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Chapter 01: One Thousand Miles Over Beijing

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter One: One Thousand Miles Over Beijing

Outside the city of New York, a Foot Helicopter circled a warehouse on the outskirts of town, before touching down in front of the warehouse, where the excitable Dr. Chaplin was waiting for the occupants on the helicopter. The front of the helicopter opened, revealing the four occupants. Oroku Saki, the leader of the Foot Clan, also known as the Shredder, stepped towards the warehouse, surveying the scene with an indifferent look. The man mountain and one of Saki’s most dangerous minions, Hun stepped from the copter next, his arms folded. Karai, Saki’s adopted daughter and second in command, followed Hun from the helicopter. Finally, the container containing the brain, spinal cord, and eyeball of the egotistical Dr. Baxter Stockman, kept alive by alien technology implanted into the spinal cord, arrived, a snide expression plastered on the holographic project on his face. The four representatives of the Foot stepped forward, where Chaplin had a big excited grin on his face, as he awaited his guests. Saki turned, looking at Chaplin with his arms folded and a slight scowl on his face.

“I trust this excursion outside of the city will be well worth my time, Dr. Chaplin,” remarked Saki calmly.

“Oh, believe me Master, I think you will dig it, big time,” responded Chaplin in a boisterous voice, as he began to push the doors of the warehouse open to reveal a large blimp that filled most of the warehouse.

This discovery prompted the holographic projection of Stockman’s head to turn up its nose in disgust.

“You brought us all the way out here for a blimp?” asked Stockman incredulously. “Who was the pea-brained halfwit who authorized this project?”

“I did,” replied Saki coldly.

“Oh, I’m sure you did have your reasons ol’ wise and revered Master,” responded Stockman, backtracking quickly from his previous statement.

Saki ignored Stockman, deciding to examine the blimp that was crucial for the next step in his plan.

“Excellent work, Dr. Chaplin,” said Saki with a cool nod.

“I installed the force field override mechanism that you recovered two nights ago, just as you requested,” continued Chaplin pointing towards the blimp. “This baby will breech the atmosphere shields around the floating city of Beijing and snatch the desired cargo!”

“And just what pray tell does the boy genius think he is retrieving?” asked Stockman snidely.

“The Triceraton Anti-Gravity Generator currently holding the city of Beijing high above the earth,” answered Saki calmly.

“But Master, retrieving an Anti-Gravity Generator from a city that is suspended thousands of feet above the earth, is a virtual suicide mission!” exclaimed Stockman before he could help us and Saki nodded in response.

“I’m well aware of that Dr. Stockman and I’m glad you know the risks, because you will be the one to personally lead this mission,” responded Saki coldly, causing Stockman’s container to back off, with the holographic head projection to gulp in complete terror.

“Master, what of the millions of innocent people trapped inside the floating city of Beijing?” asked Karai.

“They are of no concern to me, Karai,” said Saki coldly which caused Karai to turn away briefly to hide her disapproving look.

Hun stepped in front of Saki, glaring at Karai.

“How dare you question, Master Saki, Karai?” demanded Hun in a loyal voice, but Karai refused to back down from his menacing glare. “Personally, I’m behind this plan one hundred percent!”

Hun smirked, before turning to his Master.

“Good, Hun, because you will be joining Stockman on this dangerous mission,” said Saki, causing the smirk to completely off of Hun’s face as Karai quickly stepped out of the scene, as her father continued to talk about the plan to recover the Anti-Gravity Generator from the floating city of Beijing.

Harry Potter laid on his bed, with his head rested on his arms, looking up at the television, barely paying attention to the ongoing coverage of the frantic attempts to get the floating city of Beijing down from high above the earth. In nearly a year, despite many attempts and near missing, Beijing remained floating high above the Earth, thanks to the Triceratons.

