luna through.

"Thank you." Luna steps into the tunnnel and she and Jet walk through side by side. And they emerge from the door one after the other.

Both of them also see the thing they don't wanna see at the same time.

"Oh shit." Luna and Jet say.

"Oh shit is right." Jack says, not looking at all happy.

"We're in trouble, aren't we?" Jet says.

"Yes, you are."

Jet and Luna looked at each other and they both knew what was in store: the lecture and then the grounding.

"Let's go get our bags then." Luna says. Jet follows her and they retrieve their bags from the tree trunk.

"Come on, I borrowed the Mayor's hearse, it's this way." Jack says, still looking quite surly and p.o.'ed.

Silently, the three of them walk through the woods and Jet and Luna get into the back of the hearse without a word whilst Jack gets into the driver's seat and drives back into town, dropping Jet off at his front door and returning him to parents that don't look very happy.

And Jack says nothing to Luna as he drive's the hearse back to the Mayor's residence. He also says nothing on the walk back to the house.

It is once they get inside the house and Luna is frog-marched into the front parlor, she knows she is going to get it.

Sally is sitting in what Luna and her brothers and sisters had come to call 'The Discipline Chair' and they all knew that if Sally was sitting in that chair, they were in trouble.

"Desdemona Luna Thorne Skellington, what on earth were you thinking?"

"Uh, I wanted to have some fun rather then sit in a stuffy classroom all day."

"Luna, you cannot do that." Jack says, going to stand behind Sally.

"And why not dad?"

"Because Luna, school is important, you should not be skipping it and you have certain responsibilites-"

"Of course, play that card on me. Because you alwaaaaays do."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sally says.

"You have certain responsibilities this, you have certain responsibilities that, you're the daughter of the Pumpkin King you have to act a certain way. I am so sick of having to live up to this, this, facade, this shell that I have to act like the perfect daughter to you guys because of what dad does for a living! I never get to do anything for myself and the only thing I did was skip one, stinking, stupid day of school, which I've never done before, and go and see some friends in St.Patrick's Day and what happens? You two act like I committed a fucking huge crime! I did nothing wrong but you're both treating me like I did and I am fucking sick of having to live up to this one little image that is not even who I am! But nooooooo, image is everything to the two of you! So screw your youngest child, we have to look like what the people of Halloweenland should look like."

Luna turns tail and runs up all the staircases to her room, slamming the door and locking it. As with any teenager who is emotional and really pissed off at her parents, Luna throws a CD of loud, angry music into her stereo turns up the volume, dives onto her bed, sticks her her head under her pillow and screams her lungs out.

~A long time later~

"Huh? Gefuggley?" Luna says stupidly, pulling her head out from under her window.




Luna looks in the direction of her window.


Who in the hell is throwing rocks at my window?

Luna gets out of bed, pushing her hair away from her face and goes to her window and opens it.

Just in time to get smacked in the forehead by a pebble.

"Ow!" Luna says, rubbing her forehead.

"Sorry," Jet whispers up to her. "Are you grounded?"

"I dunno, I kinda flipped on my parents and left the room before they could punish me. I locked myself in here hours ago."

"Great. Techinally this means that you aren't grounded. Care to go for a nighttime stroll?"
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