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I cant get the blood off my hands

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Bobs a murderer.

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I walked down the steps to the basement, Kat and Star walking triumphantly behind me. I had ten bullets, ten bullets to kill Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray. They all looked up and watched me walking down the stairs, they were confused to see Kat and Star behind me, but they must have guessed that this meant I had succeeded and was coming to say goodbye. Gerard and Mikey ran over to me, embracing me as I reached the bottom of the stairs. "Bob! Have you done it!? Are they letting you go!?" Cried Mikey. I bit my bottom lip and Star answered for me. "Actually, he hasnt even started his task. Now get away from him - both of you!" She snapped. Mikey and Gerard glanced at me and slowly went back to the wall. "Sit down!" Ordered Kat and they did as she asked. Leaning against the wall along with Frank and Ray.
"Bob whats going on?" Asked Frank, he sounded frightened and I felt like my heart was in my throat - choking me. I had never killed anyone before, I had never imagined it. And it was proving out to be the hardest thing I've had to face. And I hadnt even raised the gun yet. "I...I..." How could I tell them? How could I say to them that I was going to blow each of their brains out so that I could be let free to see Joyce. How the fuck do you say that to your best friends? "Bob?" Questioned Mikey.
"Oh for gods sake. Cant you guys see the gun? He's going to kill you all." Said Star brightly. They all looked at me. Tears welled up into Franks eyes, Ray went pale and his jaw dropped. Mikeys eyes grew wide and Gerard frowned. "Thats just a load of bullshit" He announced.
"Oh is it really Gerard? Well I'm glad your so confident, it'll make it more fun to watch you die" Giggled Kat. Gerards frown lessened, now he looked unsure. The guys looked at me and I turned away. I couldnt look at them. "Well come on then Bob. We havent got all day" Said Star, tapping her foot impatiently. I couldnt believe what I was about to do. I nodded my head slowly and loaded the gun. Ten bullets. I turned so I had the guys on one side, and Kat and Star on the other. I slowly raised the gun to the side of me and took one last look at my best friends. Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray. Tears leaked out of their eyes. The gun was pointing at Gerard, next to him was Frank, then Mikey, and then finally Ray. Could I do this. I hand no choice. I bit my lip and closed my eyes allowing the tears to fall. "DO IT BOB!" Shouted Kat, I lowered the gun took a deep breath and decided I just had to do it quickly. Dont give my self time to hesitate. I raised the gun as quick as I could, saw all their shocked faces and I pulled the trigger over and over. Yelling at the top of my lungs.
Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Click. Click. Click. I dropped the gun. The bullets had gone. I had kept pulling the trigger three more times before dropping it and falling to my knees. The bodies lay in a pool of their own blood. It had been the right thing to do. It what was everyone knew had to be done.
But life is the most preciouse thing existing. And to be able to just take, for me to have taken those lives gave me the worst feeling in the world. One I cant begin to describe.
The tears fell thick and fast. I was a murderer...

Gerard was the first one to reach me, he flung his arms round me and held me tight. He sobbed along with me, I cried hard into his shoulder. "Ge...Gerard...I...I'm a m...Murd...." I couldnt say it. I couldnt bring myself to say it.
"Its okay Bob. Its okay" He insisted. Leaning back and wiping his eyes. Mikey suddenly crashed into me, hugging me close, Ray soon followed. Frank struggled to crawl over, his ankle still hurting him. Gerard rushed over and picked him up, carrying him over to me so that he could hug me to. I didnt feel like I deserved to be hugged. I had just killed two people. Yeah, so they were evil. But it was still life. "Oh god Bob. I thought you were gonna kill us. I thought I was gonna die, I was so scared!" Cried Ray.
"Dont be such an c - could I kill you g - guys?" I sobbed. They all smiled and hugged me close to them.
It took a while for me to stop crying.
And then we looked at the bodies. Kat and Star were already pale, they had gunshot wounds to their heads and upper body. I hadnt aimed, I had just fired. I had thought at last minute there was a way out of this. To kill them. They got no warning, they hadnt even had time to scream and it just made me feel even more sick. But we were alive. And all we had to do now was get the hell out of here.
"Should we move the bodies. Or bury the gun or something?" Asked Mikey as we stood up, Frank in Gerards arms.
"No way, lets just get the fuck outta this place." Gerard replied. You didnt see me arguing. I refused to look at the bodies as we walked past. I was still shocked and my mind was in overdrive. I just had to get away. Get home and shower. Wash away the blood. Because no blood was on me, in my mind it was all over me, no one but me could see it and it was driving me mad.
I was a murderer.
I had killed them.
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