Harry decided to take up watching the news, attempting to get a few hints on strange and bizarre events that might have some connected to Voldemort. So far, the news seemed to rather mundane, with the exception of the ongoing coverage of the floating Beijing Crisis. Harry picked up the remote control shutting off the television, before slowly walking across the room to his desk to the magical radio that was tapped into the Great Britain Wizarding Wireless. Right beside the radio was three framed pictures. The first was a framed Muggle portrait of Harry with his girlfriend Ginny Weasley, his sister Hailey, and his mother Lily, taken during Hailey’s fourteenth birthday party over a month ago. The next photo was a picture of Harry along with his three friends in his fourth year at Hogwarts, Hermione Granger, Daphne Greengrass, and Theodore Nott. That photograph looked to be taken maybe during their first year. Harry couldn’t believe how young and innocent they all looked.

The final photograph was a magical picture of a baby version Harry with his parents, along with Sirius, and Remus. It was taken just months before Voldemort had attacked. Lily had found the picture in her Gringotts vault and gave it to her son. She said she suspected that Wormtail was once in the picture, but the magic in the portrait had recognized him as a traitor, wiping him out of the photo.

Along with the three framed pictures on Harry’s desk, a large poster board with various pictures of Harry’s four mutant turtle brothers, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, along with their Master Splinter was tacked to the wall. It was a duplicate of the poster board that Harry had placed on the wall of his room down at the lair. There were many more pictures in a photo album underneath Harry’s desk, some of Harry and his friends along with some of Harry’s parents and their friends from Hogwarts.

Harry fiddled with the knobs on the magical radio, before tuning in the right frequency.

“Repeating tonight’s top story, former Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge has been found dead in his Oxford home,” droned the newscaster. “The dark mark was found over the ex-Minister of Magic’s home, and Ministry officials believe that Fudge and his wife were victims of the Death Eaters of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. There is strong speculation that Cornelius Fudge knew something about the plans of You-Know-Who and was silenced accordingly but the Ministry of Magic has not confirmed nor denied these rumors as of yet.”

Fudge was dead, and Harry wondered if Voldemort was just covering all of his bases, on the off chance that Lucius Malfoy might have let something slip. Harry reached for the radio to turn off but something else piqued his interest.

“The Ministry of Magic has released a press release that they believe He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his followers have come to terms with the exiled giants,” continued the newscaster. “During the first war, he used the giants to lay waste to several Muggle villages in seconds flat. The Ministry urges the population to have evacuation measures prepared on the chance of a giant invasion. Under no circumstances should a giant be approached.”

Harry snorted. Leave it to the Ministry of Magic to state the blatantly obvious. Harry supposed that their next piece of advice would be to, “not get in the way of a Killing Curse”.

The door of Harry’s room opened unexpectedly and Harry quickly sent a blasting curse through the doorway. Thankfully, the person who had the presence of mind to duck, otherwise, he would have been splattered across the door.

“Harry, it’s just me,” said Raph and Harry slowly lowered his wand, looking at Raph. “Jeez, you’d think you ain’t happy to see me or something.”

“You can never be too careful Raph,” replied Harry in a tired voice. He had not gotten too much sleep over the past couple of nights because of his scar stinging at odd hours of the night. Harry imagined he would have nightmares that had to do with his connection to Voldemort if he had not meditated every night before falling asleep.

“Anyway, I just saw something that I really think you should see Harry,” continued Raph.

“Is it so important that you just had to barge into my room without knocking and risk being cursed?” asked Harry in a moody tone of voice.

“Just c’mon and see,” said Raph and Harry raised himself to his feet, following his third oldest brother down the stairs towards the front door and out to the streets of New York.

After a few minutes of walking, Raph and Harry stopped, with Don, Mikey, and Leo waiting on a rooftop just about a block from the Potter residence. The four Turtles and Harry leapt across a few more rooftops, before Raph pointed towards a pile of wreckage on the outskirts of the city with several uniformed workers loading crates onto the back of the truck.

“There it is just, just like I told ya,” muttered Raph. “Another one of the Shredder’s garbage collecting goon squads.”

“Collecting more alien technology from the wreckage no doubt,” replied Don as Harry leaned in closer to look.

“A Triceraton Supply Ship,” said Harry darkly, pointing to the logo on the ship. “Salazar only knows what salvageable weaponry Shredder can find on that thing.”

