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Traffic Lights Don't Blind This Much.

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Patrick was hers. Forever. And she wouldn't let love get in the way of that.

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After Patrick had kissed her all better, they settled down on his couch and flicked on the TV, watching but not watching what was on. Patrick expertly handled the remote in one hand, his plate of pancakes [He had managed to save them] in the other.
"Who eats pancakes at six in the evening, anyway?", Ady asked, amused at his absolutely adorable and silly habits.
"I do," Patrick replied proudly and finally deciding on HBO, tossed the remote onto the couch to begin devouring his golden pancakes.
"Well, then, atleast give me some!", Ady protested,
"Noo!", Patrick whines, syrup trickling down the side of his mouth.
"Oh, c'mon-- look, you've got syrup all over you!"

Ady crawled over to his side of the couch, and using the hem of her shit, wiped away the trail of syrup. [Although if it were up to her, she would have licked it right off his face.] Of course this meant she was half shirtless again, but she was too focused on Patrick's hygiene to notice it. But Patrick didn't miss it for the world. When she was done, she sighed and observed, "Honestly, Pat. I don't know how you manage without me."
'Because I sure as hell can't manage without you,' she silently thought. Then, cocking her head to one side, she demanded a reward for her efforts.
"But I could've wiped it off myself!", Patrick exclaimed, holding his plate high in the air, far away from her reach.
"Oh, stop whining! I only want a small bite!"

Ady clambered over him, reaching for the plate, now raised even higher, which was surprising for such a short guy. But it was no use. She was practically lying on top of him and she still couldn't reach the plate. She finally gave up, now sitting completely on Patrick's lap. She turned her head to give him a deathly scowl and was met with a very intimidating smirk.
"What...?", she asked slowly.
"You know, I would've given you some if you have just asked nicely. Buttt, you didn't. So you're not getting any of these utterly, delicious and scrumptious pancakes of mine. In fact, as punishment for your absolutely appalling behavior, you're not getting a single thing from me for the rest of the week."

Ady's evil glare dramatically wiped itself off her face as she warmed up for another short skit. She knew he was playing with her, but, what he didn't know was that she could play too.

Ady seemed lost as she stared into space, with a frown so delicate, she would shatter into a million pieces at any given time. Pouting slightly, she repeated his words.
"Not a single thing."
"Nope. Not a single thing."
"Not even a hug?"
"Not even a hug."

There was a moment of awkward silence which Ady used to slowly climb off Patrick's lap and quietly crawl back to her stop on the other end of the couch. After another few moments of silence, Patrick finally spoke.
"Do you still want a hug?"
"No, not really."
"Would you... would you like a ... a kiss?"
"I asked if you... you wanted a ..."

Patrick's voice trailed off into uncertainty. Ady's eyes dropped to the floor. This is not where she intended this conversation to land up. Was Patrick still playing with her? What was going on? Her heart began to thump harder against her chest, thoughts playing over and over again in her head. Her mind suddenly went blank as she felt the couch gently move. Patrick was moving slowly towards her, stabbing her again and again with every excruciating inch he took. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. She sat there helplessly in the self-same place, her heart not shattering her ribs into pieces.

Patrick was finally at her side. She saw his feet gently land next to hers and closing her eyes tightly, she feared what was going to happen next. She couldn't do it. She wouldn't trade in their years of friendship for something that wouldn't last a minute. She had to end this perfect moment. It was for their own good, as cheesy as it sounded. She could live with never having him lay next to her every night, but she could never live with breaking his heart or the other way around. She wanted to keep her best friend forever. This was the only way, no matter how much it hurt. She would never leave his side. And nothing else mattered.

Bracing herself, Ady turned her head towards Patrick and opened her eyes slowly, to meet his soft, brown ones. She stared blankly into his eyes, savoring the moment. She bathed herself in the thought that he may actually want to be with her. That he wanted to hold her close to his chest, to start and end every day with her. How could she resist? How could she deny herself the one thing she had longed for since she first laid eyes on this boy? It was stupidity at it's best. It was love.

All her thoughts immediately froze as Patrick's hand reached out to touch hers, resting helplessly on her thigh. He desperately searched her ebony eyes, trying to figure out what was going through her head. He seemed to have momentarily lost his ability to read her mind like he usually did. But he wanted to know... He HAD to know...

A lump formed in Ady's throat as she took a deep, mental breath and let out a huge laugh, watching as Patrick's worried eyes sparkled back to his normal self.
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