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Chapter two :]

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War Chapter Two.

The stage was humongous…bigger than before, bigger than any other he’d ever been on. He took a deep breath, and started his ritual. Cleaning his guitar, checking his strings, getting his lucky pick, hen repeating it one more time just to make sure everything was perfect.

“Hey…” The sudden intrusion caused him to drop his pick. He scrambled to pick it up, his glove threatening to show what he had done. He stopped and left it there. Whoever it was he didn’t want them to see it.

“Hey” he replied he turned to face the person. He smiled the gesture fake and forced. He knew it wouldn’t be seen as that though. All his life faking it was necessary, when calling his parents to ask them to do something with his friends… the “You’re so stupid! I told you already that you have to clean… you know what fine… just do it. But know that you don’t deserve it” wore him down but how could he tell his friends this? He would just say “Let’s go!” Smile and move on the best he could.

Now the very one he wanted so badly was within arms reach… and all he could do was sit there, waiting for him to say what he wanted and be done with it.

“I… um… Are you okay?” The question surprised him. Did he really care? Did he want to know? His smile became more natural and he nodded.

“Yeah… I’m okay” Gerard sat down next to him on the amp, so close it was dangerous… the smell of his band mate made Frank shiver in pleasure.

“I don’t want this to change things” Gerard now faced him, taunting him with his luscious lips. “You’re still my best friend…” he said. This whole situation was getting to be too much.

“Really… you don’t have to do this” Frank lets the words flow out of his mouth. No… this isn’t what he wanted to say. He wanted Gerard to tell him what he did wasn’t going to change anything. To tell Frank he was okay. “Gerard… I’ll always be your friend…” That was it. That’s where he wanted it to end… but as if all the gods wanted him to die… Gerard brought up the one thing he wanted to forget.

“So all those kisses on stage…” The words just lingered in the air causing him to feel uncomfortable, fidgety. “Where they for me… or for the show?” Gerard didn’t seem to be comfortable with this either.

The guitar player didn’t want to answer. He just hoped the silence was enough for the singer. But it wasn’t, he kicked his feet… an obvious sign that he’d wait, that he wouldn’t let it go. What can Frank say? The truth was merely a backup plan… a lie was dangerous… he was stuck.

“Gee!” Gerard’s head snapped in the direction of his name being called. Frank let out a breath, surprised he was even holding it in. They both looked up to see the man creating the drama between the best friends. It was Bert, Frank’s enemy, and Gerard’s lover. Gerard’s eyes glanced back to look at his friend. Frank said nothing and went back to cleaning his precious guitar. The singer felt defeated, his eyes showing disappointment as he sighed and walked over to the ugly creature. The kiss the monster gave his best friend was sloppy and disgusting. Everyone can tell from the singer’s face twisting into displeasure the kiss wasn’t what he wanted.

The two of them walk away, hands on waists, smiles and giggles. Those were meant for Frank… Those where supposed to be his shared laughs, his hands on hips, his kisses that were allowed. Cleaning his guitar was getting useless. The urge to hurt himself was getting to strong to bear. He had to do something.

“Frank!” yet another intrusion to help him get over everything, the voice was excited, youthful. “Frank! Come play a game with us!” It was Mikey. He smiled, Mikey knew the best and worst times to interfere. He got up from his spot and ran over to the trio playing cards. “It’s Black Jack” Mikey explained. Ray was winning; Bob was accusing Ray of hiding cards in his afro. This scene was warm and welcoming; a needed vacation from the unwanted surprises of Gerard.

“I swear you’re up to something!” Bob accused Ray. Ray just smirked and continued playing… and wining.

“Oh don’t be such a sore looser!” The two would constantly fight about little things… Who’s a faster runner, who could hold their breath the longest? The two had hit it off the first time they met. Becoming close friends, hanging out everyday, doing everything together, it became natural to assume if Ray was there Bob was there too. Mikey had become part of their friendship naturally too, when a judge was needed, Mikey would gladly participate.

Frank was thankful for the invitation. He just couldn’t concentrate. They all seemed to notice too.

“Frankie you okay?” Mikey asked. The question wasn’t surprising… it was unwanted. He decided to ignore it… wrong move. Ray and Bob both laid down their cards and got up taking Frank with them. Mikey came along and opened the back door of the car.

This happened often, well when Frank was in need of (what they called) medicine. They drove for almost an hour to get to the Chukies Chow Down Bar and Grill. They got out of the car and walked in, Frank walking next to Mikey with Ray and Bob leading the way.

The waiter knew the band members, his shaggy brown hair matching Gerard’s length. He winked at Frank; all he could do was smile back at the young waiter. It was a shock to see him again. Last time they saw each other they had a major flirt off, secret notes on napkins, glances, and everything he wanted with Gerard.
“Hey! Long time no see!” He was excited to see them, mostly to see Frank. His eyes glanced at everyone, and lingered on Frank. They all ordered their usual and the waiter went to get the drinks.

“So…You gonna’ tell us what’s up… or are we forcing it out of you?” Ray was always like this… and he was right, whether he chose to tell or not they somehow got it out of him.

“I…It’s a long story” he started, a good starting point don’t cha think? Stalling maybe… He didn’t care, so long as it gave him less time to talk.

“Well now… we have a dire situation for you to stall don’t we” Bob’s humor was greatly appreciated, it lightened up the conversation… but right now, Frank wanted nothing more then to just disappear.

To everyone around him his napkin must have been the most interesting thing through his eyes, because that’s all he was looking at.

“Oh? So this is how you’re going to treat the people that have been there for you time and time again? Damn…” He wasn’t expecting such a sentence from Ray… but they all promised to help each other.

“Fine…” he finally breathed out “Fine…” The waiter came back with the drinks; he gave Frank his first, and then gave him a straw… and a napkin. He gave everyone else their stuff… no napkins. He opened up the napkin and to his pleasure; there was a number on it. He looked up and the waiter was looking at him, he smiled and nodded.

“I’ll start the guessing!” Mikey said. He was so youthful, and cute. All Frank wanted to do was just tell them. He was ashamed though… of what they would think.

“Does it have to do with…Gerard?” Ouch… got it on his first try. That hit Frank hard, he nodded, and the table went silent for what seemed like forever. Finally Ray spoke.

“Gerard doesn’t really like Bert…” He said, his hand found its way on top of Franks, this motion was greatly appreciated. “He’s confused… give him time, he’ll come around”

Their food came and went, dessert was delicious as always. The number on the napkin was placed neatly inside his sweatshirt. He decided he needed it. It was an outside source that had no idea what humiliation he was going through. And… that source just so happened to be cute.

“Hey… I think I need some time.. you know… alone?” he said. The trio nodded and got up, Mikey hugged Frank, Ray nodded and bob gave him a pat on the back.

“Ray’s right… He’ll come around” And with that they all left.

“So…” The waiter walked over and sat across from him.

“So?” Frank repeated. He smirked as the boy across the table fidgeted with the spoons… something Gerard would do.

“Name’s Anthony” he said, glancing up to the guitar player across from him.

“Frank…” he said, they shared a smile, and talked for awhile…

Sooner than wanted though, Frank’s phone went off… It was Ray.

“Dude! The show starts in an hour!” His voice was rushed and stressed. Frank looked at his watch…he didn’t have much time.

“Listen… I’ve got to go… but” He closed his phone “I’ll call you” he said. Anthony smiled and started to clean up the table. “I’m going to your show tonight” The next thing Frank new, he was back at the stage, getting ready… the young boy still fresh in his mind.
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