The trucks seemed to be pulling away from the night, leaving the Triceraton Supply Ship unguarded and completely vulnerable for anyone to take a look inside.

“Let’s say we take a quick peak and find out,” said Mikey, just as Don’s shell cell began to ring. Don cautiously opened it up, listening intently.

“Hello?” asked Don but a second later, the shell cell emitted a loud, squealing sound, causing Leo, Mikey, Don, and Harry to clap their hands over their ears to block the irritating sound out.

“Not that ridiculous fax call again,” grumbled Raph as Don pulled out a portable computer and a cable, using the cable to fasten the shell cell and portal computer together.

“This time, I came prepared and I’ll be able to trace the source,” declared Don, before seeing a curious message on his portable computer. “Download in progress? What the…”

“Don, worry about that later,” said Leo cautiously, as he saw a shadowy figure slip into the Triceraton Supply Ship. “Someone just slipped inside that ship.”

Don put his portable computer and shell cell back into the duffel bag over his shoulder, with the portable computer continuing to download.

“Let’s check it out,” muttered Raph, who pulled out his Sais out ready for a fight, before leaping down, with the others following a bit more cautiously behind him.

The four turtles and Harry crept into the Triceraton supply ship, looking around, but the ship seemed to be mostly stripped clean.

“Nothing in here of value to the Shredder,” whispered Leo looking around the ship and the doors of the ship blew shut a few seconds after Leo.

“Nothing except us,” answered Harry shortly

“Damn, we walked into a trap,” grumbled Raph, who leapt forward, hoisting his Sai into the air, ready to throw it towards the first sign of movement. “Bring it you Foot goons!”

A figure did emerge from the shadows. Karai.

“Oh, it’s you,” declared Harry coolly.

“We need to talk,” said Karai, surveying the four Turtles and Harry calmly.

“Talk to the Sai lady, because the ears ain’t listening,” declared Raph but Leo grabbed Raph’s arm.

“Raph, it won’t hurt to hear what she says,” said Leo. “She did save us last time.”

“Yes, that’s a good point,” replied Mikey. “If you completely disregard the fact that she tried to kill us the time before that!”

“There’s no delicate way of putting this,” said Karai in a reasonable tone of voice. “I need your help.”

Back at the warehouse, Hun and Stockman roamed around the blimp, preparing for the big mission.

“I can’t believe it,” grunted Hun. “All our years of loyal service and for what? Pushed aside for the new blood.”

“I think it’s high time we put our differences aside and started pushing back,” replied Stockman savagely promptly Hun to nod curtly as Dr. Chaplin walked inside, whistling merrily, before turning to Stockman.

“I just want to say that it is truly an honor to be working with the legendary Baxter Stockman,” said Chaplin in an excited voice, before his expression grew mildly grave as he surveyed Stockman’s bastardized form. “Even if you are a freakish brain in a jar shadow of your former self.”

Stockman said nothing as Chaplin gazed into the holographic projection of Stockman’s head for a few seconds.

“So, that’s why I’ve decided to do you a favor and put you out of your misery,” declared Chaplin with a grin on his face.

“S-s-stop,” stammered Stockman as Chaplin advanced on him with a wide, nearly spooky, grin, reaching forward. “What are you doing?”

Chaplin reached forward, pressing a button to deactivate both the holographic projection of Stockman’s head and the speaker system projecting his voice. With a gentle press, Chaplin popped the top of Stockman’s container and hoisted the container upwards where a headless exosuit walked over towards Stockman. Hun stepped forward, to get a better look at the scene, with his arms folded and an indifferent look on his face. The arms of the exosuit reached over, grabbing Stockman’s remains in its hands and the top of the exosuit popped open, before Stockman’s brain, spinal cord, and remaining eye was placed inside. A few seconds later, the holographic projection of Stockman’s head popped to life where the head would have been on the exosuit.

“Release me at once you…” started Stockman before stopping once he realized he was in a new body.

“What do you think of your new bod?” asked Chaplin cheerfully.

