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so i finished the story and figires "why not just post it and get it over with" so here ya go lovly readers

Gerard’s pov

She had finally opened up to me. For the first time, in what seemed like a lifetime, she had opened up to someone. Her emotional walls had been put up for so long I guess she just let them sit, making her cold to the world around her. We left and marched to the parking lot in silence. I hope she was ok. We both climbed into her car in silence and began our trek to her house. It was a 15-minuet drive to her house from this hellhole they like to think of as an education facility. ‘That’s it; I have to break the silence. Ima bout to die from it’



“Are…are you mad at me?”

“What? No! Of course not. Why would you think that?” she kept glancing between the road and me.

“You haven’t said anything and it’s been like 10 minutes” my voice growing smaller towards the end of my sentence.

“Oh” she sounded shocked. “I’m sorry. I was worried about you. I didn’t want to let that teacher see your face and get you in trouble. The teachers here are just as bad as the kids are. You hand out with the Brittany’s of the school you’re prep and therefore can’t do any wrong, in the teacher’s eyes, but if you hang out with the ‘troubled youth’ you become one.”

“Oh. I see. So you’re not mad at me?”

“Pshh how could I be mad at you?” she grinned, taking her eyes off the road for an instant and locking gazes with me. Her steel blues locking with my hazel. It ended all too soon, when she returned her attention to the road. We were only 2 minutes away from here house now and I could finally relax knowing she wasn’t mad. We drove in silence until reaching the medium sized house. She lived in a cookie cutter neighborhood. The houses just so and everyone equipped with a picket fence. It was enough to make me gag.

“I know. It’s not exactly the ideal place to live but why do you think I want to be so different. Because I grew up with everything having to be ‘normal’” she must have seen the expression on my face. ‘God I’m like a frickin book’

“c’mon. I’ll show ya around” taking my hand she lead me into the garage attached to the side of the house. We went up the stairs directly in front of us after taking our shoes off and were in a small hallway with a door in front of us and one to our left.

“This” she pointed to the door in front. “Is the basement aka my room. And this” she pointed to the door on the left. “Is my grandparent’s room. And to your right is the kitchen slash dining area thing” she took me all through the house and showed me were everything is. All the rooms and who occupied them. Suddenly she turned around smiling but her face soon dropped.

“Am I boring you?”

“What? No! I was just too busy listing to your voice, watching you walk and thinking of this” I brushed my hand across her cheek, just barely touching it. I wrapped my hand around her neck and the other around her waist. Leaning slightly, our lips touched. She sighed and wrapped her arms around my neck. We were in the middle of the hall leading to the basement door. I pulled back, biting her lip just a little, and grinned.

“What…what did we come from again?” she asked with her eyes still closed.

“To trade books love”

“Oh yea that’s right” she opened her eyes slowly, only to have me reach down again and kiss her soft lips.

“Mm Gerard are we gunna trade books?”

“Yea I guess” I sighed

“Well if you don’t want to I’m quite comfortable carrying on but my mom will be home soon and if we are in the hall kissing she think the worst”

“Oh. Well then how bout your room?” I said trying to put no excitement in to the sentence. I don’t want her to think I’m a pervert.

“Ha you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Not really. Like you were told before, I’m not a pervert babe”

“Well that’s good” she leaned up and kissed my nose lightly.

des pov

I walked him into my room and opened the medium sized coffin bookcase I keep inside my gigantic white bookcase that has doors enclosing the top shelves. I keep all my books in here so I unload my backpack into the coffin then sit next to Gerard who already took a seat on my bed.

“Where is your book?”

“Right here” he pulled a sketchpad out of his backpack which I hadn’t notice earlier. He handed me the book and held up my book. There was a small lock on the back that had to be undone to read it. I pulled the key from the chain I kept around my neck and unlock it for him. Just like he had for me, he had unlocked my heart for me and now I’m going to unlock it for him to see. The sketchpad had little doodles covering the red cover that looked a few years old from being opened, closed, and shoved in his backpack so many times. I opened the front cover carefully and took my time to inspect each drawing, sketch, and doodle. They were beautiful. Skeleton grooms and pal vampire brides adorn the first few pages. Next came scenes of two people, a man, and a woman. The first was of them about to kiss, each a pale color and spattered with blood. The next one was a wedding held in a forest. The bride in a black and red dress at the altar and it must have been from the groom’s point of view. The guests ranged from human to vampires to zombie-like figures. The next few pages were Dracula and assorted monsters. The next featured futuristic superheroes and villains. It took an hour to go through the book and take in every detail of the fantastic drawings. The book held in Gerard’s hands was on the last page and within a few seconds, he turned it to reveal the back cover. He looked up with tear-filled eyes and closed the book, setting it aside. Pulling me close, he wrapped his arms around me and wouldn’t let me go. He sat hugging me for maybe 10 minutes then let go suddenly.

“I’m so sorry you had to endure that…that pain”

“It wasn’t your fault. And it’s in the past; no more tears shall fall from these eyes for that boy”

Gerard’s p.o.v

The things in that book were awful. The things she went through ripped through me like a freshly sharpened blade. I couldn’t get the last page out of my head though. She had written a poem.


Carousels and fields adorn my thoughts
Fields were the deer trots
Laying next to you
How I wish it were true

Lies in your eyes
Lies on your tongue
It took so many tries
All while my heart sung

It sung for you
How I wish it were true
To be there with you
But this is something new

Darkness and death fill my head
Taking up what was once for you
After all, you said
How I wish it were true

You never loved me
And Now I see
After all we went through
How I wish it were true

That I didn’t still love you

I knew it had been a while since her breakup but I could still see a hint of pain that wouldn’t ever go away. I wanted to beat that kids face in. he had hurt someone so beautiful. How could he hurt her? ‘Please god if this be my only request, let me take away the pain she feels. Let her no longer remember the hurt he caused. I would gladly take it for her’ I stoked her hair lightly and held her closer to my chest.

“Des, let me take this book and make it just that, a book. Let it become the past and us the future” she turned her head upwards and pressed her lips to mine. My hands found the small of her back and pulled her closer. I leaned back and pulled her onto of me. Her weight felt comforting. Like she was the missing piece to the puzzle that was Gerard Way. She kissed me once more and looked me straight in the eyes.

“Until the end of everything, until we grow cold, until the heavens crash around us; be mine forever. Make us the future” I grinned and pulled her face to mine once more, our lips meeting.


yay happy endings!! XD

btw the poem used is my origanal work and is not taken from anywhere except my warped mind.

thanks for reading my first ever completed fanfiction ^_^
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