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Chapter 6

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chapter 6

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I ran, and ran, but still couldn't find her.

Where the hell did she go?I thought, avoiding trees.

"Amaya!!" I yelled, tripping over a root, but not falling over.

"Sasuke!!" I turned around at the sound of Karin's voice.

"Not now Karin, Amaya's missing." I waved her away, but she was persistant.

"But now that we're alone, I was thinking we could--"

"No. Look for Amaya, nothing else, if you find the others, tell them, and send them out on a search." I ordered harshly, running away as soon as I finished talking to her.

Stupid whore, I don't have time for her. I thought, slightly regretting the thought afterwards, It/ was/ kinda mean.

I jumped over a bush of what looked like poison ivy. It was still raining, but I had forgotten about it, I was too busy looking for Amaya.

"Amaya!" I yelled again, running into the village.

I really hope she didn't go here. I thought, walking into a store.

"Have you seen a girl, about 5' 4", long, black hair, red eyes?" I asked, partially hoping the plump old clerk would say no, but partially hoping she'd say yes, and point me the way she went.

"No, no I don't think so, not many girls with red eyes in the area, you might wanan check the forest."

I just came from the flipping forest! I yelled in my head, thanking the clerk, and running out of the small building.

Where is she!?

~Amaya's P.O.V.~~

I ran, and ran and, just for a change of pace, I ran some more.

I hope Sasuke doesn't follow. I ran through the woods, tears streaming down my face.

I took you away for a reason. To protect you from that horrible place. I wanted a safer life for my little girl, a better one, and there was no such thing as a safe life in Konoha.

His words echoed in my brain, they sent more tears down my face. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

"There you are," I screamed, and fell onto the ground at the sound of Suigetsu's voice. "Sasuke is really worried about you."

"Leave me alone." I whispered, not even bothering to move my head from the cold, leaf-covered ground.

"Why are you doing this? Come back with us, please, Amaya-chan." Juugo picked me up, "Traveling wouldn't be the same without you."

"Yeah, the he's right, you know, you make things more interesting." Suigetsu wiped a tear from my face. "Plus, we all know Sasuke would be pretty upset if you left."

That brightened my day alittle, "Do you really think so?" I asked, hopeful.

"Uhh duh! Jeez, don't you see it?"

I was lost at this point, "See what?"

He sighed, "Nothing, nothing at all, let's take her back, Juugo."

"Yes, no need to worry him any more."

~~Sasuke's P.O.V.~~

I was so worried by this point. "Amaya's never been away from her father or me this long, what if something happens." I thought out loud, pacing the room.

"Don't worry Sasuke, I'm sure she'll come back, she is a strong girl you know." Karin tried to assure me, but anyone could tell she was just as worried, maybe even more.

"Hey, Sasuke!" Suigetsu yelled from outside the door.

I growled, "What!!?"

"I found something, it's not very tall, you have a few inches on it, it h--"

"Amaya!" I yelled, cutting him off.

"Yes, we found her." Juugo answered, setting her down.

I scooped her up in my arms, "Where have you been?!"

"Nowhere." She replied, hugging me back.

"Get a room." Suigetsu remarked, causing Amaya to blush.

[You don't know how much he wishes he could.]

Shut up!

[You know I'm right, so why yell at me?]

I held back the heat rising to my cheeks the best I could, but I was sure there was at least a small hint of pink showing.

Amaya walked into the back room, the room she treated me in, and the room we were sharing. I followed, I wanted to talk to her.

She took one look at me, and I guess I was still blushing because she put her hand to my forehead, "Sasuke, are you ok? Do you have a fever?"

I felt my face heating up, "N-No." I choked up.

[Acting like a child...]

Leave me alone.

Her hand moved to my cheek, "Are you sure?"

[This proves how lame your life is, this kinda thing always happens in those sappy books and those really sappy movies.]

Leave me alone about it, will ya?

[Fine, for now.]

"I'm fine, I really am, I'm just tired."

"Well, you better get to bed, and get some sleep, after a shower, of course."

"You should take one too," I commented, getting ready to take one.

"I will, don't worry." She called, taking off her shoes, and socks.

I lingered in the doorway for a minute or two, until my conciounce yelled at me to stop being a peeping tom.

I was not peeping.


I wasn't!

[I think that watching a girl undress counts as peeping.]

It does not!

[It does!]

We are not going to argue, I'm right, you're not.


~~Later that night~~

I sat on my bed, watching Amaya sleep. She looked so peaceful, so happy. For about five minutes. It wasn't long before a nightmare set in, and her face contorted into an expression of pure terror.

I didn't want to wake her, buit I waited until she woke up, and sat next to me on my bed.

"I'm surprised you don't hate me." She whispered, burying her head in my shouder.

"Come on, how could I hate you?

"I'm loud, annoying, and a whole assortment of other chocolates."



I let a smile come to my face, she was too weird. "I like you better as yourself, remember what I said two years ago."

She smiled wide, and layed back on my bed. "Thank you, for being there for me."

I layed next to her, "Welcome. Just be yourself, it's too boring around here."

"I promise."
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