Stockman took a few seconds to examine his brand new body.

“Yes, I have limbs!” exclaimed Stockman triumphantly. “Powerful, powerful limbs!”

“I figure you might need them to survive the big mission,” said Chaplin cheerfully.

An idea began to form in Stockman’s head that he would be foolish not to use.

“Ah yes, the mission,” said Stockman calmly. “A pity you can’t come along on the maiden voyage of this own ship that you built with your own two hands. Not to mention watch in awe as an entire village crashes down from the stratosphere!”

“That would be so wicked!” exclaimed Chaplin, looking like a kid at Christmas time.

“Yes, you could come with us, behind the Shredder’s back,” declared Stockman calmly before adding in a disapproving voice. “But that would be wrong.”

“Hey, what the boss doesn’t know, won’t hurt him right?” asked Chaplin.

“Of course and I would naturally assume all responsibility for you throughout the mission,” added Stockman, putting the arm of his exosuit around Chaplin in a faux fatherly matter. “After all, we wouldn’t want you to fall victim to some horrific, fatal accident when we are trying to retrieve the device.”

Back at the Triceraton Supply Ship, Karai had just finished explaining the situation with the Anti-Gravity Generator to the Turtles and Harry.

“So, you can see, if the Anti-Gravity generator is removed while the city is still suspended in the air, millions will plummet to their death,” concluded Karai.

“So, does that mean you’ve finally wised up and walked away from the Shredder?” asked Leo in a casual tone of voice.

“I am duty bound to serve my father as always,” answered Karai. “I just don’t want to see millions of innocents perish.”

Harry had two conflicting thoughts passing through his head. He felt extremely leery about trusting anyone connected to the Shredder but at the same time, he couldn’t stand back and not do anything with all those innocent lives hanging in the balance.

“Even if we agreed to help you, there is no way we can stop the Shredder from coming back for the Anti-Gravity generator,” injected Don in a logical voice. “I mean, it’s not like we can shut it down.”

“Actually I might be able to provide a solution for that particular technical conundrum,” said a very familiar voice from inside of Don’s duffel bag.

“Whoa dude, I must be hearing things,” said Mikey in a disbelieving voice as Don reached slowly into his bag, with a shocked look on his face. “I could’ve sworn that sounded like Professor Honeycutt, but..”

Mikey was struck silent, as the others crowded around to see the Fugitoid’s face on Don’s computer.

“Hello!” exclaimed the Fugitoid happily.

“Professor Honeycutt you’re alive,” answered Harry calmly. “But how is this possible…we saw you sacrifice yourself…you saved the world.”

“Oh dear, I’m afraid I don’t remember any of that,” responded Honeycutt in a fretful voice. “The last thing I remember is that I was on a rooftop with Donatello, broadcasting a signal that would make myself invisible to the Triceratons. What I didn’t tell you was that I also uploaded a backup of my memory core into the Satellite Communications Network, that was programmed to contact you in the event of my demise, which I assume, happened.”

“So the calls to my shell cell, that was you trying to contact us,” summarized Don, nodding his head. “And that download was the upload of your memory core.”

“Well most if it anyway,” answered Honeycutt. “Unfortunately, your hard drive was lacking in capacity so I had to forego certain non essential information.”

“Who cares, Professor, I’m just happy to see you again!” exclaimed Mikey, taking the portable computer from Don.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” asked Professor Honeycutt in a confused voice.

“It’s Michelangelo,” said Mikey. “Mikey? The Mikester?”

The Fugitoid gave no sign of recognition.

“So what, I’m now non essential information!” exclaimed Mikey in an incredulous tone of voice as Don snatched back the portable computer.

“Anyway, I couldn’t help overhearing your dilemma, Miss..” started the Fugitoid.

“Karai,” responded Karai

“Anyway, with my knowledge of Triceraton technology, I should be able to deactivate the Anti-Gravity generator and set the city of Beijing back down on the Earth,” explained the Fugitoid.

“Then it’s settled, but there is just one small problem,” answered Harry. “Exactly how do we get into the floating city of Beijing?”

