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Just a little Holiday present for my readers..

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So, the title explains in itself. Though, i do have to add, there's no category for.. well really, anyone in the story. though it's still a fan-fic.. holiday cuteness!

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Pre-story A/N- Just in case you don't know! When it says 'her band', that's referring to The Choice Ultimatum, a band i'm in with my two besties and an invisible drummer. Shaant [again, if you don't know] is lead singer of Cute is What We Aim For. By Michael, I of course mean Michael Guy Chislett of the Academy Is.. And, of course, the ever-stylish Gabe Saporta. Okay, now it's the story! Enjoy!

Emily woke up excitedly on her band's tour bus. She climbed over Shaant, carefully so to not wake him up, and checked the calendar next to her bunk.
Christmas Eve!
She threw on a scarf and a light coat and ran to the door, throwing it open, with a huge grin. When it opened, her face dropped- bright, warm, and sunny weather welcomed her to California.
"Fuck you, sunshine" she muttered, then shut the door. Tossing her coat and scarf off, she climbed back into bed next to Shaant, who was now awake. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek.
"What's wrong, babe? I heard you cursing the sunshine."
"It's Christmas Eve, and there's no snow!" She slumped down into her folded arms.
"Well, we are in California. I wouldn't expect snow on the Pacific Coastline."
"I bet there's three feet of snow in Oxford right now. With more falling." She climbed out of bed and went to change.
"Ugh" she grumbled from the bathroom. "Shorts, on Christmas Eve.."
Emily went to the door and waved goodbye. "I'll be on TAI's bus. Kaitlin's probably there."
She walked to The Academy Is...'s tour bus and knocked on the door. The Butcher opened it.
"Hey Butcher. Kaitlin's on?" "Yeah," he responded, tossing some Corn Pops into his mouth. Emily climbed in and shut the door behind her. Kaitlin was sitting at the table, with Michael next to her.
"Kaitlinnn..." Emily groaned. "It's Christmas Eve.."
"That's nice" Kaitlin replied, distracted by Michael's kisses.
"And there's no snoowww!" Emily continued.
"Yeah, that's great Emily" Kaitlin responded.
"Well, looks like you're busy" Emily said, gesturing towards Michael. "I'll just go find Trish." She left the bus and looked for Cobra Starship's. When she got to the bus, Gabe was standing outside. "Hey Gabe! Is Trish around?"
"Nope," he replied. "She left a little while ago."
"Then you'll have to put up with me. It's Christmas Eve and there's no snow!" "So? I'm Jewish," he replied, laughing. Emily sulked away and sat on a parking space, using a piece of chalk she found to draw a picture.
She didn't look up for a while, but saw a few feet passing with bags of ice. After a half hour or so, she heard Shaant calling her name from the bus. When she got there, Shaant was standing on top of the bus, with a few big buckets and a fan, attached with an extension cord to the inside of the bus. Kaitlin, Trish, Michael, and Gabe were leaning against the side.
"What's this?" Emily asked. Shaant turned the fan on and dumped the bucket through. To Emily's surprise, little white things started falling down. "You guys made snow?"
"I guess we all missed it," Kaitlin said, grinning. She grabbed another bucket from inside and scooped out the home-made snow, throwing a snowball at Michael.
Shaant jumped down from the top and kissed Emily in the falling snow. The moment was simply magical, until Kaitlin butted in- "D'awwe, it's just like a Christmas after-school special!" Then Gabe piped up- "You know, he's gonna score tonight..."

Post-story A/N- There we have it! The Christmas one-shot. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all, and please review!
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