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A Note!!

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Any one who asked to be in story.

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Hey Everyone!!

Well the casting is closed. I have all the spots filled. Not everyone got to be with the guy who they wanted to be with.

There was someone who wanted to be in the story but it seemed like they did not finish their application.
They are MyChemicalDependency.

But I can tell you know who got what part. I am in the story and I am Angel Farro.

Here are the parts:
Panic! At The Disco(main band at this point):
Brendon Urie- Natalie "Nat" 'Rose'Angell(ThePerfectPhase)
Ryan Ross- Rosalie De Luca(dreamqueen118)
Spencer Smith- Jamie Jamison(Lizzard)
Jon Walker- Allison(Alysha16)

Hayley Williams- Emmi(RyanRossLuver)
Josh Farro- Nickee Marie Gavet(Disenchanted)(there is a fun surprie for your character)
Zac Farro- Leigh(bindie611)
Jeremy Davis- Rachel Winsor(danceislife)

And a new band:
a singer- Natalie "Nat" 'Rose'Angell –alto(ThePerfectPhase)
Nickee Marie Gavet(Disenchanted)- singer-screamer(I know you are not a screamer. But I wanted one)
dummer- Leigh(bindie611)
bassest- Teresa Ann (MyChemicalDependency)(comes in later) first bass player is Nickee
guitarist-Angel Farro(twin of Zac) and Rosalie De Luca(dreamqueen118)

There you go!!!!
I hope you are all happy about this.
Oh and MyChemicalDependency I know that it does not seem like you have a big part at the moment, but I have some ideas for you.
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