“Leave that to me,” said Karai.

Back at the warehouse where the blimp was located, Karai waved for a pair of Foot Technicians who were carrying a large crate towards the blimp. Hun walked over, surveying the crate with a large sneer on his face.

“What’s in the crate, Karai?” asked Hun, his eyes traveling from Karai to the crate with quite the suspicious look in them. “And why have you just suddenly decided to join us on this mission?”

“That is none of your concern,” replied Karai coldly, as she made sure the crate was safely on the vessel, as Hun’s face contorted into a scowl, as he cracked his knuckles. Karai herself then disappeared onto the blimp.

Needless to say, Karai wasn’t the only person to have a mysterious crate loaded onto the Foot blimp. A series of forklifts containing crates containing what appeared to be metallic eggs. Chaplin directed traffic as the crates were loaded onto the blimp.

“What are those things?” asked Stockman surveying the contents of the crate with a curious look.

“Now, that would spoil the surprise, Dr. Stockman,” replied Chaplin as he moved towards the blimp, with Hun and Stockman following inside. The doors leading to the blimp shut and the top of the factory opened, allowing the blimp to float up into the air and sail towards the city of Beijing.
Many hours later, the blimp lifted above the atmospheric shield engulfing Beijing so it could descend.

“Welcome to China!” announced Chapin in a loud, boisterous voice as the blimp passed through the shield around the city. “Home of the floating city of Beijing. Pretty cool, huh!”

Karai crept towards the crate, before leaning forward.

“Stand by,” hissed Karai in a low voice, not wanting to draw the attention of Hun, Chaplin, or Stockman.

“About bloody time,” replied a voice from inside the crate and sure enough inside the crate, Raph, Mikey, Don, Leo, and Harry were crammed in tightly.

“Yeah, I’ve really got to use the little turtle’s room,” answered Mikey in a muffled voice. “Get your foot out of my ear Raph!”

“You’re damn lucky it isn’t my fist in your face, Mikey,” grumbled Raph.

“Shut up you two!” hissed Leo. “You want to get us caught!”

Unfortunately, the muffled voice had piqued the attention of Hun, who walked over, looking on the shadows.

“I knew you were up to something, Karai,” muttered Hun, before punching a red button that opened a trap door beneath Karai and the crate, causing them to begin to descend rapidly towards the city below. “Whoops. Happy landings Karai!”

Loud screams were heard as the crate containing the Turtles and Harry began to free fall towards the ground.

“We shouldn’t have trusted her!” yelled Raph in an angry voice.

“Not now Raph!” yelled Leo, as he managed to get his feet free. “Ready, set, break the bottom!”

Five sets of feet kicked towards the bottom of the crate, breaking it completely open. The Turtles fell out but the sleeve of Harry’s shirt caught on a nail, causing the Boy-Who-Lived to hang from the crate. Quickly, Harry pulled out his wand, slicing himself loose from the nail, before dropping down and with one swift motion, throwing his Firebolt from his bag. With a shift motion, Harry landed perfectly on the broom, spinning around, before seeing a glimpse of the Foot Blimp. Harry adjusted his broomstick, and shot towards the Blimp, because no doubt it would lead him right to the Anti-Gravity Generator.

Back on the Blimp, Chaplin turned around, as Hun and Stockman advanced towards him.

“What happened to Karai?” asked Chaplin curiously.

“She was unexpectedly bumped from the mission,” replied Hun in a harsh voice. “Word is she had a little falling out with the organization!”

Hun chuckled at his own joke as Chaplin just looked confused as the blimp began to head closer to the Anti-Gravity generator.

Harry soured through the air, seeing a bit of the blimp out of the corner of his eye. He removed his communication mirror from his pocket.

“Don, it’s me Harry,” replied Harry.

“Harry, are you alright?” asked Don, as he answered the mirror.

“Fine, I’m following the Foot Blimp on broomstick right now,” replied Harry. “How are the others?”

“A bit roughed up, but okay,” replied Don. “Karai seemed to have given us the slip, through.”

“Okay, from what I can tell, there are some heavy energy fluctuations that are affecting the flight of my broomstick,” declared Harry. “The Anti-Gravity generator is at Tiananmen Square.”

“Thank you Harry, we’ll meet you in a few minutes,” replied Don.

“Okay, I’ll try to get in close as I can manage,” said Harry, as he held on tight to his broomsticks, attempting to avoid being knocked off course by the energy fluctuations coming from the Anti-Gravity generator.

The blimp was nearly directly above the Anti-Gravity generator but the Anti-Gravity Generator wasn’t the only thing that was in Tiananmen Square.

“Great, no one told us that we would have a welcoming committee!” said Stockman, looking down at the Chinese police, who were putting spotlights up towards the area where the blimp was flying.

“No sweat Dr. Stockman, I’ve got it all taken care of!” yelled Chaplin before pressing a few buttons on the console of the blimp. “Time to unleash my surprise.”

In a flash, the metallic eggs that Chaplin had put on board spiraled towards the ground of Beijing. The eggs opened, growing limbs and a head with sharp teeth, revealing themselves to be super sized mouser robots. The mega mousers went after the police, causing them to flee from the scene to avoid being torn to shreds.

“Mousers Version Two Point Zero!” exclaimed Chaplin, before turning to Stockman as he rolled his eyes. “A took your basic concept and gave it an upgrade.”

“An upgrade,” said Stockman. “More like a side grade!”

The mousers began to trample the spotlights, busting them up and Chaplin looked triumphant before a fast blur whizzed past him, circling the blimp. Stockman rushed over, a closer look revealing the figure to be Harry Potter, who had his wand out, circling around the blimp.

“What is that?” asked Chaplin, pointing frantically to the circling figure.

“That is a wizard flying on a broomstick, Dr. Chaplin,” replied Stockman calmly. “Now shoot him out of the sky before he ruins everything!”

“Right,” said Chaplin, giving a big thumbs up before pressing a large blue button, causing laser cannon to protrude from the side of the blimp.

Harry cursed his own luck, swerving from the right and then to the left, avoiding the heavy streams of laser fire from the canon. He pointed his wand towards the canon, aiming carefully, as not to inadvertently wipe out the Anti-Gravity generator and cause millions of deaths. Harry swerved underneath the rapid fire, zipping from side to side.

A large hook lowered down from the blimp as Harry continued to dodge the laser fire, attempting to get in for a good shot where he could disable the cannons. The hook latched onto the top of the Anti-Gravity generator and Stockman looked down, before seeing four all too familiar shelled figures approaching.

“The Turtles!” exclaimed Stockman. “Someone do something about those wretched reptiles!”

“I’ve got this one, Dr. Stockman!” yelled Chaplin, bouncing up and down excitedly as he pressed a button on the remote control device. “Mousers, attack!”

The Turtles looked apprehensive as the mega mousers turned their attention towards them, before advancing on them, jaws chomping.

“Funny, Karai never did mention anything about king-size mousers,” replied Mikey, as the four Turtles took out their weapons.

“Nothing fancy guys, just clear a path for Don and the Professor!” ordered Leo and the four Turtles leapt up, stepping on the heads of the mega mousers, as Don and the portable computer containing the memory of Professor Honeycutt moved towards the Anti-Gravity generator where Chaplin slid down, make sure the hook was fastened to the top of the Anti-Gravity Generator.

Raph leapt up, twirling his Sais, before slamming them down onto the top of the heads of two of the mega mousers. This didn’t phase the killer robots and Mikey swung his nunchucks at it but the mouser caught the weapon in its mouth. A look of horror spread across Mikey’s face as the mouser hoisted the turtle up with the jaws, before swinging him around, flinging Mikey roughly into a fence, denting the structure.

Leo leapt up, slashing his swords at the mousers but there were barely any scratches on the mousers. The mousers circled around the three Turtles but a figure began hurtling towards the robots from high above the ground!

Harry dove from high in the air on his Firebolt straight at the robots, causing several of the mega mousers to be knocked backwards and land onto their backs. The limbs of the mousers began to frail, as they struggled to turn themselves over.

Chaplin completed hacking into the Anti-Gravity generator programming code, and prepared to type in the commands that would pull the device free from the pavement. He looked down as Don, who was a few inches away from reaching him.

“You’re too late green guy!” exclaimed Chaplin but the Anti-Gravity generator began to glow a sinister blue color, sending a shockwave down from through the ground. “That’s not supposed to happen!”

Leo, Raph, Mikey, the mega mousers, Harry, and everything else on the ground began to levitate up as the city of Beijing began to quickly plummet towards Earth!

“This is no good!” yelled Chaplin as he began to climb up the cable towards the blimp. “We have to ditch it!”

“Oh that’s not all we’re going to ditch, my boy,” declared Stockman savagely, pulling a lever and releasing the blimp from the Anti-Gravity Generator, with Chaplin still on the connecting cable! Chaplin screamed in terror, as he hung upside down high above the city of Beijing.

The Foot Blimp flew through the atmospheric shield and out of sight, leaving Chaplin hanging in the air.

“What happens when the city plummets and we’re still up here?” asked Mikey in a nervous voice.

“Do you really want to find out that answer?” replied Harry with a question of his own.

Don landed on the Anti-Gravity generator, before pulling his portable computer out.

“Time is running short, Professor,” muttered Don nervously, as he hooked up the device to the Anti-Gravity Generator.

“Right-o, we need to slow the descent and bring everyone in the city gently back down, before we can place this city back where it belongs,” declared Honeycutt, working as quickly as possible in undoing the hyper reverse gravity of the people in Beijing and the hyper gravity that was causing the city to descend from thousands of miles in the air.

Perilous seconds before the city of Beijing would have crashed into the earth, Honeycutt managed to stop the descent, leaving the city wobbling uncertainly in the air.

Almost as if some rug had been pulled out underneath them, Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Harry began to fall towards the ground, managing to adjust their footing to avoid a harsh landing and hitting the ground without too much injury!

“Yes! Back on solid ground!” exclaimed Mikey cheerfully but just as he said that, the mousers dropped in a circle around the Turtles and Harry.

“Yeah, but unfortunately, so are they,” declared Raph and the mousers closed in on Harry, Raph, Mikey, and Leo, their sharp, metallic jaws clamping madly at anything foolish enough to get in their way.

Chaplin landed on the ground, looking pleased at having survived a grisly demise.

“I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m…” said Chaplin but he never finished as one of his mega mousers dropped directly on the top of his head, causing Chaplin to fall to the ground, knocked unconscious from the trauma.

“Now to set this thing down,” replied Honeycutt, as Don watched the fighting below involving his brothers against the mega mousers. “I’ll have to divert power from the atmospheric shields, but you know, the wind resistance might work in our favor in this case.”

The shield around the city began to fade from existence, causing large, chilly gusts of wind to blow across the city where Leo, Mikey, Raph, and Harry were engaged in battle with the mega mousers. Harry spun around, leaping up and avoiding the two mousers, before tossing a pair of shuriken at them, attempting to disable them but the mousers but the mousers avoided Harry’s attack. Harry pulled his wand out, and sent a blasting curse towards the head of one of the mousers but the mouser quickly ducked its head down to avoid the spell and leapt up, pinning Harry down with its metallic limbs, chomping towards Harry’s head but Leo leapt over, slicing his sword across the top of the head of the mouser. The robot spiraled backwards and leapt at Leo, who avoided the attack, by rolling underneath and clanging his swords across the back of the mouser.

Raph stabbed his Sais right into the top of the head of the mouser but another mouser rushed forward, head butting Raph in the side, causing him to land hard onto the ground. Mikey managed to swing his nunchucks towards one of the mousers, cracking its head open. The mouser stopped for a second, before advancing on Mikey, raising its legs, with its razor sharp jaws chomping at air.

In a blink of an eye, Karai leapt up, with a Kusari-Gama in one hand and a katana in the other hand, wiping out two of the mega mousers with a pair of surprise weapon shots.

“About time you decided to show your face,” said Mikey in a moody voice, dodging to the side, before kicking the mega mouser in the side of the head, knocking over on its back!

“I could ill afford to be seen assisting you earlier,” answered Karai. “If the Shredder had seen me..”

“There is ample time for explanations later, let’s focus on taking out these super sized pests first,” grunted Harry, as he struggled to breath as the mouser stood his chest. With a blink of an eye, Harry managed to jab his double edged sword into the abdomen of the robot, blasted backwards, shattering on the ground as it shorted out.

The remaining mega mousers closed in on the attack, two of them crushing Raph in between their large heads. Another mouser sprang up, knocking Leo’s katana from his head, before pinning Leo to the ground. Mikey rushed over but was caught in the chest with the metallic limbs of the mega mouser, before being tossed to the side to the ground with a thud. Karai’s weapons were yanked from her hands by one of the mega mousers before the mega mouser grabbed onto her, forcing her to the ground.

Harry aimed a kick towards the mega mouser but the mouser brushed off his assault. The metallic monster knocked Harry to the ground. Harry landed on his ground with a large thud. Three of the mega mousers circled Harry, their large jaws chomping at the mouth, ready to rip Harry to shreds. Just as the jaws were inches away from Harry’s face, a large burst of energy erupted from the Anti-Gravity generator, blasting through the ground and into the mega mousers. Steam began to float upwards from the mega mousers, before they collapsed to the ground, completely immobile.

Harry looked up cautiously and the city of Beijing was firmly back on earth with minimal damage.

“There, the city of Beijing is on the Earth, the Anti-Gravity Generator is completely fried out,” summarized the Fugitoid as Don climbed down with the portable computer. “Not to mention I took the liberty of nullifying those awful metal ruffians.”

“So, everything’s as it should be,” declared Karai calmly.

“Not entirely Karai, not until you walk away from the Shredder,” remarked Leo.

“You know this cannot be done, Leonardo,” answered Karai curtly.

“You’re stranded in Beijing, the Shredder thinks you’re dead,” declared Leo. “This is a perfect chance to start your life over on your own terms.”

“My life is on my terms right now,” said Karai before turning towards the four Turtles and Harry with a serious expression on his face. “Could you so easily turn your back on your father? Even if you knew he was evil?

No one seemed to have an answer for this question. Karai walked off into the shadows, without another word.

Harry looked around and spotted something peculiar with the city of Beijing.

“Uh, guys, you notice something wrong with the way this city is situated,” remarked Harry, in a forced casual tone.

The four Turtles looked around and sure enough, they noticed that something was not quite about the city. Don slowly raised the portable computer.

“Oh dear, did I set the city down in the wrong direction?” asked the Fugitoid fretfully.

At Oroku Saki’s mansion, Hun and Stockman walked towards their master’s throne room, looking rather apprehensive.

“We came back empty handed,” said Hun. “The Shredder ain’t gonna be pleased.”

“Adding that failure to the unfortunate demise of Karai and young Dr. Chaplin,” muttered Stockman before realizing. “We’ll blame it all on them. Just follow my lead.”

Stockman and Hun walked into the room, watching Saki standing facing a large television scream, his arms folded.

“Master, the mission didn’t go as planned,” blurted Stockman. “You see, Karai and Dr. Chaplin…”

“Enough!” thundered Saki. “Why don’t you tell your story to Karai and Dr. Chaplin.”

Saki stepped forward, revealing the images of Karai and Dr. Chaplin from Beijing. Karai stood in the shadows modestly, while Chaplin waved merrily towards Stockman.

“Hi, Dr. Stockman!” exclaimed Chaplin cheerfully as he continued to wave. “Everything’s okay. We’re alive!”

Saki turned his attention towards Stockman and Hun, who were backing off in fear as Saki advanced on them.

“But sir, we can…” stammered Stockman but his words faded off into nothingness.

Those who passed Oroku Saki’s mansion at this moment could hear blood curdling screams that quickly faded into an eerie silence.
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